Thursday, 19th July 2018. 4:52:30pm ET
News CD Release News Last Official Fektion Fekler album...
Limited to 500 copies in the US, the last official Fektion Fekler album.
Titled- a best of titled, "Angels of Analog" .
It will start pre-sales on August 31st.
The first 100 copies will be hand signed and numbered.
The album consist of 14 tracks spanning thier entire career.
This album will not be  printed and is limited to 1000 copies worldwide.
"Angels of Analog"
Track List:
1. Limpic
2. Diabolic Changes
3. Addicts Lullabye
4. Generations
5. Take it All
6. Sunsky
7. The Dowswer that couldn't dowse
8. Immortal Faith
9. Anarchy of Separation
10. Topp Ramen 6 for a $1.00
11. God I'm Sick 
12. Just Another Try
13. My Weakest Point
14. Setting Sun
15. It's Over
In addition, Fektion Fekler will be taking orders for "fan versions" of the album.
"We got a lot of emails from fans wanting us to release specific songs on our "Best of".
Since our discography easly spans over 100 songs.
it was difficult deciding what songs to release. 
We decided to do a one time fan version of the album for the die hard fans.
The idea is simple: you order the fan version at the Synthcere Records website (link below)
Fill out the order form (select songs, track order, number of copies,etc) 
we burn you a copy straight from the master tapes...easy enough.
For more details, visit Synthcere Records.....
This will be a one of a kind version of the album and no two will be the same.
You will truely get a very limited album here.
As all past Fektion Fekler releases, these copies will be of the highest quality.
As always, Synthcere Records offers 100% satisfaction on all our releases.
With hundreds of orders processed, we have never had a return, nor complaint on any order.
That's been our vision from day one.
The goal here is to get the fans the album they really want....This is our best attempt to do just that....
Fektion Fekler's  best of- "Angels of Analog" -pre-orders start August 31st......
Fan version of the "Angels of Analog" start September 7th......
Pre-order your copy......


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