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Reviews CD Reviews (EBM, Electro, Electronica) Cryogenic Echelon-Taste of Failure


Artist: Cryogenic Echelon


Album Title: Taste of Failure


Label: Static Distortion Records


Released: October 19th 2013


From: Launceston, Australia


Genre:Dark Electronic/Future-Pop/Dub Step/Drum & Bass/Swaggrotech


cryogenic thumb


Artwork by Kallisti Design

Mastering by Gary Walker of Defeat

Female vocals on Track 1 by Jadei of Hope Estheim




“Based in Australia, Cryogenic Echelon is first and foremost, the creative and critical outlet of Gerry Hawkins. His music being the embodiment of his innermost thoughts, ideals and vision of humanity. With multiple releases ranging from dark-electro, industrial dance, and aggro tech with flavours of hard style, dub step and trance he always comes out with something fresh and new, yet never straying from the quality production and dark sound that is Cryogenic Echelon. In the three years so far of his career, he has progressed with leaps and bounds within the industrial scene.”




Full Throttle


Is just what it says on the label and offers a dual vocal with the female vocals from Jadei that really add an oriental spark in addition to the deep scathing vocal by Gerry and topped off with harsh dirty electro pulses this should be had with relish!


Fall of the Reptiles - Grendel Remix


Guaranteed to get you moving, with beats and rhythms that carry you along on the crest of a wave with gentle synth keys making the ride a smooth one. But don’t get too comfy because the vocal edge adds a sprinkling of turbulence in such a great way, and makes it a whole lot more interesting.


Elixir - The Invalid Remix


Sumptuous deep rhythms start to pound the senses like a boxing glove and add in a healthy dose of scathing vocals into the mix and what you get is one spellbinding dance track!


Pandora - Sagittario Remix


A very unusual track that starts with a female sampled voice and that then turns into a soft male voice. The incidental sounds are a bit like a hundred and thousand island dressing with smattering of angular noises there’s a lot to take in on this one – and it’s really hypnotic.


Soulstorm - Machine Roxx Remix


Already converted to Machine Roxx – just superb, so there is no surprise that this track is going to be enjoyable... and it is! Vocally engaging on all levels with thunderous pounding rhythms that your body has to obey! Got the volume up to 11 already and the headphones on... can’t miss out on this!


“So a Taste of Failure it is, but it certainly ISN’T!”



Hate Yourself - Nitronoise Remix


Quite a wake-up call with its harsh and brutal pounding rhythms, squeaky sounds, hard edged vocal and hypnotic beats – it makes for a good body work-out!


Soulstorm - Ctrl Alt Del Remix


Imagine yourself on a beach and you are lying in the sun, the waves washing up to your feet and you have this track on your iPad – this also has strange angular noises incorporated into it although a lot slower in tempo – which will give you chance to catch your breath whilst enjoying its invigoration.

Pandora - Defeat Remix


Just adore the Defeat, so another track I can’t wait to sample and it’s starting off good... with deep repetitious hypnotic beats a plenty. This is a solid track that again has your dancing shoes on whilst the band brews up a storm. Loving this!


Indigo Children - Studio X Club Mix


Rhythmic as you would expect – with a clean vocal that suits the track perfectly and further on it just explodes into a gnarly pulsating rhythmic swathe of Dynamite! Bring on the squeaks!!


Elixir - Draconic Elimination Projects Remix


Are we going to experience some dub step? Maybe this is what they call ‘swaggrotech’ maybe? but this is one stupendously strange track that would feel at home in a Dr Who episode – it’s wild, it’s whacky and forget the furry boot covers – try a space suit instead… Immense!


Space Monkey - feat. Studio X


Ahh well I haven’t returned to earth yet – still taking a trip in Synthtopia - so just going to relax to this mesmerising beat and let the rhythms wash over me.


To Sum up:


One highly delightful album that not only gives your body a workout but your mind something to focus on whilst on planet Synthtopia. There’s no duff tracks on this album each one has their own brand of euphoria and takes things to new and exciting levels – can’t fault it what so ever!

So a Taste of Failure it is, but it certainly ISN’T!





Track List:


Fall of the Reptiles (Grendel Remix)

Hate Yourself (Nitronoise Remix)

Soulstorm Ctrl (Alt Del Remix)




The Main Men in Charge:

Gerry Hawkins: Vocals, Lyrics, Samples

Lawrie Bayldon: Production, Mixing, DJing


Honorary Members:


Ayax Ascension: Vocals, Lyrics, Production (2010 - 2012)

Antonio Jiminez: Artwork, Designs (2009 - 2012)

Jay Ruin: Production, Editing (2013 - Prese





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