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Interviews Industrial Interview -Tapewyrm (Kicking and Screaming into Todays World)

 Interview: Tapewyrm

 Label: Juggernaut Music Servives

 Genre: Industrial, Noize


Tapewyrm are true industrial, they have a lovely early industrial feel but yet have brought the sound kicking and screaming into todays world. I relative new comer to the industrial scene they are gaining a lot of respect and popularity. Grave Concerns Ezine got chance to catch up with Tapewyrm and here is how it went.

Phill - Thank you so much for giving Grave Concerns Ezine this interview, can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

Tapewyrm - Thank you for giving me the opportunity. Tapewyrm has been kicking around since the tail end of 2010. It started out as a hobby a way for me to vent my feelings into the ether. I spent much of 2011 experimenting with sounds & generally dicking about until I had the bones of what would become Misanthropic Noize. Come the end of 2011, I decided it was time to put everything on the line & actively pursue my musical ambitions. The rest as they say is history.

Phill - You are a relative new comer to the industrial music scene, where does your musical past lie?

Tapewyrm - I started out playing guitar when I was about 14 & spent the next decade boldly going nowhere in “bands.” I stepped away from music for a few years, to concentrate on getting things together, both personally & professionally, until I had to return to it for my own sanity.

Phill - To me your music is true industrial industrial in the way that your sound is very full but yet not over populated. How do you manage to strike that perfect balance?

Tapewyrm – In all honesty, I'm not sure I have yet. Most of the tracks I write, start out with a lot more in them, I then strip elements out until it just feels right.

Phill - You have just released House Of Cards which is amazing to say the least, what is the meaning behind my favourite track careless?

Tapewyrm – It's a homage really, it started out as the result of a half remembered conversation at Resistanz & just developed from there.

Phill - Which comes first with you the music or the lyrics?

Tapewyrm - It really depends on the track, some grow from a rhythmic idea others develop around a vocal sample. It all rides on what's going through my mind at the time.

Phill - The artwork for House Of Cards is quite cool, who did it and why did you choose them?

Tapewyrm - My long time friend Fish handled the artwork for House, she and I been friends for years so when it came to having someone visualise the tracks underlying concept. There wasn't really any other choice. You can check out some of her other work here: http://fshi.deviantart.com/

Phill - A few people contributed to House Of Cards, for those who don’t know who contributed and what did they do?

Tapewyrm – I've been lucky enough to make some great friends in the industrial scene, amongst those, Tiff from Beinaheleidenschaftsgegenstand who contributed the vocal sample. Dirty K who tore up & spat out a fantastic remix of Rebirth, as well as Ryan handling mastering duties on the title track. And Jay from Ruinizer who turned Save Yourself inside out & gave me what may be my most club friendly track yet.

Phill - At last the festivities are over, so what did you do for Christmas and New Year?

Tapewyrm – I spent much of it working the day job & reworking the studio in preparation for the next release.

Phill - So to you what came first the chicken or the egg?

Tapewyrm – There have always been eggs, chickens take time to develop.


Phill - You are signed to Juggernaut Music Services who are a young record label, why did you choose Juggernaut to release House Of Cards?

Tapewyrm – Well, I've been working with Nick since the formation of Juggernaut services & we have a great relationship. He's shown a lot of faith in Tapewyrm & above all I trust him.

Phill - So May this year see’s you playing your first live gig, what are you looking forward to about playing live and what are you worried about if anything?

Tapewyrm - This'll be my first solo show, so I'm just looking forward to stepping onto that stage & giving it everything I've got. Given the wealth of talent on that bill, I'll be bringing my A-game, weather or not that'll be enough to hold my own, remains to be seen.

Phill - There has been a lot going on in 2013, but was the weirdest of 2013 that you can remember?

Tapewyrm – Sunday at Resistanz this year, blasting the likes of Rick Astley & Meatloaf at those foolish enough to enter the merch area that early in the day.

Phill - What was your best musical memory of 2013 be it your own achievement or something you heard or saw?

Tapewyrm – For myself, it would definitely be the sale of my 1st CD at Resistanz, having a complete stranger actually want something that I created was an amazing feeling for me.

I caught a few shows in 2013 but one of the best was American Head Charge in one of the pubs in Oxford, it was a fantastic intimate show on the last day of the tour.

Phill - What was it about industrial that made you want to make industrial music?

Tapewyrm – I can't honestly say it was ever my intention to make industrial, it wasn't that kind of decision. I've been inspired by a lot of industrial artists, NIN, Ministry, ATR, TG, to name a few, just as much as I've been inspired by artists from other genres. Industrial is such a diverse melting pot these days, it can encompass almost anything.

Phill - What’s the most embarrassing think you have ever done?

Tapewyrm – That's a long list.............

Phill - What is your earliest and fondest memory?

Tapewyrm – Watching my Grandfather build me a rocking horse.

Phill - If you had the power to go back in time and change one thing in your life would you, what would you change and what implications would it have on your life today?

Tapewyrm – I've had my fare share of triumphs & tragedies, there are moments in life I regret, poor decisions I've made but each of those have led me to this point & I wouldn't change that for the world.

Phill - Thank you so much for giving Grave Concerns Ezine this interview, is there anything you would like to add?

Tapewyrm – I'm currently working on the follow up to Misanthropic Noize, which should hit in time for the iVardensphere show, expect things to get harder, louder, faster, noisier & dare I say it filthier this time out ;)

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