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Interviews Synthpop, New Wave Interview- Paradoxx


Band: Paradoxx
Interviewer: Marcos Massarri & Julie Johnson
Date: 9/12/04

“The following interview w/ Ralph of the superbly fit & rising electro synth pop super stars Paradoxx was done through email concerning their newest offering, “Atomika” that’s just recently been unleashed upon the masses, & will undeniably win over fans of synth pop & electro clash respectively with their mastery over glossy rose techno pop & their approach for penning some really addictive club ballads. Hailing from Australia whose musical branch has shined a roster of diversity like Ikon, Resurrection Eve, One, Big Electric Cat, and Ostia to name a few, these guys are destined to leave their mark.” -Marcos

Grave Concerns -How are all of you doing?

Ralph –“Great! We’re busy in the studio working on the next project called "Contaminated".

Grave Concerns -Have you played any shows recently to promote "Atomika"?

Ralph –“Not at the moment! That’ll happen once the new album is in full

Grave Concerns -Does Paradoxx have a pretty loyal following in Australia?

alph –“We do have a lot of fans in the Goth/electro scene but here the secular scene is not really aware of what new electro or synthpop is here in Australia yet.”

Grave Concerns -Your songs certainly go beyond the "goth-electro" attraction. Have you been approached by any mainstream labels or clubs to spin your music?

Ralph –“No but some FM stations here have picked up one of our songs; "Catwalk" for airplay and television too due to an advertising jingle using the chorus of "Catwalk".Who says cheese doesn't pay? Even Goth and fetish clubs have been playing our new club tunes.”

Grave Concerns - I read in your bio that your debut was more of a "dark baroque dance sound". What are the musical differences between your debut album & "Atomika"?

Ralph –”Well “New Devotion” was a more Goth electro sound and attracted a lot of kids from the Goth scene but our label felt the new album needed to cross over into the commercial scene as well and on this new album there are styles ranging from electro clash, EBM, Goth and modern synthpop.”

Grave Concerns -Are you big fans of electro pop music in general & if so, what bands are you really into?

Ralph –“When we released “New Devotion” and started getting on compilations I did not realize there was that many great bands out there. Bands we shared comps with like Mesh, De-vision, The echoing green, Regenerator, Zeta, and Red Sector1….. so many great styles and catchy tunes; I love this culture of music.”

Grave Concerns -Has there been any talk of hitting North America for some shows? For that matter, have you gotten positive response from fans abroad?

Ralph –“Fans are emailing me from all over Canada , the US, even the UK, and Europe asking when we will tour, so if ATOMIKA starts getting a lot of interest we’ll be looking at a west coast tour of the USA for sure.”

Grave Concerns -Any festival appearances this year?

Ralph –“We were invited to do a gig at a UK festival in England but the timing at the moment isn’t right………pity I love that country.”

Grave Concerns -What's the general music scene like over in Australia? Is the gothic-industrial scene closely knit?

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Ralph –“Cheesy pop ..Its horrible because we have this Australian idol thing happening here at the moment, so no alternative music is getting on the airwaves and sadly I think the only Goth act they know is Evanescence. The only reason we got airplay on a top 40 station was they didn’t know we were aussie. They thought we were from the USA so I rang the DJ to thank him for playing our tune and he said "what are you from Perth?, no way !!! well we will still keep playing it it's a great tune.” I felt pretty good about that.”

Grave Concerns -How did you guys all come together?

Ralph –“A friend of mine and I started playing with a few synths we bought and before we knew it we were bouncing up and down to tunes we liked. The music we ended up with was synthpop, however we were unaware that this was actually a style of music like this still out there. The girls started helping us out with our live shows and as the demand grew we realized this female fronted synthpop thing was working , that's when we did our first cd “WHAT?” and after that we signed to our first label and recorded our first album and I guess that's it.”

Grave Concerns -Are there any certain songs on the new record that you like a lot?

Ralph –“I think the EBM , synthpop tracks are my favorite but a lot of the darker , hard guitar driven tracks are getting on radio and on the dance floors so I guess you just can’t judge what people dig.”

Grave Concerns -Congratulations on a fantastic new record & is there anything else you'd like to say?

Ralph –“Just thanks to zines out there like yours , giving bands in the subpop market the chance to be noticed , keep up the good work.”

Ralph c/o PARADOXX Australia

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