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Reviews CD Reviews Industrial Vault 113- Leichenfeier (Enhanced Edition)

Artist: Vault 113

CD Title: Leichenfeier (Enhanced Edition)

Label: Future Fame Records

Released 31st August 2012

Genre: Techno/Electro-Industrial

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Vault 113 a one man project was founded by Johannes Scherer in 2010. His style of music touches on technoid rhythms and electro-industrial paying special attention to the progressive, machine-like and technical song arrangement and hinges on certain influences from other electro genres. The name Vault 113 was chosen in relation to the Fallout Game Series, whilst the number 113 has no relevance at all.

The translation of the album name Leichenfeier means Funeral Reception which conjuresup a bleak outlook on the proceedings and indeed the first track stands out as somewhat gruesome, to say the very least, and that is just the intro...

The samples are an important part of this music (Johannes uses them from controversial B-Movies) adding depth to the ever growing primitive beats and highly charged rhythms that sit on a plateau of towering atmosphere and catchy infectious energy.

The German samples are indeed harsh and abrasive as are the tempestuous rhythms, that accompany them, and pulls the pin from the grenade as an explosion of beats follow in mesmeric array.

Festering with dark intrigue and pulsating grandeur these tracks sizzle and burn ferociously and get the blood to boiling point as they pierce the audial with regular continuity as they unfold. Ebbing and flowing with bristling intense energy they bump and grind with plenty of groove, releasing a superb reward for the listener/dancer.

Drenched in a swathe of melody, the rhythmic pumping continues with a hypnotic swell of genius. Each track crafted with finely tuned notes that hit hard as they reach the aural and instigated by light and shadow of pulsating ambient array and impressive bubbling synth that plays the whole spectrum with ease.

Mainly the tracks are drenched in techno beats and rhythms that reveal a progressive stance. It is however, imposing, and dark and house mutated robotic rhythms that are captivating in their own right and none the less catchy.

This kind of music definitely plays with the mind and alters the way of thinking without a drug in sight. Its harsh reality plays out to a hypnotic weave of intimidating energy that you can’t see but what your ears tell you is that it warrants your attention and indeed gets it.

The swaggering display of thumps, smacks and dangerous rhythms are in abundance, despite there only being sampled voices and no vocals to speak of giving each of the tracks a profound flavour of urgency, as your mind focuses on the music alone with no distraction and serves its purpose well.

To Sum up:

Eighteen cleverly crafted tracks surge into existence to only one conclusion – its emotive moments are fierce and unyielding and gives the listener a chance to gather all the information for processing and then savour the contents.   Pulsating aggressive and harsh edged moments are encouraging and as well as highly engaging for the listener as a hypnotic blend of intimidation that rampages through the speakers – this is one colossal album that releases its force in no uncertain terms!

The mixes are highly compelling and encompassing as they wrap you in an undulating frenzy of sampled voice and deep resonating rhythms that go a long way to keeping your attentions focused on the track in hand.

The robot like tendencies of the genre is what makes it special and give the tracks that extra gravitational pull into their deep pulsating rhythms that fluctuate wildly, it matters very little that the beats are repetitive, as they take full control of the mind and the body follows in quick succession.

If you like thinking outside the box then this is a great album to practise your dance moves, as these tracks will more than melt the dance floor!! But strange to think that Johannes doesn’t like dancing – now there is a thing!

Highly recommended listening!


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Vault 113- Leichenfeier

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Track List:

In the Aftermath




Voice of Havoc

Kranke Puppen

Doomsday Device


Neutron Fun



Leichenfeier (Executed By Incubite)

Doomsday Device (Air Raided By Phosgore)

Kranke Puppen (Blinded By Chainreactor)

Entrückung (Wynardtage Remix)

Voice of Havoc (Acylum Remix)

Entrückung (Valium Era Remix)

Kranke Puppen (Pis’ka Mix by Sleetgrout)


Johannes Scherer



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