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Interviews Synthpop, New Wave Interview- I, Synthesist


Band: I,Synthesist
Interviewer: Marcos Massarri
Date: 2/01/05

I, Synthesist is the electro music of Chris Ianuzzi. He collaborates with multimedia/video artist Anna Krych as well as various other performers and implementors to create surrealistic, futuristic musical environments that take concerts beyond the average. The concept is to adapt to any type of venue and create the I, Synthesist spin based on the crowd as well as physical design and structure.

The music is predominantly pop songs, however soundscapes, beat and electronic-digital instrumental orchestrations have been created for certain moments. Chris uses old analog synthesizers in conjunction with the most current digital technologies for synthesis and sound manipulation. Chris's musical goal is to create music that combines the elements of all electronic genres present and

Captain,My Captain by I,Synthesist

How are you?

"Im doing very well right now! I just finished a huge scoring job that I enjoyed a lot and it wasn't electro at all. It was more like modern orchestral. I can't tell the details yet but I am proud of it! I will try to post some of the video and audio segments on The I, Synthesist site when I have clearance. I am ready to get back to new material for I, Synthesist too."

How did you hook up with video artist Anna Krych?

"We were working together on a multimedia project and she told me about the work that she was doing with Covenant. She took me to see a Covenant show at Limelight and I saw what was possible at that point and I was ready to get busy on doing something then."

Where did the idea originate to mix visuals with your live music?

"That's something I wanted to do for as far as I can remember. I always think visually when I'm making music, even in an abstract form, doing this has only become very affordable recently."

How does the general crowd react to one of your live shows?

"People dance, some sing and really enjoy it! I think that there are some skeptical people before I get started and then they're usually won over fairly quickly."

Has your new record gotten alot of good response from North America & Europe?

"I am very, very happy with the response. I didn't think that it was possible to generate so much attention around the world with an independent release."

When did you begin your label Satellite Symphonics?

"That was just formed for me to release with. It's not a true label in the traditional sense of the word."

Turn on's, turn off's?

"Well,..... This is that kind of magazine! I really get turned on dressed as a Santa at "Byte" here in Manahttan recently.

I'm not sure that being Santa had that much to do with it.-HOHOHO. Turn offs would be mean people or people with no sense of humor and arrogance can also turn me off. Derivative and "Cookie Cutter Music" also can turn me off."

What other bands have you played live with so far & did you like their music?

"I recently opened for The Cruxshadows in Albany and in Manhattan and yes I like their music. They really put on an awesome show!

I played in Pittsburgh with Agnes Wired for Sound and like their music too. I've also played in New York with the locals, (Brand New Idol, Xero-G, Hallovox, Fulcrum, Eisdrive)-they are all great! We have fun."

Are you a fan of the current electro pop movement & what other types of music do you appreciate?

"Yeah I'm am a fan if it's done in a modern and original way and not derivative. I like everything. I can listen to Orchestral, Country, everything with at true feeling behind it."

What's next for I, Synthesist?

"I am working on new material right now and it is just starting to gel! I am excited and hope to release 2 new songs with remixes of stuff from avalanche this Spring. Then follow up with another album a little later in the year. I am also working on new concepts for the Video with Ania and there is a good chance that I will be adding an Electro Percussion guy for live as well. Maybe even some other surprises."

What are your views on the worlds latest current events? Was Bush a correct choice?

"Well I'm not sure that I have all the words that can describe what I feel to answer that question. I am still shocked. There are a lot of things going on within the U.S. that I don't understand at all. It seems though the whole country is split into 2 very different viewpoints. Let me say this, I am happy that I live in New York. I feel safest here at the moment."

Anything else you'd like to add?

"Thank you for interviewing me and I hope everyone can make a show a little later in the year and that more people will discover this music and enjoy it.

All the best, Chris."


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