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Reviews CD Reviews Industrial Roughhausen- The Medicated Generation

Artist: Roughhausen (USA)

CD title: The Medicated Generation

Label: Labtoy Music

Released 30th June 2013

Genre: Electronic, Industrial, Noise

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In the bands own words:

“Roughhausen is the current project of former FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, WILL & DECREE guitar player Jeff Stoddard who is joined by the delicious hello kitty sexiness of deth rock bassist Lin Pei-yin and the psychotic groove funk/punk poundings of Asian metal circuits' legendary Billy Drummed. The Medicated Generation is Roughhausens' 4th full length LP and their debut on US based label LABTOY MUSIC.

The Medicated Generation is a hand-picked collection songs from previous Roughhausen LPS remixed by a slew of crazy talented producers in a variety styles, genres and moods. Each producer was personally chosen by Stoddard and continues his tradition of each release being a collective umbrella of friends artists and musicians coming together to produce an album.

What is drastically different about this album is that this time Stoddard handed over the producers' duties entirely. For each song a producer was selected, the material was provided and a carte blanche, wide open permission was given. There were no boundaries, each producer was free to do what he does best in the voice he felt best suited the song.

What results is a wildly divergent, passionate and tangible release in a genre plagued by plastic sounding flavour of the week knock-offs and unimaginative genre fitting drones. We can, and should, demand more from our artists and musicians. The only thing killing the scene is the people in it... it's yours to change and yours to spoil!”

Let the bump and grind commence with its caressing and addictiveness spiralling and twisting into a clever array of bubbling synth sounds, engaging rhythmically with a distinct female vocal that melodically chews on the contents.

This is a superb conglomerate of teasing rhythms which have an insatiable quality, cosmic grooves and plenty of absorbing impressive sounds to awaken the senses. The corrosive tendencies of the album are hypnotic and at times with lots of melodic ambiance that never struggles to throw out some EBM sounds that the body cannot ignore.

A very pleasing album that holds just about every sound you could possibly want to hear. Edgy, interesting and full of passion it literally taunts with each festering groove and tormenting melody it puts out and sets a good high listening standard.

It also holds a sort of primal energy with each new remix you hear despite being the same track which is really ingenious. Some mixes are more sombre and others more uplifting which can really ‘mess with your head’

Plenty on this album to keep you excited and enthused for sure. The more rapacious tracks from NYX are very distinct in tempo whilst Produkt produce a more sinister ambiance but hard to really choose a favourite track as it all blends together superbly and causes a lot of mind mischief which isn’t a bad thing at all.

Although it is always difficult reviewing remixes as it does almost immediately get somewhat confusing but the only remedy for that is to listen yourself and make your own mind up. But all the same an unpredictable emotive listening experience that churns the thoughts and manipulates with ease and one I can highly recommend for being heavily industrial with dance injected into it as well as being dark and sinister – A real hybrid has been unleashed here - so for people who love listening to Ministry, Rammstein and Skinny Puppy what you waiting for?


Take a listen: [SIC]FUK [PH-ARM rmx]

Roughhausen: [SIC]FUK [PH-ARM rmx]


Track List:

[Sic] Fuk (Exageist Remix) (Impurfekt Remix)

[Sic] Fuk (LP version)

[Sic] Fuk (Pha-Arm Remix)

Control LP Version

Control Imperfekt Remix

Control (NYX Remix)

Gut (LP Version)

Gut (PipeBomb Remix)

Gut (Produkt Remix)

I know you (LP version)


Sleazebag LP Version


The Pinned Man (Alien Skin Remix)


The Pinned Man (LP version)


U Better Run (First Black Pope Remix)


U Better Run (LP version)



Alien Skin


First Black Pope




Ph – Arm


Roughhausen are:

Jeff Stoddard — Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

Peggy Lin — Bass

John Wu — Drums


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