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Reviews Concert Reviews Industrial Angelspit Gig Review - 9th August 2011 at Alter Ego, Manchester UK

Concert: Angelspit

When: 9th August 2011

Where: Alter Ego, Manchester UK

Reviewer – Emma Wilson

Photographer – Phill Bruce

As soon as I heard that the phenomenal Cyberpunk riot act Angelspit had announced their official 2011 “Let Them Eat Distortion” tour in Europe.  I knew I had to apart of it, I still pinch myself to this day that I have had the pleasure of interviewing such an iconic and legendary duo. ZooG (Karl Von Rock) AND the uber sexy DestroyX (Amelia Arsenic) also had a little surprise under their sleeve’s too, by introducing a new five-piece act that was launched  at the Summer Darkness Festival in the Netherlands on July 30. The band then followed an extremely heavy touring guide around Europe through Hungary, Ireland and the United Kingdom throughout August.

The band are famous for their extremely intensive touring schedules and visit places and locations  that not a lot of bands will adventure, as to make sure none of their fans miss out on the ACTION.

Angelspit co-founder ZooG (Karl Von Rock) and Destroyx (Amelia Arsenic) has the greatest enthusiasm and expectations regarding the new Angelspit line-up’s upcoming tour.  He quotes "The reaction to Angelspit with a band has been phenomenal. We are hyped to brutalise the UK and Europe with our new brand of sonic mayhem!"

The new Angelspit line up for the tour consisted of the original founders and creators ZooG (Karl Von Rock), DestroyX (Amelia Arsenic).

The new line up also includes the talents of Valerie Gentile on guitar – (The Crüxshadows, Black Tape for a Blue Girl)

The Liar – live visuals and videography, will upload concerts from New York.

Drummer Matt James will substitute for regular drummer Chris Kling (Mortiis,Theo and the Skyscrapers, Hanzel und Gretyl) on this tour.

In England we were in the grasps of the country turning to anarchy and bedlam due to protesters that were demonstrating because of an accident where a young lad accidently got shoot by a stray bullet from the police which tragically ended up being a fatality. 

Every city in England had become a wash with rioters and looters, ripping the country apart, smashing windows, stealing goods, fighting with the police and each other. The looters and rioters even went as far as setting fire to buildings, shops, and cars. The riots became that intense  the army where called in to help  the local police with the situation. 

When we got conformation that Manchester was the next city to be targeted, it was going to start with the protesters and looters. We were very tempted not to attend the concert due to the dangerous levels and fearing for getting stuck in the middle of the arising issue.

Angelspit Riot_1

Angelspit Riot_2

Angelspit Riot_3

Angelspit Riot_4

Using media such as the local news channels on T.V, even resorting to ringing the police themselves to hand in our names and contact numbers in case we got dragged into the violence it was serious. Facebook was a huge benefactor in helping us with getting information, allowing us to talk to friends that where concerned about our well being, plus contacting people that we were ok. Using the collective information we had and passing it on to friends we knew where venturing to the club.

In the end we decided to attend the concert even though many of our friends and family, including members of Grave Concerns were worried about us being there and kept a look out for us constantly passing us information throughout the night about the current situation and what was going on the streets above us.

The atmosphere in the club was a very mixed affair. Emotions where very difficult to comprehend, a mixture of happiness that we are seeing an amazing band and in for a fantastic night of entertainment blended in with a hint of being worried about what was going on the streets above, sometimes the atmosphere went very sombre, especially when we found out that our favourite shopping emporium was broken into and set on fire. A lot of people that attended the gig were very scared and extremely worried about the prospects of having to walk home safely on the same streets that the devastation was happening on. WE can’t thank the staff and management enough at the venue Alter ego, for having such a calming effect on us and protecting us during the incident.

Even Zoog mentioned how worried he was about the proceedings of the night’s events to me and Phill (Grave Concerns Interview Manger) when talking to him pre- post to conducting the interview, how he wanted to make sure his fans where looked after and worried about their safety. He is such a gentle man that he was walking around mingling with his fans, signing autographs, having pictures taken and taking to everyone to reassure them that the night was going to be fun, and to try to block out what was going on, in the streets for a few hours and think of the reason we were there in the first place and enjoy the show.

After gaining entry into the club, we were escorted to a little back room to meet Destroy X and ZooG. Unfortunately, Amelia was unable to take part in the face to face interview with the sound check going over the planned schedule and that she had to get ready for her stage performance. You can’t blame her, as she looked amazing and her stage presence is unforgettable.  She is very petite and to look at her small frame and stunning image, you can almost not believe she is one half of the band with such powerful and amazing vocal talent.

We were led outside after giving the go ahead from the bouncers and minders of Zoog, whilst outside is was very surreal considering that the streets where practically empty, it was very reminiscent of waiting for an apocalyptic catastrophe or even zombies.  If we were in the Wild West all you would have seen where tumble weeds and the odd brave member of the public trying to reach their destination.

Whilst conducting the interview with Zoog, outside the venue we were escorted and asked immediately told to get inside as a 400 people head strong rioters including the police were heading right towards the club. Without hesitation we were escorted back inside to finish the interview. It was a very difficult interview to connect with the problems going on plus that the concert had already started with the first supporting act already on stage.

Continuing with asking questions to Zoog he was watching a close caring eye on his fellow band members, as we were cutting it very fine and he was close to going on stage. Throughout our meeting, even when he was being told he really needed to get ready and get on stage, I take my hat off to the level professional that he possess, throughout conducting the interview.

After I had spoken to Zoog and he answered the questions I had set to him and Amelia, we were more at ease and begin with and started to enjoy the atmosphere of alter ego. I had past the venue many time through my travels through Manchester, yet never ventured into the place. I was pleasantly surprised with the décor and can understand why the particular venue was chosen, the lighting effects where mesmerising and had a fantastic sci-fi and heavy industrial feeling to the place. With the combination of exposed brick walls where you could see the visual curves of the architecture blended with the colour full and decadent furniture with light boxes incorporated into the fixtures.

What I really liked about the place was how friendly the artist where with the fans that came to see them, walking around mingling around , having pictures  taken signing autographs for his fans, walking around , the venue thanking people for turning up and make sure they get home safe. It was so nice to be reassured yet very surreal that the talented musician had such compassion and was very down to earth.

I went in to the ladies room and there was Amelia Arsenic getting ready in the toilets before performing on stage, we had a fantastic conversation, about how glamorous it is to get ready in the ladies! I was on at the time talking to my best mate. As he was asking how I am considering the riots. I asked if she could talk to my best friend as he was unavailable to attend with all transportation being stopped in the city centre.  And for that I would like to thank you Amelia Arsenic that really made his week.

First of all was the first supporting act, are a local Manchester band called Resist, there are a fantastic and enlightening professional band consisting of 5 members Misha - Vocals & Keys, Davi – Synths, Mark – Guitars, Jon – Bass, Phil – Drums. Playing there unmistakable and recognisable industrial Goth sound. The crowed where slowly warming up to the nights entertainment ahead of them.  The industrial electro-rock five-piece who blend guitars, synths, and crystal-clear production combines their interests in different musical styles.

They played a fantastic and mesmerising set, their set list was amazing –

> Addicted

> Burning up

> Voyeurism

> Tattooed

> Queen of destruction

> Right where it belongs.

> They did have to cut it a little short as the promoter was worried about finishing late..

I contacted mark from Resist on his thoughts of the events and this opinions on the situation and the concert it’s self - marks

Mark - Resist 

“We got into about 4.15 and straight away saw 4 or 5 riot vans around Piccadilly garden’s so knew something was going down. By the time we were sound checking we had been warned by the promoter that riots had already started but the show would go on! By the time we finished our sound check, the room next door had been filled and to our surprise, the events didn't have too much of an impact on the attendance, which to us showed true northern spirit!”  Inside, the overall atmosphere was a little strange as a full lock in was in place. And it strangely it felt a little like a scene out of dusk till dawn! We did our best with a bad stage sound but seemed to get a good reaction from the crowd! As for Angelspit, they also had a bad sound to be honest, although they more than made up for it with their intense lively performance; I really enjoyed them. After the concert had finished, we had quite a stress loading out as it was still going off outside. But everyone got home safe! We dropped about 8 people off home as the busses and transport into the city centre were cancelled! All in all it was a night we will remember and despite the scallies, we played to a room full of genuine lovely People!”

Following the uproars from the crowd, the next band to play where a fantastic band named The Ladders. They too are a local band from Manchester specialising in EBM. The members are Vindicare - Addz [Sound Generation + Harsh vocal + Synths] Marial-K - Gaz [Vocal] and Ängst - Kat [ Synths ].   They started as a small side-project from Chester by Adam Milner as a solo project with the intention of fusing together industrial beat with the ambiance of EBM. The bands fused unique ideas own that built upon the original form of the ladder.  Their music is inspired by many things, people, and places and situations and the general pros and cons of everyday life and situations. Their music is of a vision in mind with the combining amazing and extreme talents of the bands talents to produce futuristic and mind bending music.

After a small intermission in between the ladder and before Angel spit, with just enough time to purchase a drink from the bar, we settled back into the crowed to enjoy the main act.

Angelspit Gig_1

The first time the Angelspit line up appeared on the stage there was a triumphant eruption from everyone in the building, it was almost deafening at how loud and ecstatic every one was to see them especially in your home town .

There was something very different about the sound of this performance and concert from Angel spit. They had more of an electronic acoustic flare to their music, it was bold, brassy move and very different from the already unique sound of the band, and you know what I loved it. It brought a dirty metal edge to their already hard base lines and industrial cyberpunk sound that we are all in ore from Angelspit. There were a few technical glitches during the due to the sound being not its best quality but as true magicians, all bands , flied through the problems showing off there unique and talents.

The guitarist Valerie Gentile, had a supreme stage presence, interacting with the crown by walking around whilst playing, even rifting!  You could see the look on excited and enthralled fans faces with her sheer talent alone; it was a sheer delight to see such a dedicated and entertaining artist.

Angelspit Gig_2

They never fail to surprise me with their live acts, the songs that where performed live, in captured the heart and souls of every fan in the vicinity that night; the chosen set list has to be the best they have ever played.

They kicked off with 100% pure awesomeness, just to make sure the audience where grasped and paying attention, as soon as the unforgettable recognisable sound was captured by everyone. and there up and coming album, just as a little teaser  for us to get us hooked and what to expect for there up following album release titled ‘Hello My Name Is’  they slammed on Counterfeit.  It was a real treated to an exclusive hearing the new material. I recommend every one pre-orders the album today.

Angelspit Gig_3

The energy and dedication that was present from Angelspit on stage was so intense it was almost worthy of an accolade.

They also treated us to seeing the band performing these songs live, they continued to delivery classic after classic songs from their discography:




Ditch the Rest

Fuck Revolution

Toxic Girl

Princess Chaos

Eat Distortion

Maggot Intro


Vena Cava

Wreak Havoc


Kill Kitty

Angelspit Gig_4

Unfortunately the riots cut the set short.

All in all even though what was going on in Manchester that night with the riots, the euphoric state the crowd where in after the concert was amazing, we didn’t want the night and entertainment to end.

We would like to say a huge personal thank you to the following organisations and people.

Zoog and Destroyx, without you, this would not have been possible.

The Ladders, local Manchester band, please look them up and support them.

Resist – Mark in particular for his input and small piece on the review – an amazing band , local to us all and always in our hearts 

The venue Alter Ego-Manchester .

A special thank you to the bar staff and bouncers.

At Alter Ego- For holding such a memorable evening and keeping us all safe.

The Manchester police for making sure everyone in Manchester was safe at the time of the riots in our beautiful city.

All our friends and family – who were there to help us keeping us informed and protecting us whilst in the city centre, with the disturbances going on during the day.

Additional information for bands mentioned



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