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The autumn of 2013 the band signed with the english label Juggernaut Media Group.
The EP "Arizona Lights" was released 7:th march and did receive great reviews.

The full album Xenoglossy was released around May 20th, 2014. We caught up with the band recently and check out what they had to say!


Grave Concerns: Thank you for accepting the interview from Grave Concerns Ezine; would you be able to give a brief description of Machinista and the music you create?


Richard: Machinista is me, Richard on the music part and John on vocals and lyrics. We do prefer to describe our music as electronic pop. It´s not pure synthpop because we are very open to bring in acoustic elements as well. We don´t have any rules what kind of instruments to use as long as it serves the purpose of the song. Anyway, it´s hard nowadays to put music under a specific genre.


Grave Concerns: Where do you usually gather song writing inspiration? What is your usual song writing process?


Richard: The process of a song starts with a basic demo that I create. Mainly to find some good chords and work out a vibe about the song. After this John goes creative and comes up with a song-melody and lyrics. I must say that I am always surprised how good his work fits my music. After this we have a pretty good overview how the song should be like and I start to dress the demo with a full music production.


John: pretty much free flow but the subject goes from personal feelings and emotions to things that makes me mad about the world and its habitants, and UFO stories as well as stories about some sick individuals, haha.


Grave Concerns: You are currently signed with new label Juggernaut Services, what made you decide to go with this label?


Richard: Actually, after we had recorded our first 3-4 songs we did notice that Nick was planning to start up a label. We gave him our songs and he really liked it. Juggernaut has a "family" feeling when it comes to the label-people/bands. We all support each other, remixes for each other within the rooster etc. so it was a good choice indeed!




Grave Concerns: How did Machinista come together to be formed? I know both you, John and Richard, come from either established bands or even now are in other bands. What brought the two of you together?


Richard: My old band Vision Talk was closing down and about the same time John was planning to form a new band. He did mention the name Machinista to me and it sounded interesting. Also I thought it would be fun to work with John since I’ve always been a huge fan on his band Cat Rapes Dog. After our first recording session we ended up with Heroes (David Bowie Cover) and Molecules and Carbon. Then I knew that this is going to be good!


Grave Concerns: Which track from the album Xenoglossy is your personal favourite and why?

Richard: I would say Pushing The angels Astray. A good catchy synth-pop song with a strong chorus. Summersault is also a favourite with a more slow driven alternative feeling.


John: For me it’s often The Blues and the Reds but it changes. They become favourites if they are good to sing. I like Summersault as well a lot.


Grave Concerns: You have been touring extensively it seems and had many interviews and reviews in the last few months. Do you find the busy schedule overwhelming at times?


John: It’s not so much as you could think, I mean both and Richard have normal jobs aside this and we want more gigs and more of everything.


Grave Concerns: Many bands prefer remaining more underground than taking the leap to mainstream. Your music would certainly appeal to a very wide audience and could break into mainstream. What are your thoughts on this and do you see Machinista possibly making that leap in the future?


John: No we go wherever the music takes us. The genre is pretty small but I think this can grow and cross boundaries, but we'll see what happens but a hit on some big list, why not!


 Take a listen: Arizona Lights




Grave Concerns: Sweden has given rise to many influential bands across genres. Do you think that Europe in general and Sweden in particular offer a good and healthy environment for artists?


John: well from start at early age its good cuz of we have this thing called common music school and that’s great, and then at older age you could, and I say could cuz its harder today, be unemployed and focus on music. Other than that Sweden is big export. Not synth thou, haha.




Grave Concerns: What can we expect from Machinista in the future?


Richard: We already have a bunch of songs we are working on for the second album. It´s hard to say too much at this point but we will take it one step ahead that´s for sure. It´s important to keep our identity but we will explore Machinista deeper to develop. We have some really great songs coming up for you!


Grave Concerns: Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. I wish you well for the future.


Richard: Thank you very much and enjoy the summer!

John: thanks for having us, we'll see you out there!


Grave Concerns: Thank you and Check out the band:


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