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Artist: Valium Era

CD title: Mutation Reloaded

Label:Future Fame Records

Released: 18th January 2013

Place: Germany

Genre: Electro Industrial

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VALIUM ERA was founded in 2006 by phiL in North-Germany, after experimenting with various music software, with the first results self-distributed on home burned CD’s and on My Space at the end of 2006. phiL received a good response to his endeavours and continued with his project. He did however, take a hiatus and within that time changed instruments and took a creative break which lasted until the beginning of 2008.

Four free downloadable EP’s have since been released with each being dedicated to a separate genre from technoid to rhythmic noise.

The first album was released at the end of 2008 as a limited edition and taken from the album, the track “Tanz im Kopf” – (Dance in your Head) was released, which included different versions and a remix of the song.

In October 2009 the second album Mutation was released – with the sound of Valium Era changing and developing to some extent, and still danceable although what makes Valium Era stand out from many others in the genre are the typical humorous voice samples. In the same year Orkus Magazine started to pay some interest and decided to review Valium Era and the Magazine brought out a compilation of which Valium Era was part of.

In spring 2012 Valium Era released the E.P Fcuk You and in November of the same year Valium Era signed to the awesome label Future Fame and released Mutation Reloaded in January 2013 that included many new tracks that were popular from the first two album previously released but in an invigorating fresh style that included superb remixes from the amazing Vault 113, Incubite, Sleetgrout and Chaotic Rave System – Indeed for Valium Era all systems are go!

There will be no Valium taken whilst listening to this album for sure! The tracks pump and pulsate wildly, with sonic addiction and direction, they follow rigid patterns of unbridled, fuelled passion and superb samples that will leave a dancer sweat ridden and exhausted.

Leaving no senses of the mind and indeed the body untouched this album ticks all the boxes for ambiance, intimidating rhythms and intrigue which in turn brings a greater depth to phiL’s skills and manipulative art on the synth and creates some serious ideas.

Serious Bitch boasts some echo on the voice sample and houses some amazing technoid rhythms that are attention grabbing and flow seamlessly into a myriad of beats with unusual sounds and will no doubt get fans of this genre to move with vehemence.

Not only boasting simple rhythmic swagger it holds some darker thickening rhythms that ignite and explode with regular ferocity, but the humorous samples always give a firm foothold for a bit of light relief.

The album not only prowls in a predatory stance stalking all who listens but holds a light hearted bounce of addiction. The concepts are acidic in places and downright harsh too but equally consistent in melodic ambiance so a nice variance is produced.

There are also intriguing moments as on Adaptive Radiation where the beats are just harsh and the synth takes on a haunting tone amid a clanking noise thus creating a very eerie landscape.

However the lashings of rumbustious rhythms are never far away which is always good to know! Plenty of twisted groove and inflamed beats all interlock into one tidal wave of distinct invention making this one a colossal feast of pulsating urgency that you need to sample and experience to relive its sensational appeal.

Tanz im Kopf playshosts to an extremely funny sample of a humorous German voice amid some haunting melodies and strenuous rhythms and if you aren’t up dancing to this you don’t have any soul.

To Sum up:

The album is seriously greedy producing some of the most powerful sounds to embellish the aural with unrelenting beats and rabid apocalyptic rhythms soaked in caustic flavours that simply engages with adrenalin infused bite from its very core.

All in all this is one fiery colossal array of tech-noise and electro power infused with hearty samples and well worth getting your ears around. It shows no mercy and will incite the senses just as easily as the sounds manipulating them with irresistible hooks, groove, melodies and rhythms that when mixed together in this way, gives the listener something good to get their teeth into and the cyber freaks something to move to. It is short of absolutely nothing what so ever and you can’t go wrong when you listen to its rampaging vibrancy - now all you have to do is press play – Enjoy!


Take a Listen: Valium Era- Fcuk Me

Valium Era- Fcuk Me

Buy Valium Era-Mutation Reloaded

Track List:

Mutation – Intro

Human Evolution

Serious Bitch

It will End

DNA Codec

Fcuk You

Adaptive Radiation

Lautes Rauschen

Machinestyle DTF

Fcuk me

Tanz im Kopf



Wavelength 666

Sexual Death

Human Evolution – Remix by Vault 113

DNA Codec – Remix by Incubite

Tanz im Kopf – Remix by Chaotic Rave System

Machtnarr – Remix by Sleetgrout




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