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News CD Release News Celldweller To Release 4th Installment of New Album

Celldweller To Release 4th Installment of New Album

Live Ustream Broadcast Premiere,

Further Define New Mold of Indie Music Release Strategy

Cohesive Mix of Metal & Dubstep Showcases Celldweller’s Mastery of Styles

Detroit, MI – Independent, hybrid electronic-rock artist Klayton will be releasing Chapter 04 of the Celldweller sophomore album Wish Upon A Blackstar worldwide on July 19th, with an exclusive pre-launch at the FiXT Store on June 28th. Klayton will be broadcasting both songs from Chapter 04 in their entirety via a live Ustream video from Celldweller Studios at 8PM EST on Monday, June 27th (tune in at www.facebook.com/celldweller) as a world debut exclusive before the release at midnight at the FiXT Store (www.fixtstore.com/celldweller).

Chapter 04 of Wish Upon A Blackstar is the last digital chapter to be put out before the release of the full album. No prior tracks express Klayton's knack for hybridizing genres as well as these two songs. "I Can't Wait" melds stuttering dubstep basslines, dynamic percussion, precision glitch edits, and the signature Celldweller guitar attacks and infectious vocal deliveries. "Gift For You", on the other hand, is a departure in its simplicity. Downtempo bass carries the tune, with flourishes of dubstep warble, while sparse and airy guitar notes add accent in between Klayton's subdued verses.

With each chapter release of Wish Upon A Blackstar, Celldweller continues to define a new mold for independent music release strategy, providing fans a wide assortment of new merchandise and limited edition memorabilia, as well as exclusive Demos and Audio Commentaries on the making of the tracks. These exclusive items are available only through Celldweller’s direct-to-consumer outlet, the FiXT Store.

About Celldweller:

Celldweller is the hybrid fusion of aggressive electronic music combined with orchestral and rock influences. Klayton, the multi-instrumentalist artist, producer, songwriter, performer, programmer, and re-mixer, is the mastermind behind it all. Known worldwide for pioneering new sounds and methods for creating his tracks, Klayton continues to generate music that resonates to both fans and the entertainment industry worldwide.

Klayton recently released Cellout EP 01, featuring studio versions of 3 songs from the Celldweller Live Show, hitting the #1 iTunes Electronic Album in 5 Countries, as well as going top #10 in 12 Countries. Cellout EP 01 also broke into the top #80 Albums in the US iTunes Store across all genres.

Celldweller is on Tour now in the U.S. with the following upcoming headlining dates:

• July 1st – Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade

• July 2nd – Jacksonville, FL @ Jack Rabbits

• July 3rd – Miami, FL @ Florida SuperCon

• July 6th – Chicago, IL @ Reggies

Klayton owns and operates FiXT, which includes an indie record label, a Film/TV licensing arm, an online remix community (www.fixtremix.com) and an online retail store (www.fixtstore.com). The FiXT Store features over 1,000 artists from 200+ labels, and specializes in aggressive electronic music culture, including over 20,000 Digital Tracks, 500 CD Titles and hundreds of Apparel items from artists like Deadmau5, Asking Alexandria, Enter Shikari, Swedish House Mafia, Tiesto and clothing companies such as Bleeding Star Clothing, Malus Clothing and more.

Here is a review from Grave Concerns E-zine:

Artist: Celldweller

CD Title: Wish Upon A Blackstar Chapter 4

Label: FIXT

Genre: Hybrid, Industrial Rock

Reviewer: Steve Fearon

Date: 04/07/11

Celldweller has been the leading light in Electronic rock music for a long time now, and the expectation that meets each of his releases means that the standard has to be very high, and largely speaking, it has been.

With Chapter 4 now being released, and 6 tracks of gut wrenching, glitch ridden rock being offered up, I was intrigued to see what was lying behind the slick PR and marketing that Celldweller employs...

The first thing I will say is that, as ever, the production is immaculate, Klayton is a simply superb producer, and everything is bright, crisp and sat perfectly in the mix, definitely a man at the top of his game.

The songs are typically Celldweller, with a pop sensibility at the core of each track, layered with roaring riff-age and euphoric synth lines.

Klayton's vocals are passionate, powerful and offer something that is largely lacking in a lot of Industrial genre bands, and that will appeal to a lot of people.

In terms of the quality material, there is stronger and weaker tracks on there, with the Epic 'Eon' easily being my favourite track, with its interesting structure and superb hooks and melodies, its a song that could easily become the next 'Switchback'.

Generally speaking this 6 track release hosts some very strong songs, and in all truth, Celldweller don't really release anything beneath a good standard, and all the songs on this chapter have their merit.

It will be interesting to see how Celldweller progresses next as his collaboration and production of Blue Stahli has introduced a competitor for the crown of the Melodic Electro Rock genre and I think judging from the the progression of Blue Stahli, Klayton may have to raise his game even further, which can only be good for the fans.

Ultimately if you already own any Celldweller, then this is a no brainer, you will love the catchy choruses and clever variations and structures.

If you haven't heard any Celldweller, please take a listen, as there is a lot to enjoy.

8/10 - recommended listens: 'Eon' & 'The Lucky One

-------End of Review-------

For more information, visit http://www.celldweller.com or http://www.fixtonline.com


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