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Reviews CD Reviews Industrial Sector: Hate- Five Chapters of Human Failure

Artist: Sector: Hate

CD title: Five Chapters of Human Failure

Label:Future Fame Records

Released: January 2011

Place: Riedstadt, Germany

Genre: Dark Electro/Hard style Industrial

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In the bands own words:

“In 2005, elevated from the depths of project Sector: Hate dealing with the topics that very many people dismiss in this society. The hatred is always present and is also, unfortunately, experienced and lived through every day. Sector means a section of the always cordoned off from all other feelings. The texts deal with this issue in every form, for example, rape in a wider sense, injuries and disappointments with other people and the reluctance of the Institutional church. The music is a mix of dark electro / industrial, with influences of hard style. Sector: Hate are dedicated to dance music, but still want to make you think”


It is very difficult to do a track by track account of the album so I will attempt to do an ‘all in one’ review. Sector: Hate are what’s described as potent through musical endeavour. Inspired by hard hitting edgy samples that make up teasing captivating dance tracks, Sector: Hate certainly drum up some very distinctive and thought provoking titles and the fact the album has been made into chapters is a very clever idea, as each and every one of us face a chapter of life with each and every new encounter be it good or bad.

The music captures a very atmospheric framework and the provocative, hard hitting tones and textures present an aggressive attack on the aural cavities in no uncertain terms.

The rhythms have more flow than ebb as they ride on a haunting and shrill level continuous beats that captivate and hit on a certain mood. Mostly they tend to be in the fast up-tempo vein of sweeping and expanding synth, its emotive forces all coming into play as the dark weave of thickening rhythms plays out to hard and angst ridden vocals. The mesmerising array of expressively rich, even sumptuous tracks are more than mind expanding, bringing a welcome springboard to the senses.

To Sum up:

This album was produced in 2011 so the band has had two years to expand on their intense and thought provoking ideas and since starting this review, I have now had a sneak preview of one of the bands newest tracks ‘Release the Power’ taken from their forthcoming album ‘Hatestyle’ (courtesy of Peter the band’s frontman extraordinaire) and the band have still captured an ‘urgent intensity’ within the track that boasts more shrill synth sounds and takes on a more dramatic stroll down the path of more dark electro.

This album although two years old now will never lose its flavour and makes way for the bands next album – Can’t wait to hear that in its entirety!


Take a Listen:

Sector:Hate- Hate Style

Track List:

Chapter One

Industrial Human Energy

Phobia Insomnia

Syncope in hate

Chapter Two

Mrs Feelgood


Chapter Three

Dir Dos and Death

Living Ghosts

Chapter Four



Fading Lights

Chapter Five


Peter: Vocals, Keys, Text, Composing and Arrangement

Willi: Samples and Mixing

Martin: Live Support/Keys

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