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Reviews CD Reviews Industrial Marilyn Manson - Born Villain

Artist: Marilyn Manson

CD Title: Born Villain

Label:Marilyn Manson

Genre: Industrial/ Metal


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A Track by Track review..............


Track 1- Marilyn Manson "Hey Cruel World"
Starts off slow. Gets faster. Sounds kind of like ...Megadeth ?
Can't say I like this song.

Track 2- Marilyn Manson "No Reflection"
Having already heard this song on the radio and seen the video on TV, I already know what to expect. I DO like this song.

Track 3- Marilyn Manson "Pistol Whipped"
heavy breathing starts the track. this song is ok....

Track 4- Marilyn Manson "Overneath The Path of Misery"
Shakespeare by Manson. This song is ....ehhh...not the best

Track 5- Marilyn Manson "Slo-Mo-Tion"
Bass and then drums start off the song
This song is pretty damn good actually

Track 6- Marilyn Manson "The Gardener"
Sounds like a filler song to me.

Track 7- Marilyn Manson "The Flowers of evil"
Decent song. Something about it reminds me of Sisters of Mercy for some reason.

Track 8- Marilyn Manson "Children of Cain"
Starts off sounding very electronic/industrial
Decent song, kinda slow.

Track 9- Marilyn Manson "Disengaged"
This song is actually not bad at all

Track 10- Marilyn Manson "Lay Down Your Goddamn Arms"
This song is ok, it's kinda slow

Track 11- Marilyn Manson "Murderers Are Getting Prettier Every Day"
This song is also kinda slow. Its alright- not great.

Track 12- Marilyn Manson "Born Villain"
Kinda just there.

Track 13- Marilyn Manson "Breaking The Same Old Ground"
Starts off slow, interesting keyboards. Kinda surprised so many slow songs in a row. This song is toooooo looooong.

Track 14- Marilyn Manson "You're So Vain"
Is this a cover song ? YES
I remember the Faster Pussycat version, the song and the video.
And I remember the original version from the radio.
This version is good though. Although with Manson - songs that he covers- this is kinda ...I don't know. Its ok. I guess. I'm thinking Brian...erm...Mr. Manson had an idea in mind for a music video for this song and thats why its on here.

Track 15- No Reflection (Radio Edit)
I didn't realize there needed to be a radio edit.....


Ckeck out Marilyn Manson: SLO-MO-TION

Marilyn Manson- SLo MO TION


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