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Interviews Industrial Interview - Angelspit - In The Midst Of A Riot

Angelspit Interview

Interviewer – Emma Wilson

Co Interviewer – Phill Bruce

Interview Date – 8-9-11



Angelspit co-founder Zoog Von Rock has great enthusiasm and expectations regarding the new Angelspit line-up’s upcoming tour.  He quotes "The reaction to Angelspit with a band has been phenomenal. We are hyped to brutalise the UK and Europe with our new brand of sonic mayhem!"

The Angelspit line-up consists of Zoog and DestroyX, Valerie Gentile on guitar, Matt James on drums and The Liar on videography. Drummer Matt James will substitute for regular drummer Chris Kling on this tour, while The Liar will upload concerts from New York.

First of all I would like to say thank you so much for taking time out from your busy schedule and allowing us at Grave Concerns to meet you and have a nice chat for our followers and members  and allowing us to have this privilege of the interview.

We are an all American based e-zine, living and breathing everything that oozes the darkness to everything alternative.

So without a further do - let’s get started.

Emma - What inspired you to create the band we all know and love that is ANGELSPIT?

Angelspit – Myself and Amelia started it out of the mutual love of E-zines really and what happened was we were both into punk and industrial punk.  The E-zines where our way kind of creating crazy crazy poetry and because I was making music way before I met Amelia.  We started to use the lyrics on the E-zine in the songs and that’s what become Angelspit.

Emma - How did you and the other band members meet?

Angelspit – Well with Amelia and me she actually had a E-zine industry and I helped her start run that one and helped her run the Ezine industry.  I meet Valerie through a gig in New York City called the Trident Perpetual Festival.  It’s a crazy crazy festival organised by, you must support those guys there awesome. And Valerie is an ex cruise shadow  and we had like a 3 minute conversation and I just asked her, would you like to join Angelspit. She replied with “yeah go on then “.  And then at this stage I meet Chris Kling who plays drums for Hanzel und Gretyl we had a really good contact I think me and Chris got along  because I manly help drummers with moving there kit and not many vocalist do that. Most people don’t help drummers move their gear (laughs with a little giggle).  Every one helps everyone in the band that’s how it works, I’m like a little roady. Everyone in the band helps each other out, that’s how we work and that’s awesome. Chris has also played drums on our CARBON BEAUTY album and our new album titled ‘HELLO MY Name IS’ which is available to purchase from October 2011.  But he couldn’t tour with us due to other work commitments.  We don’t know how much more touring he can do, so Matt came on board and stepped in as our replacement drummer.  He plays heaps of seasons when in N.Y and New Jersey, he is a demon and we are getting on famously.  Matt’s got a really heavy funky feel   

(Since this interview went live the album titled Hello my name is. Has now realised and available to purchase at


  (Angelspit Live)

Emma – Have you come across any obstacles with the creation of Angel spit and how did you overcome them?

Angelspit –We have had heaps of obstacles and being from Australia is one, plus it helped with sheer will of craziness. The common factor with Angelspit is we have found out that people either love us or hate us. It’s an apart of the Australian culture is to cut down anything or anyone that rises above. It’s what we call tall poppy syndrome. Some of the comments made about me and Amelia where pretty horrible, we just had to keep going. We found out that as soon as we played out of Sydney, the response was a lot better.  Then when we went back to Australia people where warming to us more.

Emma - Do you think the prejudice you and Amelia have received from your home country, was because you are of an alternative life style with your music is different from what they are used too?

Angelspit – Yeah I would, I would class it as tall poppy syndrome that everyone wants to cut you down before you have bloomed.  It’s just an Australian thing really, no matter what you do Australian’s always put you down but everything is fine now.  We had a lot of comments from the side line forums, as an a example going out of their way to tell us how much we sucked and telling us all we are is an image band and s**t like that.  Which them type of people have a habit of doing as there all dogmatic and so negative and most of them are crap DJ’S too. Only pressing play on a cd player does not make you a DJ.  That is killing our scene is DJ’S that are non-inventive.  Basically we just went pit-bull and fought our way out of it, that’s what you have to do and having thick skin really helps to combat the negative comments that are made. The good thing about it is it made me realise my negativity and tall poppy syndrome towards OTHER PEOPLE. I am guilty of dumbing them down with their success in the past.  But I have changed and grown up, in the big bad world. It is easier to there are a lot of positive people such as your friends that encourage you to continue and not let it bother you about the critics.


   (Our own Emma with Zoog)

Emma – Many artists have stage names in the music industry aka Brian Warner (Marilyn Manson) what is the reason and meaning and the history of your alternative names?

Angelspit – Well my real name is Karl and I used to write music for a computer company’s like Microsoft and E.A Sports.  My company was called ZOOG Music. I took the OOG from the word moog, which is the name of a beautiful synthesiser and the Z from at that point from cutting edge technology a company call Z – plane morphing. And it’s what most synthesiser engines are based on now that are on your computer.  So that’s where my name derived from. My nick name whilst working in Microsoft was ZOOG so it’s always been with me.

Amelia’s came from an idea of basically destroy whatever and derives from whole bunch of songs around at that time.

Emma – Would you class it as a tag, alternative name or nickname?

Angelspit – For me it’s a nickname, I had ZOOG before I got into the Goth and alternative music scene.  My advice to everyone is to choose your tag VERY carefully.  As they will still be calling you when you’re 35.

Emma – Do people call you by your tag or your real name?

Angelspit – People always recognise me from my stage name, but if I sign something I either sign it Karl or Zoog.

Emma – You have travelled all over the world touring, playing and promoting. Can you describe to us the difference between the cyber scenes in the different countries you have played?

Angelspit -  Wow, well the best cyber place I’ve ever played is Sydney Australia. It started in 2002 we were making hair falls and we were making goggles. People from Sydney wear their craziest hair and outfits.They were building their own clothes and their own armour and it’s the f&*^$ing maddest place ever.  And there massive on steam-punk, it’s really taken over hugely in the Goth genre.  The second craziest place we have been is Holland, they are pretty dam flamboyant in Holland.  The third would be Ireland, everyone is insane.  The Irish go really extreme and they get really dressed up and part hard. England are a very close next, no-one parties hard like Londoners.  I do find all English crazy, Americans are amazing and all these places are crazy places to play. One off the most conservative places I have been is Germany but there a small per cent that are full go and absolutely crazy and give it everything.  They are very specific in their tastes and they know what they like and are not afraid to tell you.  I love it with passion.  I think our problem is we do not fall in to any specific genre for the German alternative market but you can’t beat the crazy Germans. They love there EBM, they go mad for it. Berlin is one of my favourite cities and some of my long time personal friends and best fans are from there.  They are one of my favourites as they are so extreme.


   (The gorgeous Destroyx)

Emma - You seem to have received a lot of negativity in the past in regards to your music and image from certain areas of the media and music fans!  What sort of impact does this have on Angel spit or does drive you to continue with more passion and stick up the middle finger to the haters and sinners.


Angelspit – Option B – Stick up the middle finger to the sinners, optimality the objective is to perform the best and stay away from the normal.  And these people are conforming to saying either I love it or hate it. And I hope we are inspiring other people to not conform to the normal society.  It’s not a case of saying f**k you, this how I think the world is going in my opinion.  And the 4000 rioters and looters that are destroying the city right now, it feels like we are stuck in a bunker right now.(To keep the readers up to date on the situation, the club was on lock down, no one could get in or out due to the seriousness extreme violence and rioting in the streets above)


This the whole thing about consumerism, I am really worried that there’s over 150 fans in here at the venue that have braved the riots to come and see us.  I am concerned about their safety.


We as an alternative genre is built on us being alienated, made to stand out, even though it’s our own personal choice to dress and look the way we do. We have a fundamental right to be who we are so leave us the f**k alone. It’s always the small minority that spoil it for the rest of humanity, but here is something in the human development that makes us want to kill or destroy what is different a survival technique.


Emma - Out of all the songs you have produced and have released, what song holds the most passion or personal meaning for you from your discography?


Angelspit – Ohh!!  Maybe Jugular the song is about fighting for the closed mindedness people on the scene, well maybe actually grind!  As it’s about the corporate slavery.  Possible one of the new tracks of the new album ‘Hello My Name Is‘ the single is called Catatonic.  It’s about being exhausted and empathetic, and giving up on life, and losing yourself through everyday life. All of Anglespit’s music is about that, trying to wake you up from the lack of motivation. God dam I just don’t know. It’s a hard question to answer.


Emma – I have to ask about you striking and memorising and unforgettable image and clothing style and stage image and presence that you are famous for! How would you describe you look? As you mix a lot of different elements from fetish, Goth cyber punk, latex and medical?  And do you self-promote your own clothing range A is for arsenic?


Angelspit – Well yeah we use a lot of our own clothing range from  We are really into our badges and stencils at the moment.  We think it’s an important way to express yourself through your clothing and individual style so we are trying to get people or fans and the alternative culture to get back into that. The jacket I have on now is handmade by myself and its covered in bits of old denim and stencils.  Its good fun to create and customise your own clothes, it brings an individual and unique edge to every one’s personal image. We try and push the concept of high couture fashion to everyone.


Emma – Do you wear your stage clothing every day, or do you have days where you are casual and just throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt?


Angelspit – Every day I walk around in a crap pair of jeans and a t-shirt.  But my jeans are full off stencils from our range, so there’s always that rocky edge to my wardrobe. When we are working we are constantly covered in glue, paint and materials from creating our ideas. Half the times we are sooooo sleep deprived and do not look glamorous at all.  I am an extremely hard worker and I pride myself on that. I am often unshaven getting dressed up is a lot of fun, we all enjoy it.  But when I’m just popping out to the shops to get milk it’s not very practical to get all dressed up, but when I’m working that’s a different matter.


Emma – Where do you see the band and your self are in 5 years’ time?


Angelspit – Hopefully still touring and rocking out, inspiring people and our fans to do new stuff in the world. SO KEEP ROCKING AND ROLLING 


  (Zoog with Grave Concerns very own Phill)

Emma – How would you describe your fans that listen to your music?


Angelspit – THERE AWESOME! THERE REALLY AWESOME.  I have found that Angelspit fans are free thinkers, creative and inspiring people and this is why I really love hanging out with my fans.  I love talking to them as there such cool people, as we have so much in common .


Emma – Is there anything you would like to add, feel free to plug your new album and any other information you would like you fans and the world to know.

Angelspit – If you would like to purchase our merchandise that would be epic yes, please feel free to visit More importantly we have created a whole heap of stencils on our website, so get yourself a t-shirt, download the stencil for FREE and create your own shirt, get creative as I believe that what keeps us sane in this world today.  Make your music, make your art, make your life, whatever it is be creative.  It frees your mind, helps you to come up with creative solution’s, it helps your relationship flourish.  Music helps you solve a lot of problems. Our new album titled ‘HELLO MY NAME IS‘ and is ready to purchase from October the 10th 2011 from   

“Hands down it is the best thing we have ever done we would like to personally thank Alan Labiner.  He is f***ing amazing, he co-produced and does to Electro Punk AND to Gothic electrical music what Dr. Dre did to hip-hop, make it AMAZING" says Zoog. He shook it, made it, and created funk. He is a great guy to work with. It has been really nice letting go off the creative rains and letting someone else input their talents.  We have done 3 extremely successful albums that has defined the ANGELSPIT sound and legacy AND HENCE IS OUR BEST CREATION.

On a personal note from myself and Phil.

We would like say a huge thank you, hell that does not cover the gratitude from everyone involved of being allowed to not only meet but interview one of my all-time favourite bands, can someone please pinch me I think I may be dreaming.

Karl and Amelia you are superstars in your own right not only due to the amazing music you produce and entertain us perfectly on stage.  But the warmth and compassion you show your fans and the media, well the ones you like any way ;) .

The interaction you have with your fans has to be the most friendliest I have ever seen from any artist, not only to you sign autographs, have photographs taken, normal stuff that artist do for their fans, but what sets you apart is that you will happily talk and interact with us.  Treat us like human beings and welcome everyone into the Angelspit family. The warmth you show us fans is amazing.

Also I would like to personally thank the venue Alter Ego-Manchester.

A special thank you to the bar staff, management and bouncers working that night at the venue.

At Alter Ego - For holding such a memorable evening and keeping us all safe, during the horrific

The Manchester police for making sure everyone in Manchester was safe at the time of the riots in our beautiful city.

All our friends and family – who were there to help us, keeping us informed and protecting us whilst in the city center with the disturbances going on during the day.


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