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Reviews CD Reviews (EBM, Electro, Electronica) NITRO/NOISE-No Cure For Apocalypse (2CD Limited Edition)



Album Title: No Cure For Apocalypse (2CD Limited Edition)


Label: DWA (Digital World Audio)


Genre: Industrial Dark Electro


Date Released: April 19th 2014


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Background: There is “no cure for Apocalypse”, no reason for redemption – the end is incoming and we should embrace it as a consummation devoutly to be wished.


Coming from the band that brought us Total Nihilism in 2012, the philosophical conceit behind NITRO/NOISE’s stunning second album No Cure for Apocalypse should hardly come as a surprise. Neither really should the sheer power and quality of the tracks on offer.


No nonsense, no mercy, No Cure For Apocalypse is simply 10 relentless anthems for the end of days – as uncompromising and unstoppable as the Armageddon it suggests we all deserve – topped off with a collaboration with long-time champion of NITRO/NOISE Thomas Rainer/NACHTMAHR, and an atmospheric coda.


The initial quantity of 300 CDs comes in limited edition 6-panel digipak format – with a slot on the inside cover holding a 6-panel booklet containing lyrics and photos.


This limited edition comes complete with the bonus CD “10 Ways to Doomsday” – containing remixes by established and emerging acts in the electro-industrial field.




NITRO/NOISE managed to set themselves apart from the crowd the very moment they began with their debut. Now with a new album out I wonder whether the sound will grow in diversity or simmer just below boiling point. From the first track it seems that the answers are coming fast and hard.




THE REVELATION is a perfect introduction to the album. Shrieking synths and lashing beats that give way to smooth patches. Intricate and timed to perfection you can’t help but want to dance and sing along. Anthems are clearly on the agenda and these guys are not taking any prisoners.


IF WE STOP BREEDING begins and I think that it’s leading me down the same tried and tested formula. 1min13sec in there is a change of depth that pulls me back in and I can’t stop moving. This is a huge song with an anthem like sound.


CENSORSHIT kicks into gear with thunder and roar. Guitars cut through the thick of it leaving room for some aggressive vocals. Reminds me of a good Hanzel und Gretyl song if one seeks to compare. By far best track in my opinion. It carries the best elements of what makes NITRO/NOISE such a force of nature. Raise your fists in the air because this one is going to make you want to protest loud and proud.


UNCHAINED is not a track that many would put in as a highlight. The reason I am is that NITRO/NOISE brought something different in their approach to this track. Sitting in the track list at number 9 it holds its own without being outwardly aggressive. The synth work is catchy as hell and I can see this being a club hit.


WE DEMAND BETTER (feat. NACHTMAHR) had to make the highlight list due to a collaboration taking place that many would have been dreaming of. The song is not what I expected but that only enhances the fact that this song is dynamic. Play it loud and enjoy.


DON’T BE AFRAID (Piano Rework) ends the album nicely. Beautiful piano work and a nice haunting piece that closes off a great album.


Quick Review of CD2 “10 Ways To Doomsday”


I’m not a huge fan of remix album being that most are not very exciting re-interpretations of a track. If an original track is good to start with then the remix in my opinion has to really dig deep to re-interpret it. I wouldn’t say that I am disappointed with the remix tracks as there are some nice remixes. DIE SEKTOR and BLAKOPZ remixes stand out for me but there is enough variety for most to have at least 2 favourites on this extra CD. DJs will enjoy the CD due to the options in mixing in with other tracks is limitless.


To Sum Up:


NITRO/NOISE has refined their skills even further with the release of No Cure For Apocalypse. For fans of the band this is sure to hit the spot and please them without question. The album cements their place in the scene and as a follow up to a brilliant debut it certainly does push them to the top list of bands within this style of music. There are moments on the album that follow a tried and tested formula which may be repetitive but how many in this musical style are able to continue producing relevant music album after album? Will you be listening to this album in a year time in awe or will it have faded to the wayside? That is a question only you can answer so give it a listen and you be the judge. In my opinion this is well worthy purchasing and I can’t wait for my copy of the album to arrive in the post


Listen/ Purchase NITRO/NOISE “No Cure For Apocalypse”:


Rating: 8 ½ / 10



Take  a listen: If We Stop Breeding




Track List:


CD1 - No Cure For Apocalypse


01. The Revelation

02. Want Some

03. If We Stop Breeding

04. God Game

05. Censorshit

06. All Shall Perish

07. Don’t Be Afraid

08. Spit It Black

09. Unchained

10. Wake Up Call

11. We Demand Better (feat. NACHTMAHR)

12. Don’t Be Afraid (Piano Rework)


CD2 - 10 Ways To Doomsday


01. The Revelation (FGFC820 Remix)

02. Want Some (MODULATE Remix)

03. If We Stop Breeding (C-LEKKTOR Remix)

04. God Game (DIE SEKTOR Remix)

05. Censorshit (ROTERSAND Rework)

06. All Shall Perish (BLAKOPZ Remix)

07. Don’t Be Afraid (GRENDEL Remix)

08. Spit It Black (THE .INVALID Remix)

09. Unchained (Sidechained by SIRUS)

10. Wake Up Call (RAVE THE REQVIEM Remix)


Members: Kold: Vocal, Clutch: Music, Efferus: Strings



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