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Interviews Noise Interview- Stromkreis


Band: Stromkreis
Interviewer: Julie Johnson
Date: 8/4/04

Grave Concerns: ( GC ): What is the name of your band and Who are the current members?

Band name is Stromkreis Stromkreis has one member, is Welding Torch. Stromkreis control Welding Torch, Stromkreis will not be controlled.

GC: How did you become connected to make music?

Stromkreis woke up one day, realized was alive. Stromkreis took Welding Torch as channel for Stromkreis. Welding Torch translate Stromkreis impulses to actions that make sound. Stromkreis make sound now.

GC: What are your musical influences?

Bonesaw, circular saw, steampress, diesel engine, vacuumcleaner, electric canopener.We Use drumcomputer for putting sounds in order. Some people say Stromkreis sound like PAL, Stromkreis no like. Stromkreis better than PAL. Stromkreis will prove. Stromkreis IS proof.

GC: What is your live show like?

Stromkreis not play live. Stromkreis exist in cyberspace, will stay there. Is nice for Stromkreis.

GC: Tell us about your own unique style of music?

Stromkreis put sounds in rythmic order, make monotonous tracks for putting people in Stromkreis state of mind.Stromkreis control those people, make more people listen to Stromkreis. When many people listen to Stromkreis, Stromkreis have world domination.

GC: What separates your band from all the other bands out there?

Stromkreis is best. Stromkreis rule world. People don't know yet that Stromkreis is world leader.People will know soon though.

GC: How do you go about writing songs?

Stromkreis do not make songs, Stromkreis make noisies to make people submissive to Stromkreis so Stromkreis achieve goal: world domination. Brainwaves get converted to sounds by Welding Torch. That how Stromkreis works. That how new Stromkreis muzzik arises.

GC: Pick one of your latest song and talk about everything from writing it, meanings, the challenges of recording it?

Stromkreis latest track called "Your Best Shot Is not Good Enough", name says all. Never try alone, let Stromkreis do it. Stromkreis can do all. Stromkreis rule world, Stromkreis know best.

GC: What is your latest news with the band?

Stromkreis sent more brainwave to Welding Torch. Makes Welding Torch work on new track. Is different. Makes people confused. Confusion is good. Confusion makes chaos. Chaos is order to Stromkreis. Need order in world.

GC: Where do you hope to be in 5 year with your band?

Stromkreis will be only band in world. Rule it too. Stromkreis will no longer need Welding Torch, can make stuff all alone in 5 years.Stromkreis have Welding Torch work on technique to make Welding Torch obsolete. When Welding Torch obsolete, all people obsolete. People will know, will give up to Stromkreis.

GC: How are people currently reacting to your music?

People show submission to Stromkreis. Even people who think they like other noisies better. They like Stromkreis best. Always.

GC: What would be the top 3 reasons for listening to you music?

1- Stromkreis good

2- Stromkreis best

3- Stromkreis rule world

GC: What is your best experience as a band?

Finding Welding Torch for channel of Stromkreis ideology.

GC: What is your worst experience as a band? p> Have people say Stromkreis sound like PAL

GC: What is most important to you in your band?

Originality. Monotony. Beats. Effects. Need all to have people submit to Stromkreis.

GC: Do you have a personal favorite song?

Alternating, Corroding, Expanding. Was first that was channeled through Welding Torch. Welding Torch tried to ficht, but lost, was first proof of power of Stromkreis.

GC: What was the hardest song to write and why?

All songs come naturally. Is Stromkreis thoughts that Welding Torch translates to muzzik.

GC: What do you think of the current gothic/ EBM/ Industrial/ noise/synthpop etc scene today?

They all need more Stromkreis.

GC: What music do you current listen to?

Never listen to music, always anti-music and sounds of powertools. Remind Stromkreis of parents.

GC: How do you keep change your music from album to album or plan to change it?

Natural Selection. Kill weakest muzzik and keep strongest. Cross-breed strongest muzziks to make even stronger and more aggressive muzziks to overthrow other muzzik.

What kind of recording environment do you have?

Stromkreis records on PC of Welding Torch. Has cool stuff. Stromkreis make good use of that.

How long did you spend on your latest effort?

Stromkreis do not keep track of how long it takes, just makes noisies.

GC: What is the hardest thing about being in a band for this genre?

Too much other bands that want to take Stromkreis' place in world conquest.

GC: Feel free to do any shameless self promotion here of you band, now is your turn to talk about anything you want about your band, ideas, or life in the band.

Stromkreis have two houses in Cyberspace.



Stromkreis tried other houses too, but did not like.

Stromkreis maybe build own house one day.

Stromkreis have favorite website at http://balaamsmiracle.cjb.net/.

Stromkreis come often there. Balaam's Miracle is friend, was first to link to Stromkreis.

Stromkreis have no pictures. May need to have Welding Torch pose one day. But nobody can take picture of Stromkreis. Stromkreis is shapeless, nameless and faceless. Will stay so.


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