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Band: Terrorfakt
Interviewer:Julie Johnson
Date: 7/1/04

New York City's Terrorfakt breaks it down for Grave Concerns E-zine. We are the first zine to interview Terrorfakt for the new album. Terrorfakt's new CD" Cold Steel World" is due out on Metropolis Records this month. Terrorfakt also is heading to Holland this summer and he is very excited! Check out what else he has to say!

Terrorfakt (that's ME mutha fukka!!!!!)

Interview: by Julie Johnson

Grave Concerns E-zine ( www.graveconcernsezine.com)

Hey, how are you doing?

Not too bad,....things have been hectic lately,...Ive been finalizing all the details for the new album, Cold Steel World, finishing up booking the September/October tour, and Ive had like 4 different labels asking me for tracks for upcoming compilations, so Ive just been working my ass off trying to get all that done!

I can see that you been keeping very busy, especially with remixing. One of the favorite remixes is "Valediction" from Libtina. How did you get hooked up with this awesome band from England?

Ah, yes, ....my pal Reza from the Inertia / Cryonica Music hooked that up, I had never even heard of Libitina, so I really didn't know what to expect from their sound. I actually didn't even listen to any of their original music until after I had finished the remix.....the remix is definitely a different take on their sound, which is what I was setting out for.

This new CD "Cold Steel World" seems like it is going to be killer, how are you going to bring this CD to live audiences, as know you play many shows during the year all over?

I’m very excited about this release, this is by far, the best one yet....I have a new stage show, new live line up....but you will have to wait until the September tour to get all the details....it will be MUCh different than the last tour I did with E-Craft in 2003.

How will this CD be different from your debut release "We know Pain"?

Well THIS one will be different in ALOT of ways...but yet also somewhat similar....I don't really consider "We Know Pain" the “official” first release as it was merely a self released CDR, in demo quality....The Deconstruction album on Tinman is the first “real” release, debut if you will, but..."We Know Pain" has alot of drum based harsh minimalism to it....a somewhat techno feel to it...whereas CSW is very drum and rhythm based but yet alot more noisier and dirty sounding. CSW is a step back in someways from Deconstruction....but in other ways its a giant leap forward as far as song structure and production.It’s a very “angry’ album.

"Destruction" was a huge club hit for you. Does "Cold Steel World" havethe ability to have the same effect and be even more memorable on the dancefloor?

"Cold Steel World", in my opinion, is much stronger album....like a freight train full of cinder blocks speeding along at 2,000 miles an hour! Its all pretty much geared for the dancefloor, from the first track to the last....Im really curious as to exactly how the club goers will like this CD....as I said its alot noisier and dirtier than any previous releases, so it might scare some people off the floor. There are some stand out tracks on CSW that I think the DJs will pick as the dancefloor favorites.

Will "Destruction" be re-released on Metropolis Records in the future?

I certainly hope not!!!!

How has NYC club goers embraced your music over the years, and what do you hope for with the new CD "Cold Steel World"?

New York City is my home and my heart, TERRORFAKT has always been greeted with open arms here... great crowd reactions, great dancefloor reactions, awesome shows,...I really can’t ask for a better city to live in.I think the new album will really please alot of the die hard fans here.

Knowing that a new CD is about to be released, are you getting asked for even more remix jobs?

Not really, its been about the same,...I normally do one or two remixes a month...which is enough for me.

How are you gearing up for your European debut at the Summer Darkness Festival in Holland in 2004?

m finally getting a passport!!!!!

What do you hope to gain from this experience at the Summer Darkness Festival in 2004?

Hard to say really, I’ve never been to Europe so Im more or less going with an open mind and no expectations....I HOPE to have a great time,...that’s really about it. Hopefully the crowd will like TERRORFAKT and I can travel to Europe more often!

Are you looking forward to seeing anyone perform at this festival?

Half the bands on the line up Ive never even heard before....but I guess my main interest is seeing and meeting P.A.L, we talk alot thru email but Ive never actually MET the guy, so that will be cool.

You have performed live with many industrial and EBM artists. Do you have a favorite performance that you were really glad you were part of?

Every one of them. Every show Ive ever done, Im so glad I had the opportunity to be a part of it. The mini tour with Funkervogt was awesome, it put us in front of HUGE crowds that normally we would NEVER get....touring the west coast with Male Or Female was simply enlightening....just being in the presence of Daniel B. and Patrick Codenys (of 242) was amazing, getting to travel, talk and play shows with them for two weeks was something I’ll always look back on. But at the same time its always great to tour and play shows with good friends like E-Craft or Manufactura. That’s why Ive done so many tours or shows with them... and is also the reason why Manufactura & Terrorfakt are teaming up together for this September tour,....we click really well together and we are of the same mindset, so it’s relaxed and stress free when we’re on the road! It’s like going on a road trip with a van full of your friends....

Besides music, what is your favorite thing about New York City?

Heh, name it. There’s so much to do here. New York City has the best choices for the best food, entertainment, shopping, nightlife, even something as simple as going to the park and people watching is hours of entertainment. But New York is hardcore,...this is a REAL city that takes no bullshit from anyone. Over the past couple of years New York has gotten the shit end of the stick from 9/11 to the Blackout, but everyone still gets up the next day and does what they need to do to survive. Its that aspect of the culture and that personal drive that influences so much of what I do.

Do you have a favorite club for playing live in?

Several,....Downtime in New York City is one of them, Ive been Djing there on Saturday nights for 11 years so it’s always great to do a “home show”....but as far as touring,..Nation is Washington D.C. is AMAZING...Sonar in Baltimore, DNA Lounge in San Francisco, Foufounes Electriques in Montreal, Fun Haus in Toronto, but you know I just love to play so anyplace that will have TERRORFAKT, and anyplace my fans can go and have a good time and get their aggressions out on the dancefloor is cool with me!

Are there any artists that you have met that you were inspired by, or turned off by?

Oh yeah definitely,...but im not really easy inspired by other artists...my inspiration comes from everyday people, good friends, fans, people I read about in the news,... ive met alot of other artists, and while most of them are really great people, there are a few rockstar egotistical scumbags out there who think that theyre better than everyone else....Im not going to drop names, but I think they know who they are. People like that need to realize they wouldn't be where they are if it wasn't for the fans of the music and the DJs that play their music every night. There’s no room for egos in a scene as small as this...

What do you like to do when your not busy remixing or touring?


No seriously, when Im not doing “something” I like to make sure I have something to do soon, so Im usually working on music, setting up shows, remixes, D Jing, booking tours for other bands, etc. etc.

Would you like to give any shoutouts to anyone in particular?

I’d really like to thank everyone that has in one way or another supported TERRORFAKT, the promoters, the labels, the fans (most of all!!), the numerous artists I’ve been so lucky to tour or play shows with, ...Im still amazed that so many people actually like the project, it’s cool, and its great to have such a positive reaction from so many people.

Do you have any last words for Grave Concern E-zine readers?

SUPPORT YOUR FAVORITE ARTISTS! The music industry (the artists most of all) has taken a big hit lately due to file sharing, so PLEASE if you like an artist BUY their music...so they can have the finances to tour and release more music!

Get out and vote in 2004! Another four years of Bush and we’re screwed!

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