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Interviews Industrial Interview: Omega Lithium- A great Croatian export

Interview: Omega Lithium
Label: Drakkar / Sony Music
Interview Date: 8th August 2011
Interviewer: Phill Bruce

Omega Lithium 1
Omega Lithium (left to right): Torsten Nihill, Mya Mortensen, Malice Rime and Zoltan Harpax.

Whilst on my travels around the music world I came across the very good Croatian band, Omega Lithium. They are a mix of hard metal rifts with accompanying angelic vocals of Mya. So when the band gave Grave Concerns Ezine a chance for an interview with them, I jumped on it, and this is how it went...

Phill – Thank you very much for agreeing to this interview with Grave Concerns Ezine. Can you tell us a little bit of a background about yourself and where in this beautiful world you are from?

OL – We are 3 guys and 1 girl from Croatia/Europe. A country on the Mediterranean Sea. We come from a touristic and fisher town of only 10.000 people, so you can get the idea on how it is to live here. But we don’t miss anything, the Adriatic Sea, wine, and girls are a cure for body and soul.

Phill – Here in the UK we don’t hear of many bands from Croatia. Have you come across any problems trying to get your music to the masses?

OL – It is hard due to the language barrier and also due to such a big distance. You know? To be there you really must live there and be part of the scene!

Phill – What methods have you used to get your music out on the scene?

OL – We just played music and that is it. The best promotional tool hehe.

Phill – Wine and girls, do you need a flat mate? Tee hee. So how does life differ in Croatia than in other European countries?

OL – It is funny. Croatia is really relaxed, no such percentage of criminal and stuff, so it is really easy. But it has its flaws, like possibilities, the scene, and other stuff that aren’t as great as in EU for example. I am living somewhere in between Croatia and EU and I feel good about it.

Phill – At what point in your life did you decide to form your band and why?

OL – We always had bands. Then at one point as mistake or a result of boredom we decided to make a different band. Here we are now with Omega Lithium after circa 3 years of its existence!

Phill – So what was the inspiration behind your name Omega Lithium?

OL – It was a bizarre coffee event and we joked about some names and decided to have this funny name that eventually become something different and bigger.

Phill – So how has your music evolved over the three years of your existence?

OL – We surely understood that we need to place some mics in the room to get a good sounding drum, we bought some better computers and we got some shirts from some bands or festivals.

Phill – So were any of you in any notable bands before Omega Lithium?

OL – No. OL is our first adventure

Phill – Who besides yourself is in the band and what background are they from?

OL – We all come from pretty similar background. It is funny cause we never played music with some big names in the scene cause here there is not a scene in general and thing like that some the only thing in common we could have is that we all played and loved music in several different projects and now we are here.

Phill – So there’s not much of an alternative scene in Croatia, so what do people usually listen to?

OL – There are but it is not mainstream yet

Phill – So are there any good venues in Croatia where you have played?

OL – Yes there are but a small number and then you have to repeat it and then you start to hate it and people starts to hate you and etc…

Phill – What are your musical influences?

OL – From electronics to metal. From dance to art, from pop to underground. We are versatile and you can hear it on our new album for sure!

Phill – So what is new in Kinetik, what sets it apart from other Omega Lithium albums?

OL – It is a different approach, more musical and we were like “who cares let’s do it this way and we don’t give a f**k”. The way rock should be

Phill – How would you describe the music you play?

OL – Like something in between industrial/electronic music and metal/rock

Phill – Where do you see your band in five years and what are your hopes for the future?

OL – All the best but fans will decide it by buying albums and coming to our shows. They will decide our faith ;)

Phill – So where in this world is your biggest fan base?

OL – Probably South America

Phill – So what did it feel like when Dance with Me achieved number 1 in the MTV Adria Chart?

OL – We didn’t get rich hehe it was a pleasure and a successful mission!

Omega Lithium 2

The lovely Mya Mortensen

Phill – So what was it like to work with Zare Pak for Kinetik, what element did he help you add or maintain?

OL – Yes, he opened surely new boundaries and ways of looking to music and song writing. He is the real artist, the 5th member

Phill – Is there any place or venue you would like to play at and why?

OL – We would for sure love to try to play a stadium gig (opener or whatever) but to feel the real rock n roll vibe ;)

Phill – Is there any festival you would like to play?

OL – There are a million ;)

Phill – You are mainly playing in mainland Europe at the moment, do you have any plans to go further afield like here in the UK or to the US?

OL – Hopefully soon enough. UK and USA are still not touched by our feet

Phill – Without giving too much away is there any instrument or program you wouldn’t be without and why?

OL – Regular bass and guitars, nothing out of the usual. Cubase, ProTools are essential, as Native Instruments, and various free and small VST instruments! ;)

Phill – So essentially the music is raw, not many effect just purely you guys?

OL – Basically yes. We even didn’t resampled the drums so much. We used our samples to get the snare and kick so all was recorded live in the room. As you can notice even the vocals are really raw for being a female singer. It is all about the mixing what you will get

Phill – So who’s your favourite comedian at the moment?

OL – Monthy Python forever

Phill – Wine, red or white and what is your favourite wine?

OL – Wine, depends. With fish white wine with water (bevanda) and with hard food red. We like the local Istrian and Dalmatian wine best

Phill – What genre of film is your favourite?

OL – Horror and a good trash

Phill – Is there was any part of Croatian culture that you would recommend to people?

OL – Just drive by car from the north to south coast and you will enjoy it and have a lot of stories to tell

Phill – What’s a usual night out for Omega Lithium?

OL – Fading away with booze

Phill – Thanks very much for giving Grave Concerns Ezine this interview, is there anything you would like to add?

OL – Thanks to you and see you soon! Rock n Roll guys!

Phill - Good luck with your current tour and with your new album Kinetik.

Check out Omega Lithium's website for links to their Youtube, Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, Vampirefreaks, Last.FM, etc...


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