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Artist: Wolfcrusher 

CD Title: Virgin Tapestry

Label: Casket Music/Copro Records

Genre: Metal

Date 11-11-11

Wolfcrusher-Virgin-Tapestry thumb

The band is the creation of guitarist and pure legend who is Dan Mucs (Not Above Evil, Dirty Habit, and Ten Foot Wizard).  He has the king Midas touch when it comes to music. With his talent and amazing ability to constantly fill our ears with the sweet sound of his memorising guitar sounds and recognisable voice.  Add to the mix of this very interesting band the addition of the sublime talents of drummer Dan Mikietyn (ex Blood Vigil).

The pair divulged into their passion and love of music creating unforgettable deep hard core that fan’s would no doubt rush to hear. 

These two local lads possess more chemistry between them than a nuclear power plant.   There is an unusual twist in the line up to the band, as there are 3 members in the band that play guitar on stage. Some people may think it may result as too many cooks spoil the broth. But once you listen to the epicenes of them, they blow you away. LITERALLY! 

Dan has enlisted the help of their very good friend of his to forge this band. The incredibly talented LEAD GUITARIST Arun Kamath (Soma Dark, ex Bisonhammer) his unique presence to the stage, is breathe taking. He is extremely comical and entertaining in parts when performing live, yet never takes that way from the level of professionalism he has. A true metal head - His persona on and off stage, is nothing but awe-inspiring and astonishing.

Chris Mitchell-Taylor (Visitor, ex Blood Vigil) - is on bass – another member to the already amazing and mind-blowing line up with extra bite and even more brutality.

And finally but by no- means least is the wildly and uber extravagant in his own bodacious way.

He goes by the name of Gary Harkin. (Bison hammer, Ten Foot Wizard). If you could somehow combine the collective energy to create a super charged speedy gonzales and an Tazmanian devil and use medical science and technology, the finished result would be the to a This guy has the stage presence of With the ability to Jump from guttural growls, searing screams, to the melodious vocal lines that perfectly compliment the diverse WOLFCRUSHER sound.

The only way to describe it is something that would turn your organs into liquid when listening to the bodacious band that is Wolfcrusher. The line-up was complete.  It makes me very proud to be from Manchester. I love my city with so much love and passion; she (Manchester) is the rainbow that shines through in a dark rain storm, especially when we are granted with the gift of such raw and awesome talent from the bands that our city produces. Wolf crusher is no exception!

The creation of the name of the album Virgin Tapestry is explained by Dan himself - he quotes

“We didn't want to call the album ‘self-titled ‘and I've thrown in the idea of having the album title picked from the lyrics on the album, so we started looking and Virgin Tapestry comes up in moving mountains, also a good title for a debut album.”

Track 1 – REBORN

The beginning of the track is full of more metallic goodness than a steel plant. If it was physically possible for you to squeeze the contents of this song, it would ooze molten hot magma. The combined and heavy  coherent influence’s from every band member , the interrelated  pure and raw talent from the beginning of reborn  it Transcend all boundaries for possession of my soul, awash with revelations, I’ve found the unknown it  wakes you up and makes you come alive be ready to have your ears  given a real treat . The track engulfs you and catapults into the extreme harsh vocals we all love.  


The longest track on the album - and boy is it epic. It makes you want to create a wall of death in your living room listening to it.   The harsh radically amazing combined guitars and bass wildly blended with the sublime unmistaken voice of Gary. The interaction with the unrestrained drums makes this one off my person favourites. And it’s even better live this is the pinnacle track of the album!

Track 3 – LOST AT SEA

The slow single drum beat and guitar at the beginning of the track slowly makes you walk unprotected into the song.  But don’t get to comfy!  It’s like being dragged into a serial killers home to await your fate.  You are hit by the full force of the combined ad interlocking extreme lyrics of Gary and Dan. Within seconds you’re transported into a whirl wind of Colossal intense guitar playing rifts that capsulate you into another dimension of epic pre potions, add the combination of Gary’s immense and mesmerising talent’s and range I his vocal ability  Can you hold on my friend? This is an insane song.  I can imagine this is going to be a fan favourite.


The tempo in this track is almost dare I say, I would have to summarize it as a combination between a hugely powerful rock balled and potent yet sad love song.  Its melancholy and extremely eerie vocals are sublime.  They capture the emotions in the lyrics with such capacity; you can almost envisage the video being set on watching a sun rise, over the high and deep rock face; where a loved one’s trying to cope with the loss of a partner, contently looking over the sea.  A deep thick Mist over the sea carpeting the brake off the waves. Again the combination of the guitar rifts and the drums, it makes my hairs on my neck stand up, just for the sheer emotional connection with the song, it would condense any one to adhere with the guitars in the back ground, following the chorus line into a false sense of tranquillity.  I don’t care how right or wrong, but this song has a special place on my mp3 player.


A true classic tune from the genre of Death metal we all know and worship.  The vocals hit you instantly from the moment this track starts. Your ears are treated to the octane sounds from every multi-talented band member. Its conjoined extreme sound and with a huge helping of violent yet harmonics sweetly sung to you.


It kicks off with an old classic guitar solo rift that would be in character for being the title song of a film.  Very old school rock, with similarities in the vocals to monster bands such Metallica and Motorhead.    The lyrics start of somewhat mellower than the rest of the scorching red hot tracks on The Virgin Tapestry, but by no means less of the quality to command and capture the listener. It truly shows off the bands premium quality of the experienced artists with a sure-fire ingenious ability.


The lyrics to this track titled "Moving Mountains" are phenomenal.  The albums unique name of The Virgin Tapestry is due to a line in this track. The lyrical line in the song behind the album name goes “A sacrificial onslaught, a virgin tapestry, which lord holds the answer"? The lyrics are intensely heavy and are based around the extremely controversial subject based on The Masons and the illuminate. In some people’s opinions it is a taboo to think about the secretive society, elements from an unseen force. The combination of Gary’s and Dan’s intermingled vocals captivate considering their singing styles have different vocal tones between them. Dan sings a huge portion of this track, with his amazing and powerful voice; it is than taken to the next level with the insanely brutal and stomach churning aspects of Gary’s death vocals that bring home the raw breath-taking ability he has. It opens up the track that slams home the message of the song to its listeners. The high tempo and thrill seeking music created by Arun Klamath with his Guitar is like listening to liquid gold, if such a thing existed!  Chris Mitchell-Taylor – on Bass brings home the true meaning of being a total bodacious bassist, his work on this track smacks you in face enough to cause brain damage, with his epic playing.  Dan Mikietyn on the Drums is the silent assassin - with constant influential beats throughout.

After listening to this album – repeatedly, I might add – as it is just that addictive.  It is certainly having pride and place in my own personal collection. I have come to the conclusion that the album is like a tempestuous of the sea, drawing you in and watching you happily drown in your own euphoric state when you listen to this band.    Warning you will have a sore neck after listening to this band! It makes me proud to be from the same city as the lads in

Look out for them playing live! You will not be disappointed …………………..

Their debut album 'a virgin tapestry' will be available worldwide from early summer 2011 through Casket Records.


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