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Reviews Concert Reviews Synthpop, New Wave Depeche Mode- Madison Square Garden 8/3/09

Artist: Depeche Mode

Location: Madison Square Garden

City: New York, New York

Date: 8/3/09

Reviewer/fan- Julie Johnson


 Feels like Home for Depeche Mode:

 Sample Image

photo by: Julie Johnson


It hopefully felt- good for Depeche Mode to be “home,” as Dave shouted, “It is good to be home” in NYC last night at Madison Square Garden.  After a few set backs from Depeche Mode during the current tour, “Tour of the Universe”, Dave’s illness, calf muscle tear, Dave and the band were in great form last night. I hope they have saved up enough energy for the crowd again on their second evening at the Garden.  The last time I saw Depeche Mode was back in December 2005, for Playing the Angel. I have to say I liked the stage set a little better during that tour. I liked the look of the keyboards, sort of like spaceships. I was hoping for some more interesting looking keyboards, but I will take what they have to offer. The background images were great and didn’t take me away from the show too much. I liked the spacesuit images the best.  Dave sounded great. I had read that just before the muscle tear his voice may have needed some rest, so if that was true he is all good now.  In true Depeche Mode fashion, Dave was a true entertainer and showman last night. He danced all around and showed a lot of his sexy moves as he worked the stage.  He spun the microphone stand round and round and of course the crowd went nuts. Dave started in his jacket, then to his vest. It took Dave a while before he stripped down, well, until he took his shirt off during “Never Let me Down Again”. I thought for sure the shirt would have come off during “I Feel You”, which totally rocked the house. I liked the added “Aggro Mix” to make “Never Let me Down Again” longer. I love a live show because I love to hear the different arrangements from the albums, but they do tend to stick to somewhat original version. Some songs were longer live, like “Enjoy the Silence”.  Speaking of songs, their set-list had a little mix of everything.  I read earlier some people’s complaints how the set let lacks songs written before 1986. Well, I guess you can’t please everyone, but I did hear several classics like “Stripped,” “Master & Servant,”, “Fly on the Windscreen,” and “Strangelove”.  They hit a little bit of everything in two- hours.  I do remember hearing “Just Can’t Get Enough,”on the last tour. Also, all the set –lists have been posted on their website, so if you are going to the show you know what to expect.  Although, they are touring in support of the new album, I would have liked to have heard “Peace” since it like their next single, but “Wrong” sounded great live and pounded and shook the whole place. I wonder why they only did Fragile Tension” once, according to the set-lists etc.   I am big fan of Dave, but Martin looked good. He was decked out and loved the sparkles.  Martin had his moment as well when he did “Little Soul” and “Home”.  He sounded very passionate and I just loved the long note towards the end “my first breath”.  Andy kept the synths blazing all night long. Going to a Depeche Mode show is like no other concert experience. It is so amazing to see a sea of hands waving back and forth as Dave led the way. There is such connection and spirit felt during the show and after you leave.  Again, Depeche Mode looked great, sounded great, and there is a clear reason why this band has had the longevity. Just go to any one of their concerts and take a listen to their collection of timeless albums. Unfortunately, I didn’t have floor seats, but least I was there and got to feel the music of DM once again. I tried to reach out to touch Dave, but he was a little far from my seats.

Set List: NYC Night 1

In Chains
Hole To Feed
Walking In My Shoes
It's No Good
A Question Of Time
Fly On The Windscreen
Little Soul
Come Back
Policy Of Truth
In Your Room
I Feel You
Enjoy The Silence
Never Let Me Down Again
Encore #1
Master And Servant
Encore #2
Personal Jesus
Waiting For The Night (Bare Version)


* This show was not recorded




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