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Reviews CD Reviews Industrial Alien Vampires- Fuck Off and Die


Artist: Alien Vampires


CD: Fuck Off and Die


Label: BLC


Genre: Industrial/Black Metal/Techno


Reviewer: Tim Yapko


Date: 3/14/09


 Sample Image



Track List:

01: Intro-666 (by In Slaughter Natives)

02: Fuck Off and Die

03: Death Cult Devotion

04: Footjob Addiction

05: Far From Humans (Featuring Suicide Commandos)

06: Resistance Ain’t Futile

07: Blood Bath

08: Lesbian Nuns Suck Me Dry

09: To Die For

10: One Night Stand

11: Death to Pigs

12: The Convent Burns

13: Hell Descent

14: Kill the Authority

15: BDSM

16: Fuck Off and Die (remix by NOISUF-X)



   Vampirism, Satanism, hard electro, black metal, harsh noise!!! I could go on and on and attempt to place this fast paced, dance inducing band into some type of category only to turn around and find something else to put them under. So many different styles here, I can’t limit them to just one. Well, I can try…Great damn, scary, freaking jams!


   This Italian-U.K. based band has been spewing forth evil rooted filth since 1998 with their “Nuns are Pregnant” release and their full length albums “Evil Generation” and “No One Here Gets Out Alive” (which reached the top 10 charts in the U.K.). These guys really know how to get it done, Satan style. And now, their new release, “Fuck Off and Die” is sure to please even the darkest of souls and coldest of hearts.


   Starting off with an intro by In Slaughter Natives is a perfect way to begin. Then moving right into the album’s title cut “Fuck Off and Die” you begin to realize that these guys aren’t going to slow down, not even for a second. Your heart is racing and you feel like you just slammed 10 double shot espressos. You begin to sweat while the beats seem to take complete control of your body. Incredible.


   Dancing on, you get to the track “Footjob Addiction”. The amazing samples and beautiful beats of this one really keep you moving and you think to yourself, “holy crap! I’m not even half way through this yet!” But wait. This next, sure to blow you away, track, “Far From Humans” features Suicide Commandos (have you heard these guys? Wow!). Darkly genius.


   This is the part where you need a drink! Go ahead. We can wait.


   Did you grab a BIG glass? You’re going to need it. Alright…


   Moving on we reach the cut “Lesbian Nuns Suck Me Dry”. This one’s my favorite. If the title to this one doesn’t catch your attention then you’re reading the wrong review. The, pushed all up in your face, vocals are a little hard to understand, but the style, fast tempo and screaming synths, definitely display their black metal influence. I don’t think I can fully describe how disgustingly gorgeous this track really is.


   Finally, we reach the last cut on this fun-filled, devil-driven, seizure-causing, foaming at the mouth, full-length, filthy composition of grotesque expression to date, “Fuck Off and Die remix” by NOISUF-X. What a way to end this, in absolute perfection. It’s that certain kind of track that leaves you wanting more and all you can do is start the whole thing over again. And this is when you ask yourself, “Will I survive it a second time?”

I say, go ahead and try.


   If I haven’t convinced you to go and grab a copy of this fresh off the press CD release, you can check out some of their death cult material on the web:




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