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Reviews CD Reviews Industrial Cease2Xist-WIYGN

 Artist: Cease2Xist


Album Title: WIYGN


Label: Juggernaut Music Group


Genre: Industrial Electro


Released 18th April 2014


From: Shrewbsury


Cease2Exist thumb


Photography by Casper Macindoe

Concept by Dayve Yates



Living by the Bullet - EP - 2010

You Are Expendable - Album - 2012

My Remixed Rage - EP - 2013

WIYGN? - EP - 2014


(All releases are also available from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and most other D/L sites respectively)



United Noise, Gestalt - Track: Violence - 2010

United Noise, All of our Tomorrows - Track: My Burning Rage - 2011

Synthematika Three - Track: My Burning Rage - 2011

This is What We Call British Industrial Vol 1 - Track: I Am Destroyer - 2012

EXTREME Sündenfall 12 - Track: My Burning Rage - 2012

ENDZEIT BUNKERTRACKS [Act VI] - Track: Shake Your Spine - 2012

Beat: Cancer Vol 1 - Track: My Burning Rage (Heartwire Remix) -2013




Cease2Xist is Dayve Yates. Formed in 2010 comes a savage hybrid of heavy beats, Industrial noise and punk. Inspired by people’s perception of all that is right and wrong with the world, Cease2Xist is harsh, relentless and unforgiving!”




There is a certain urgency attached to this track that also portrays an evil vocal – the kind that you wouldn’t want to hear in a dark alley late at night, or perhaps you might? But then you really would be saying ‘WIYGN’. A very strong and compelling song that tears chunks out of the aural. Awash with rapacious pulsing rhythms that adds to its steely expression and presentation.


Immense pleasure is immediately experienced as this track ‘Generation’ explodes onto the scene. It bristles with a sonic radiance that manifests into its own devious concoction. The rhythms spiral out of control and wrap themselves around jagged notes strongly accompanied by a harsh and severe vocal.


The sonic pulsations ignite fully into a myriad of sounds and makes its presence felt. Incinerator is one such track that lives up to its name. Burning everything in its wake with just the vocals alone. The sounds encountered here are soaked in high energy and ambiance and is also a superb dance track.


You’ve got us now’ feat: Dreams Divide is another bubbling rendition focusing on some trance like rhythms that are powered by hellish grooves. The vocal is not as harsh but still manages to put itself across with a devious enterprise. The keyboards build the track to a climax which is hearty and raw.


Rambunctious and punk ridden this track I wanna be your dog is instantly voracious and portrays a repetitive beat that is at the heart of its core and also gives it a rave type feel. The fiery vocal is however just as addictive as the magnetic rhythms contained within its fierce grasp.


This is my Design brings a soft lilting female voice to the forefront which pushes forth an eerie ambience and sinister feel to the mind. The additional electronic sounds add further captivation. It’s also drenched in high octane melodies that the band make good use of.


Echoes of the Mind is terror borne – the evil drips and oozes from its torrential outpour of rhythms and steely shrieking vocal. Fast pulses rip through the aural and leaves an in print of pure savagery on the mind. The unrelenting formidable beats pump constantly and within its demonic breath the listener has no alternative other than give their full attention to it.


Incinerator’ (Remix by Cryogenic Echelon) is trance like and spacey. It then manifests itself into a bristling state of utter madness. The vocal content is enthralling whilst the sounds assault. The melodic rapture is addictive. It is almost cannibalistic as it will eat you whole! And a real feast for the ears as well as the feet!


Whisky Priest starts of slow and haunting with strong samples declaring WIYGN – it then quickens its pace and adds in some tortuous rhythms that the body cannot ignore. Vocally strong and will no doubt require hospitalisation as I think it’s a lung buster! Great track!


Generation WTF’ (1984 remix by Biomechanimal) is a conglomerate of eager rabidity, strange sounds and superb vocal which together demands attention. I suspect a lot of bodies were harmed during the making of this track. It’s also great to sing along and move to as it spreads its eager rhythms with the intent on battering its victim into submission. A very tumultuous recording.


4x4 Loko remix by Kill the Sleeper a rather tongue in cheek sample bursts forth and then an evil sway of rhythms and pulsing electronic beats come out of nowhere. This is another intrusive track that reaches the parts it is meant to reach and more besides.


Deep, dark and sinister intrusion into the psyche it runs wild with sheer energy and short choppy notes that add themselves to a blistering array of electronic madness. This is my design by Church of Swaggrotech remix by Ruinizer is an amazing track – so much to focus on intensely raw and powerful so be prepared for it to ooze out of every pore.



Cease2Xist vs BlackLava remix is filled with hostility and full on hatred which manifests within its strenuous arms. The intensity is overwhelming – the scourge is upon us, and all you can do is wait for the fascinating cancerous venom to explode and drench you in its wicked cyberness. Don’t listen to this in the dark!



“Seventeen delicious tracks can be had on this amazing album. It lacks absolutely nothing. There is so much fire within its core it may as well be a volcano, and it is indeed a volcano of delights, as track after track gives something solid to feast upon”




Xistence reload mix deep resonating beats, a flurry of synth and toxic rhythms are prevalent and release a cruel imagination on its victim. The track has solid depth and striking in content. Imposing and seductive as it changes direction to reach a crescendo of notes with a vibrantly charged sonic vocal enterprise. Mesmerising!



Living by the Bullet reload mix Female sampled voice kick starts the track which is showing all the signs of a runaway train. It thunders with powerful and deep grooves and from its rapacious temptation comes a hardy vocal that possesses punk tendencies with a difference! A superbly diverse track that houses a potent aggressive assault on the aural. Imagine Johnny Rotten goes Cyber and you will have an idea!


Control, Rebirth, Delete reload mix snap, crackle and more bang than pop! It harbours melodic dance rhythms, wreaking havoc and the raw vocal slices the ears in such a way it’s highly addictive, catchy and structured to the point you just want to dance. So get those glow sticks out and get on the dance floor – love it!


The unbearable thought of Defeat reload mix this is definitely more bubble and squeak, with a serious sample and a rather slow but an intriguing track all the same. The mish mash of vocals add depth with the recurrent monotone rhythm bringing urgency along with the rapturous beats it is certainly a powerful mix.


To Sum up:


Seventeen delicious tracks can be had on this amazing album. It lacks absolutely nothing. There is so much fire within its core it may as well be a volcano, and it is indeed a volcano of delights, as track after track gives something solid to feast upon.

Although I have played quite a few tracks over again it is extremely difficult to pick out just one.

This would definitely sit well in an industrial CD collection but also a metal heads collection too, with its harsh and uncooked vocal content. The samples are not over used either. It’s definitely an album that can be put on for any occasion and for a party – well, it will no doubt have people up and dancing!

Totally evocative and seductive but with the right amount of causticity that no doubt will garner good responses all around. This is one ‘hot CD’ in every sense of the word... so for all you industrial, electronic fanatics “what are you waiting for?” Get on it!




Track List:


Generation feat: Cryogenic Echelon


You’ve got us now feat: Dreams Divide

I wanna be your dog

This is my design

Echoes of the mind remix by Renoized

Incinerator remix by Cryogenic Echelon

Whisky Priest remix by Defeat

Generation WTF 1984 remix by Biomechanimal

4x4 Loko remix by Kill the Sleeper

This is my design by Church of Swaggrotech remix by Ruinizer

Cease2Xist vs BlackLava remix

Xistence reload mix

Living by the Bullet reload mix

Control, Rebirth, Delete reload mix

The unbearable thought of Defeat reload mix




Dayve Yates

Live Crew:

Jay Ruin

Simon Fuller



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