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Interviews Noise Interview- Endometrium Cuntplow


Artist: Endometrium Cuntplow
Interviewer: Jay Watson
Date: 2-24-09

Endometrium Cuntplow is one interesting character, he contributes his experimentalism to us in many ways… from circuit bent toys, an album recorded entirely with the sounds from his penis, and strict anti-animal abuse values, you need to get into this.




GC: Give me a detailed description of what your music sounds like, in your opinion:

ExCxPx: Honestly, my music sounds like whatever mood I am in when I make it. I do not limit myself to any specific genre or style,
Although most things I do musically have some element or
influence of noise in there somewhere. More often than not, it sounds cold, dark, or sad.

GC: What inspired you to start making this kind of music?

ExCxPx: I have always dabbled and experimented with noise and lo-fi recording since I was a child and started writing and recording.
I have tried to work experimental sounds, noises, samples
etc. into most bands that I have ever been in.
Sometimes it works better than others.
Basically, as a solo artist, I am free to do anything I want, and I kind of just fell into this over the course of the evolution of my art, and as I'm sure you know by now, noise is very consuming.

GC: What are some of the instruments you use?

ExCxPx: I use a lot of software and a lot of organic instruments as well as electronic instruments. I use my voice a lot, guitars, custom built oscillators, circuit bent toys and things, room ambience, various keyboards and effects pedals, vcrs, contact mics, basically anything I can get my hands on that makes sounds. The list goes on forever.

GC: Who are some of your favorite artists out today?

ExCxPx: Oh god. There are just way too many to name. I like anything real.

GC: What labels have you released material on?

ExCxPx: Too many. Hahaha. I have done about a million net releases on all kinds of amazing net labels. I have done physical releases on Love Torture Records, Placenta Recordings, Smell The Stench,
Violent Noise Atrocities/Dark Winter Moon Recordings, Scotch Tapes/Frequent Sea Records, Noise Park Activities, Nihil Underground, I Blame The Parents Records, I think that's it. I have upcoming physical releases on Wheaton Records and Poorpous.

GC: Where is your favorite venue you have performed at?

ExCxPx: I really enjoy playing at The Scene in Glendale, CA w/ my space rock band, Outer 7th; but as far as Cuntplow shows are concerned, I really like playing at Avant Garden at El Jardin
in Northridge, CA. They have amazing shows every Thursday night, and they have a lot of noise artists out to play, and everyone there is really nice and supportive.

GC: What kinds of things do you do in your spare time?

ExCxPx: Sleep, hang out with my wife, draw, paint, watch movies and tv, listen to music, hang out with friends, hang out with animals, hang out with plants... you know.. normal stuff I guess.

GC: What do you prefer on your pizza?

ExCxPx: Vegan cheese and lots of vegetables.

GC: What is the weirdest thing you have ever sampled?

ExCxPx: In 2007/2008, I made an entire EP called COCKNOISE EP (available for free downlaod). I am the soul  pioneer of the Dickcore Genre. The name says it all. Every single sound you here on that EP
is my penis. Not even joking at all. I smacked a mic repeatedly with my penis, recorded the hits, and manipulated the living shit out of the wav files to make percussion noises, hits, and tones. I then arranged and sequenced them, and the result is an amazing industrial,
rhythmic noise type of EP that I consider to this day to be some of my best work.

GC: Have you ever been kicked out of a venue because of your style of music?

ExCxPx: Haha. Not yet ;) But at my first show at Oleaver's Pub in Omaha Nebraska, (before I moved back out to Los Angeles) I beleive they cut my power like 3 times during my set, and then like maybe
8 minutes into it, the sound guy angrily put a note that said "5 MINUTES" on my table. They were stupid dicks. I drove almost 3 hours to play that show too. On the plus side, they paid me $40
for gas, I got to see el Diablo’s Bloncos play a short set, and then I got to hang out and get faded w/ him and Xenocats. So over all it was an amazing experience.

GC: Do you go to a lot of concerts? How many shows have you seen in the last year?

ExCxPx: I don't really go to that many concerts. Honestly, I am poor and I am really busy, so generally, unless it's a band I really really like or know personally, I don't really go out to much. Although, like I mentioned earlier, El Jardin hosts The Avant Garden every Thursday, and it's $3 to get in, and it's like 15 minutes from my house, so I go there sometimes.

GC: How much time do you spend online in a week?

ExCxPx: Far too much. I have like 10 myspace pages for different musical projects I am involved in. Plus I run a net label called
Love Torture Records.

GC: Do you have any pets?

ExCxPx: Yes. Two beautiful black cats named Kiwi and Mango. They are sisters. They are little shit demons, but I don't know what we'd do without them. Also a couple fish I adopted from my good friend.

GC: What is your view on animal abuse?

ExCxPx: Nothing in this entire world makes me more angry or sad. Don't even get me started or I will go off on a vegetarian hippie rant for the rest of the day. I love animals, and I hate people. People who abuse animals should be stockaded in public, and put through the same abuse that they inflict on animals. The same thing goes for people who don't take proper care of their pets. Fuck you! If you can't handle having a pet, then don't fucking have one.

GC: It has been a pleasure talking with you my friend!

Artist’s Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/endometriumcuntplow


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