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Interviews Synthpop, New Wave Interview- G-Spot Run


Michael S. Nauman: is G-SPOT RUN

Interviewed by Julie J.( gothgirl)

Julie: How do you build up themes within your songs with just music?

G.S.R: I think the interaction of synth sounds can express themes in much the same way as symphonies can without having vocals.

Julie: What are some of the sounds bounce though your album?

G.S.R: Ancient Chineese Secret

Julie: How do your beats mold and shape into one another?

G.S.R: Magicly

Julie: Delicious! ( Just had to say that)

Julie: What is your primary focal point of G-SPOT RUN?

G.S.R: Just to try and put out some tunes that people can have fun with at Partys, Clubs, Raves, bedroom, wherever. (Oh yea, a little money would be nice too.)

Julie: How do you write your music, what are your thoughts?

G.S.R: I usually start with a simple groove and start to layer synths and drums till Im bouncing in my chair. I work out of my home studio so I have all my instruments there for instant acess. Sometimes the music comes and sometimes not, but when it does I write very quickly.

Julie: How can we see different points of view with your songs?

G.S.R: With our ears, minds and a good set of headphones.

Julie: How can we view the environment G-Spot Run creates? How do you see the environment?

G.S.R: I try and leave it to the induvidual. My songs are meant just to have a good time to.

Julie: Do you set any limitations with your music?

G.S.R: Never, music is a very powerful tool. I am always tryng to do something a little different to keep things new.

Julie: What kind of new inventive ways have you tried to do with G-SPoT Run musical textures that set you apart from other electro/techno artists?

G.S.R: I try and make my music catchy with good song structure so its easy to listen to and remember. Some of these rebirth users with mindless distorted noises drive me crazy. I try and have a story or theme with my music.

Julie: Why do you think people will like G-SPOT-RUN? Because it rocks. Its got something for everyone, hard thrashing tracks to a few house and lighter tracks.

Julie: What would you say makes G-SPOT RUN club friendly?

G.S.R: The beats are steady and good When I listen to the songs the energy just makes me feel like moving.

Julie: What went though your mind when writing Transcender or Alias Thing?

G.S.R: Trance Sender was wrote with the club in mind. I wanted to have a spacey sounding track with a cool break in the middle and to build it back up again, so I did it.

Alias thing was one of the first trax I wrote. All the loops and samples were off a 10 dollar sound fx disk from a chain store. Just goes to show what a little imagination can do.

Julie: It seems like tracks 7-12 are more dancey, would you agree or disagree?

G.S.R: A little, it depends what kind of atmosphere Im in when I listen to them.

Julie: Do you see any sort of growing interest in this form of music, if so what are some contributing factors?

G.S.R: I see Electronic and Goth music as the next big thing. Record Stores carry verry little selection of these genres, but on the internet they are the most popular. Soon, I feel that the tides in the music industry and bussiness are going to change, its getting harder for the man(The R.I.A.A)to tell you, who to listen too and how much you have to pay. Musicians are a special breed, they will fight to have their music heard.

Julie: Who do you feel is the techno music god?

G.S.R: Moby, I dont like all of his music but he has got something for everyone. He's got incredible talent and he is one of the people opening the doors for mainstream electronic.

Crystal Method should be given some credit as well, since they were my insparation.

Julie: What are you working at now musically?

G.S.R: Some new Trax with more guitar, bass, and some vocals on some new stuff, with a little harder feel to it, and picking up the turntables lateley. Im also in the slow process of doing some music for a indie-pendant film.

Julie: What do you hope happens with your music?

G.S.R: I hope that it unites and brings peace to this world and mayby other worlds. Oh yea, if I could make some money with it that would be cool too.;'>

Julie : Final comments?

G.S.R: Everybody needs to support the indie-music scene. If you dont have a scene in your area start one. Every one should go out and buy a copy of my c.d or download one for free from and help support because the man R.I.A.A is trying to take away your rights. Thanks to you, Julie(GothGirl) for helping support the music scene and kikin ass.

Michael S. Nauman



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