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Interviews Industrial Interview- Ludovico Technique (We Came To Wreck Everything)




Harsh industrial music highlighting the dark aspects of the human experience as well as the depths to which mans mind can deteriorate. The name stems from the drug-assisted aversion therapy found in the novel and film "A Clockwork Orange", in which the patient is forced to view violent imagery while injected with experimental medication in an attempt to condition the subjects behavior. Ludovico Technique's Principle Songwriter is Ben V- who's musical Influences range from early Industrial music to Classical music and everything in between. We recently caught up with the band here on Grave Concerns E-zine. Check it out!



Phill – Thank you very much for giving Grave Concerns Ezine this interview, can you tell our readers a little bit about yourselves?


Ludovico Technique – Thank you for having us, we are Ludovico Technique. Ben V- is the singer and songwriter, Evan B. is the keyboard player, and Alex A. is the drummer.


Phill – You are quite active on Facebook through your band page, what is your best and worst experience of Facebook?


Ludovico Technique – The best experience is being able to interact with the fans directly and hear about what the art means to them. The worst has been witnessing the way people can be so unproductive on facebook, focusing on negativity instead of using their energy to focus on their own goals.


Phill – You are a relatively young band, what has been the biggest thing you have had to overcome as a band so far?


Ludovico Technique – The industrial scene can be set in its ways sometimes. This can be a hurdle. However, by those who have not become 100% cynical and are open to new things and new sounds, we’ve been welcomed with open arms.




Phill – What are your influences musically but also visually as your style is quite unique and dark?


Ludovico Technique – Visually: Japanese Butoh dancing, black and white horror films, early industrial. Musically: classical, early industrial.


Phill – Your name derives from the aversion therapy from A Clockwork Orange, are there any other films that have inspired you and if so how have they inspired you?


Ludovico Technique – We really enjoy the works of David Lynch, Darren Aronofsky, early Christopher Nolan, David Fincher, and Terry Gilliam. The concepts put forth in their films often reflect the dark side of man’s sociology, which is of great interest to us.


Phill – What do you feel is the importance of connecting with your fans not only musically but also on a personal level too?


Ludovico Technique – We all are outcasts in some way. Everyone, in every walk of life, has parts of themselves that may seem strange compared to what they are possibly expected to be. Being able to connect with the fans and share in these universal ideas and feelings allows us to know none of us are alone on this journey through the world.


Phill – How do you choose the samples that appear within your music?


Ludovico Technique – Samples are chosen based on emotional responses to particular sounds that help further the artistic expression.


Phill – Apart from music do you express yourself in any other ways and what is it about music that allows you to express yourself in the way that you do?


Ludovico Technique – We pour everything we do into music, whether it be the music itself, the aesthetic of the band, or the stage show; It Is all encompassing in regards to the music. Emotions can carry on words sung, sounds heard and made, and rhythms expressed. Music is a very complex form of expression that carries us to many different places.




Phill – What has been the highlight of your musical career so far?


Ludovico Technique – Being able to express the music we want to, the way we want to, and having people that believe in us enough to allow us to do what we do unabridged and uncompromised.


Phill – Are there any bands on the music scene at the moment that really have grabbed your attention?


Ludovico Technique – In the industrial scene, we really like shivR and Dym, as well as countless other bands that are hard working and very inspirational with their integrity.


Phill – What would you consider to be your darkest quality as a person?


Ludovico Technique – I’ll let the music itself be the answer to this question. Maybe it’s something you could let me know.


Phill – Describe your music in 3 words?


Ludovico Technique – Open. Honest. Uncompromising.




Phill – What is the biggest thing you despise in life or in the world in general?


Ludovico Technique – Apathy.


Phill – Thank you so much for giving Grave Concerns Ezine this interview, is there anything you would like to add?


Ludovico Technique – For any aspiring artists out there, continue doing what you are doing. You are the future of our scene and our culture, and regardless of any hardships you face, its important to remember you are already a success because you have expressed yourself artistically.


Check out the band: http://www.ludotechnique.com



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