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Reviews CD Reviews (EBM, Electro, Electronica) Tactical Module- Into Exile

Artist: Tactical Module

Album: Into Exile

Label: Juggernaut Records

Release: October 4th, 2014

From: Poole, Dorset

Genre: Industrial Metal/Digital Hard-core/EBM


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Tactical Module is the industrial music moniker/band name of Bournemouth and Poole college student Michael Davis as an outlet for the creation of industrial music Founded in summer 2010.This project was created as an outlet for more creative freedom as college bands can sometimes have a constraint of different ideals and also a pathway to a much darker and aggressive side of electronic music.”


Digital music has indeed come a long way since the 80’s but still remains relatively hidden, trapping it in a niche that very often is missed. For myself, personally the EBM/Digital mind set is quite easy to engage in and it does not have to be pop orientated, so metallers are missing out, for fear they think that the music is ‘just pressing a button’ and so does not qualify for being worthy of a listen.

However it is knowing what to do once a button is pressed and more importantly bringing the sounds together to form complex and delicate structures that bring its own rewards.


And this slab of digital hard core ‘Awaken’ hits the spot! There is also a dash of dub-step in there and some clean but aggressive vocals. It is a very distinctive track that has a rhythmic enticement that is all too pleasing to the ears.

The jagged rhythm of the title track ‘Into Exile’ holds a deep compelling embrace and leaves the listener waiting in eager anticipation at what is about to unfold. The background is laced with a sinister ambiance and finally a hypnotic groove starts – loving this.


‘Outer City Limits’ is another rambunctious flurry of energy that scoops you up and lets you fly with it. It holds no boundaries and I am sure has flown passed the sun right now. Teasing and taunting it flourishes with an overpowering melody. Definitely another fave.


‘Breathless’ plays with the mind – commanded by distortive notes and angry vocal bait, but none the less bounces with a potent hypnotic rhythm that has a superb dance beat attached to it. The lyrics “You left me so lifeless, you left me so breathless’ may ring true after a few moves to these rhythms!


‘Cypher 2.0’ has a rather spacey feel to it – and it beckons you towards its rebellious rhythm. Luring you into its persistent grooves and massages the senses with its unusual expressive and creative wash.


‘Downpour’ the deep thumping and rapacious grooves are antagonistic in every sense of the word. It ignites the emotions although not as melodic as some of the previous tracks.


‘Hellfire’ the initial beats seem to carry on a little too long at the beginning, however, the track makes up for this with a brutal moodiness – the vocal sounds a bit on the punk side and has a chant like sound that adds well to a terrain of madness.


‘Unbreakable’ is glazed with a highly energetic but monotone vocal and persistent synth notes that are mischievously satisfying whilst the demonic whisperings are scourging.


‘Awaken (Ruinizer Remix)’ a tidal wave of ambiance has hit – smiting the listener and plunging them into a void of tempestuous voracity. A highly enjoyable track with much harsher vocals.



“Hosting some uncompromising addictiveness it violates the senses and traps them into a submissive frenzy. The slower more mellow trappings stroke and caress with so much creative beauty!”


‘Downpour (Destructed by D Destruction)’ the music really is apt with its title and sounds like raindrops, whilst the tirade of pulsing beats sound like a full on explosive thunder storm of delights.


‘Into Exile (Back to Hell) Mix by DEP’ the magnitude of sound that forces its way through the speakers here are breath-taking! Holding a compelling magical embrace whilst still hanging on to its brutal edge and is a very engaging encounter.


‘Breathless (Harlot Mix by Roded Master)’ A lot darkersounding with thick twisting rhythms that plough through the aural like a hot knife through butter! Hypnotic and compelling it definitely lures with intent.




One highly engaging album that houses some innovative beats and rhythms that turn like a rolling tide. With striking boldness and insatiable appetite it is a good work-out for the aural as well as the imagination.


Hosting some uncompromising addictiveness it violates the senses and traps them into a submissive frenzy. The slower more mellow trappings stroke and caress with so much creative beauty.


It most definitely is a thoroughly pleasing album that has an intimacy that the listener can harvest and wrap themselves in – a bit like – nothing really matters outside of Tactical Module – just live for the emotive moment as you press play. Superb!




Track List:



Into Exile

Outer City Limits


Cypher 2.0




Awaken (Ruinizer Remix)

Downpour (Destructed by D Destruction)

Into Exile (Back to Hell) Mix by DEP

Breathless (Harlot Mix by Roded Master)




Michael Davis-Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Drum Programming


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