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Album Title: Xenoglossy

Label: Juggernaut Services/Music Group

Genre: Synthpop

Date Released: May 20th 2014


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Label Press:


Xenoglossy - The art of speaking or writing in a language unknown to the Orator.


Somewhat appropriate for a band already ripping apart Synthpop boundaries, Machinista sprint across the finish line with "Xenoglossy", before "Arizona Lights" even approaches the final hurdle.


"Xenoglossy" comes with 10 original tracks closing with a popular cover of David Bowie's "Heroes" to bring it up to 12 tracks. Crowd favourite "Molecules and Carbon" finally gets a release, and is arguably the closest thing to a traditional Synthpop track that Machinista will ever compose.


Surrounded by the four originals from "Arizona Lights", "Xenoglossy" is a statement of intent and an exercise in creativity. Synth-heavy tracks are sandwiched between more acoustic numbers, giving Richard and John a golden opportunity to showcase their talent.




Machinista create where many synthpop acts duplicate. That to me is the appeal. The difference in sound and the collection of tracks on display on the album Xenoglossy is superb. The tracks are classy, fun and intelligent, subtle in their grandiose proportions and will appeal to a broad audience. This is my first outing with this act and they have left a deep impression.




Take Comfort In Being Sad starts the ride with a bang. The vocals are beautifully arranged with a powerful chorus. Synths are prominent but even guitars play a part in this structure of heaven. Best track in my opinion. What a way to start the album!


Molecules and Carbon is sure to be a club hit. Strangely, but it’s with this track I start hearing vocals reminiscent of The Cure. May be it is the freedom in the delivery, slightly higher pitched almost wailing or …well who cares. Great track with a dance groove.


Summersault isn’t the most upbeat of songs but it makes my highlight. Love the army style drumming that afflicts the song in varying degrees. Another huge highlight for me on the album.


Love and Hate Song creeps in at number 8 on the album. Sneaky little synth works through this with an intriguing change of chords in the chorus. Almost tries to throw you off but it’s like being gripped and shaken slightly. Dance hit Number 2? I think so.


To Sum Up:


Machinista have proved that synthpop doesn’t have to be replicated but can be newly created.


Human nature drives us to compare so their sound may remind you of a few bands; The Cure, Depeche Mode, Camaflouge; yet they are distinctly original. One of a kind with this album having few downsides if any. I made reference to 4 tracks in highlights but the highlights change upon each listen so that tells you this is packed with goodness. Every track has its own appeal that will seduce you into their world.


Machinista is in a class of their own. There are few bands that the underground dark scene enjoys that mainstream does as well. This is one of those unique times when music becomes bigger than a subculture and transcends the barrier that genres can sometimes keep contained.


Mark my words, Machinsta is one of those bands that will flourish given the right push by fans and media not only within the small niche market we love but also the mainstream. May be a larger label with more promotional abilities/skills and broader appeal to better match their musical abilities is needed? Whatever the case, based solely on the music presented on their album Xenoglossy, they are far larger than you may think. Listen to the music and you will understand exactly what I mean.


Join the bands Facebook page and stick with them. I expect this band to be on the cusp of greater things than any of us imagine possible. In Xenoglossy Machinista have set the bar high and the future looks bright for this Swedish sensation.


Rating: 8 ½ / 10


Track List:


1. Take Comfort in Being Sad

2. Arizona Lights

3. Molecules and Carbon

4. Salvation

5. Summersault

6. Pushing the Angels Astray

7. Wasted (feat. Toril Lindqvist)

8. Love and Hate Song

9. Crash

10. The Blues And The Reds

11. Heroes (David Bowie Cover)




John Lindqwister (Cat Rapes Dog,Departementet, Basswood Dollies etc.) - Vocals, Lyrics

Richard Flow (ex.Vision Talk, Haze For Sale etc.) - Music



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