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Interviews Synthpop, New Wave Interview- Foretaste


Band: Foretaste
Interviewer: Julie Johnson
Date: 4-1-06

Foretaste is a french synthpop band composed by two fans of 80s music who start to records their own songs after meeting on internet. Both fond of music and mainly of electro-pop, the band evoluates quickly to a proper style. It stands out analogic textures predominating on really effectives sounds supplemented with air voices full of melancholy.

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GC: Hello, How are the two of you doing?


Creature_XX : We’re fine, and we feel very satisfied of our work. We must admit that it’s very pleasant to see that some people are interested in Foretaste since our first release.

GC: Can you tell us how the idea of Foretaste came about?


Creature_XX : The first idea was to write good songs and to record them. Then we get very good reviews of our first ep, so it gave us the right boost to records a full album.

Creature_XY : The name Foretaste has no a special meaning to us, it’s easy to retain, and it sounds good when you say it, It rolls of the tongue!

There is no hidden message, we're just making electronic and we’re trying to bring emotion to the listener.

Creature_XX : We’re just trying to give an image of a clean and modern electro pop.

GC: How does your music define you as a person?


Creature_XY : Hard question… “Passionate” would be a good definition…

GC: How would you describe your love for Electro-Pop?


Creature_XY : We do love analogue textures and melancholic atmospheres, so we really appreciate when a band mix those 2 elements in their music. To resume, a good definition of Foretaste could be “When Kraftwerk meets Angelo Badalamenti…” ;-)

Creature_XX : Nowadays it's very easy to make electronic music so if you want to make your sound different, you have to try something else and don't forget that you're mother is not a machine.

GC: Back in November, Beautiful Creatures was number 1# on the French Alternative Charts, how has it done other places?


Creature_XY : That’s great for us, it just prove we didn't work for nothing... I'm surprised with the loving feedback we are receiving.

Creature_XX : I really hope that we've made good impression with this first album, there are a lot of electronic bands, but we know there's a place for Foretaste.

GC: since Beautiful Creatures is your debut album, how did you go about writing this CD since first impressions are very important?


Creature_XX : It’s a very strange feeling, we composed and recorded all tracks between September 2003 and September 2005, and we are both fan of this album. I’m very proud of all tracks, and that’s the most important.

Creature_XY : Writing the album was very easy, melodies came naturally, I could not imagine telling to myself “ok..Let’s write a hit!” Creativity is not foreseeable; sometimes it happened in the middle of the night, so I had to run to my computer to record a little melody because I was so scared to forget it like a dream in the morning…

GC: Can you give us some details about the songs from Beautiful Creatures?


Creature_XX : I think our music is a sort of a mixture of life of everyday: sometimes you want to dance; sometimes you want to live on another planet… We take our experience to transform it in sounds and emotions on a record.

Creature_XY : That’s why all tracks are very different; we are normal people with good days and bad days. It sounds very clean and modern, because we took very long time to arrange the album. The melody of each song is optimized to it's best

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GC: What are Beautiful Creatures to do? Is their some deep meaning behind the title?


Creature_XX : We spoke about people who try to sell products by using models, actress... Those beautiful creatures are asking you the same think: "buy me, buy me, buy me..."

Creature_XY : It's a fairly cynical story, but it's easy to be cynical, isn't it?


GC: Now that you are signed to Boredom Product, are you enjoying the benefits of the label?


Creature_XX : Yes it’s a great chance for us to be signed to BOREDOMproduct. They helped us in finding the good sound at the good time, it’s a little label so it’s very easy to speak and to share some ideas.

Creature_XY : While it's true that there are a lot of bands in France, there is no real supportive scene to speak of. BOREDOM team knows this problem, so they try to do with it by making some interesting contacts with the international scene.

GC: How has 80's music shaped who you are today?


Creature_XX : We don't know, we are both children of 80's but we also lovel some actual bands.

Creature_XY : Hopefully we are not living in the past, we're tring to have a modern song with a romantic style. Romatism is still synonym of the 80's music and that's why people must find a similarity with Foretaste

GC: When it is time to write music, what is the mood like?


Creature_XY : Humm it's quite often like that : "Oh my good we’re in late, we must have written a song before the end of the day...." we're always running out of time, and that's maybe the best way to work for us.

Creature_XX : We are not very organized, but that's not a problem for us.

GC: Is it true that the two of you met on the internet? Did you ever think it was possible to music?


Creature_XX : Yes that's true, I don't think this happens everyday, but it worked for us.

Creature_XY : We both met on forum in 2003. I was looking for "a voice" after the first singer of Foretaste had left. XX sent me a demo, and I said ok.... quite simple...

GC: What are your up-coming plans for the next few months?


Creature_XY : We will probably do some gigs across Europe to promote Beautiful Creatures and work for new remixes. We are also working with a French director on a video of Discordance.

GC: Any thing you would like to add to let our readers know about Foretaste?


Beautiful Creatures : Buy me, buy me, buy me...

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