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Reviews CD Reviews Synthpop, New Wave Spacebuoy-Intoxicated

Artist: Spacebuoy


Album Title: Intoxicated


Label: Juggernaut Services/Music Group


Genre: Synthpop


Date Released: June 27th 2014


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Label Press:


The Synthpop scene in Europe has turned a little bit orange recently - something we can accredit to Staffordshire's Spacebuoy. Their rise to success has been as troposcopic as their name suggests.


Intoxicated is the second full-length, and something we simply cannot wait to unleash. Already debuted at a show in France, this is Spacebuoy at their finest - unleashed, pure, potent and intoxicated.




Spacebuoy is like a cool breeze on a summer day. Refreshing light music to tantalise the innocence we lock within on a day to day bases. This is the first time I am hearing of this band but better now than never as they say. It reminds me of Erasure in many ways and I’m not surprised to read from the label that Vince Clarke (Erasure) is a fan of Spacebuoy.




Intoxicated is the title track and it delivers with smooth clear vocals over a wave of bouncing synths. This for me, could be a club hit with enough of a beat and change ups to get the crowd moving under the coloured lights.


So Easy is so reminiscent of 80s synthpop classics. It has all the ingredients to make it a loved song by those that enjoy a gentler soundtrack when traveling.


Heaven Sent aspires to reach deep into your conscious and sweep you up in its embrace. The vocals are exceptional in evoking emotions.


Love Detonator is the best track in my opinion. It’s as dark as this band is going to get with the music stalking you reminiscent of Depeche Mode on a good day. While drinking my red wine it is hard not to smile and enjoy the mood it creates.


To Sum Up:


Spacebuoy have proven they can create enjoyable music with this latest album. There are highlights that shine brightly and leave you wanting more. The synth work unfortunately sounds similar across certain tracks but that doesn’t change the fact that Spacebuoy deliver a good album. It isn’t genre changing or in the realm of Erasure, Depeche Mode, Camouflage, Covenant or Hurts but it is enjoyable music. I suggest you give it a listen yourself and judge for yourself.


Rating: 7 / 10


Track List:


1. Deliverance

2. Intoxicated

3. How Much Does It Hurt?

4. So Easy

5. 13

6. Radiate

7. Heaven Sent

8. December

9. Sparks

10. Love Detonator

11. Shine

12. ????

13. ????

14. ????

15. ????

16. Flames (2014)

17. Breathe (2014)

18. Cassiopeia (2014)

19. Look To Die For (2014)


Members: J. Allan-Smith - Synths/programming, H. Moth - Vocals/synths



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