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Interviews Industrial Interview-Kristof Bathory (Time to Put Things to Rest)


An interview with Kristof Bathory 

It was recently announced that the band Dawn of Ashes were to split, a decision which came as a shock to us all. Dawn of Ashes has a rich musical history and has been at the forefront creating music on the alternative scene. Grave Concerns Ezine got to talk to the driving force behind Dawn of Ashes Kristof Bathory about why it’s time to lay Dawn of Ashes to rest.

Phill - What was the main reason that you decided to retire Dawn of Ashes?

Kristof Bathory - This was a very hard decision for me to make and I had thoughts about this very decision months prior to the announcement. I was very excited to release a new album but came to terms that there are very valid reasons to put DOA at rest. Dawn of Ashes has been around for a long time and the problem is that a mass amount of fans still want Dawn of Ashes to be a pure Industrial act or what they consider “Aggrotech”. Unfortunately since I made so many decisions to change the group’s sound, we were not being taken seriously by major record labels. That is only one reason why I made this decision. We also have had issues with past band members threatening us with legal actions towards the name which was not rightfully theirs. The real issue with the name Dawn of Ashes is that since there is a long history there is also a long history of problems that is merely impossible to overcome. It’s been a long hard but amazing time with this band but it’s time to put my baby to sleep and move on. I truly thank every single DOA fan that has been with us since the beginning and has supported every decision that we have ever made. It’s really heartbreaking to see read every message or comment about this and to all the fans that have got the symbol tattooed on them, I hope that they keep that tattoo to remember us by.

Phill - Why end in 2014, why not before or after why 2014?

Kristof Bathory - Again, it took a lot of thinking to make this decision. 2014 was a wall that we could not break through and so the decision was made. How I look at it now is that we are doing our final tour in May and fans will get the final opportunity to see the band live and the music will live on. We have had some amazing opportunities that I am truly grateful for. Working with so many artists and amazing people in the music industry has been such a dream come true and that will live on in all of our hearts. I cannot speak for everyone but I can easily say that the band I created 12 years ago is now a legend in the underground music scene.

Phill - How hard was it for you to come to that decision of retiring Dawn of Ashes?

Kristof Bathory - This was an extremely hard decision to make. The final day when I made up my mind was a very emotional and rough day for me and everyone that has been currently involved with the band. I have now realized that this is not an end but an open door for new things to come.

Phill - What do you feel the Dawn of Ashes name has come to mean?


Kristof Bathory - Dawn of Ashes started out a band that represented the end of all in an apocalyptic way but throughout the years it started forming to a meaning that could relate to the fans on a personal level such as an end to emotional destruction or an end to weakness or pain. The band evolved and so did the name.

Phill - Dawn Of Ashes has a huge fan base and is extremely well respected as a band, what’s the one thing that you would like to say to all the Dawn of Ashes fans?

Kristof Bathory - After reading messages and posts I realized that Dawn of Ashes and I have an immense amount of followers that look up to us. I feel that they should let the name live on and follow whatever we do in the future. I made a statement that said, just because DOA is going to be no more, doesn’t mean that we will not be involved in any future artistic endeavours. Dawn of Ashes is now a movement and has changed the way fans think and I feel that they should still carry that movement as an honour towards what we built throughout the years.

Phill - Kristof you have come under a lot of fire for your decision to end Dawn of Ashes from fans, what would you like to say to those fans who have given you grief regarding your decision?

Kristof Bathory – Personally, if they are going to show any sort of disrespect for my decision, then they really aren’t a dedicated fan. Real fans will always support any decision that a band decides to make or at least at a reasonable level. I do not tolerate any disrespect and if they are going to walk away from this, then all I can say is farewell to them.

Phill - What have been the high and low points of being in Dawn of Ashes?

Kristof Bathory - I think there is an equal amount between the high and low points of our career. I mean getting to tour with Dimmu Borgir, working with Robert Kurtzman, having Chris Vrenna, mix and help produce an album, working with amazing artists like Paul Allender from Cradle of Filth, Machin-Room who did a lot of My Dying Bride, Eclipse Media and just all of the chaotic abuse from touring has always been some amazing memories but like I said there is a lot of history of bad memories that tie in with the name which I do not need to get into detail about.

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Phill - What one thing do you hope Dawn of Ashes is remembered for?

Kristof Bathory - I think we created a large movement of fans that are completely dedicated and loyal to the name and the symbol that we represent so I think everything that we have every done and the honour of our fan base. Let’s put Dawn of Ashes in a proper burial and remember the history of where we started from to now.

Phill - What were the indicators that made you think that Dawn of Ashes was coming to an end?

Kristof Bathory - Like I stated in the first questions, there are too many issues that tie in with the name Dawn of Ashes that are very hard to overcome.

Phill - Kristof, you and Vanna recently got engaged. What is it about Vanna that makes her the perfect lady for you?

Kristof Bathory - I think what connects the both of us is similarities in our personalities and sharing almost all common interests. I won’t lie but what made me first want to confront her is that she is extremely beautiful, has an amazing image and listens to amazing music. When we first got together I was an emotional wreck and out of mind (which is nothing new) but I was not mentally stable and at a very dangerous state of mind. She accepted all of my flaws and helped me to find some sort of mental stability and solitude. Vanna is extremely intelligent, talented, and beautiful and has been nothing but amazing to me.

Phill - Tell us about the first time you met Vanna, how did she make you feel?

Kristof Bathory - I felt that it’s nice to be with someone who isn’t a fake liar who is out to fuck you over or try to gain something out of you. She is very supportive of my musical career and who I truly am. She is my solitude away from my chaotic self.

Phill - As an artist what do you feel is your next stage of evolution musically?

Kristof Bathory - Like I said, I can’t say much at this point I suggest to all of my follows to keep following my updates.

Phill - Kristof ,you are indeed a great talent with music, not only creating but also in producing and things. Will you continue to be in the forefront creating music or do you feel you may take a back seat?

Kristof Bathory - I will always be one of the driving forces with whatever I do in the future but for now let’s just wait and see what ahead for me in the future.

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Phill - You want to create something unique, what do you feel that you can create that is completely unique and not like anything else out there?

Kristof Bathory - Something that will segregate me from all of recyclable trends that has made myself less unique from the mass amount of music acts that are doing the same things as every other band has been doing in music industry. I need to be a part of something that will be absolutely fresh and new to create that sort of revolution.

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