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Dance Or Die Interview

Interview Date - 25th July 2011

Interviewer - Phill Bruce

There are only a few bands that can profess to be pioneers of music, and Dance Or Die is one of those.  Since they formed in 1988 they have led the way in electronic and Darkwave music and have inspired many of the bands we know today.  If you were to ask a lot of today’s electronic bands who their influences are, Dance Or Die are on their list.  So it was an honour when Dance Or Die agreed to an interview with Grave Concerns Ezine that I had the chance to do it, and this is how it went....


Phill – First of all can I thank you for giving Grave Concerns this interview, can I ask you to introduce yourselves and tell us what you do in Dance Or Die?

DOD – My name is Wagner I am the singer and songwriter.

Phill – Andreas and Gary, what was the trigger for you to form Dance Or Die in 1988 and how did it all happen?

DOD – We started in 84 trying to combine electronic with gothic. That was too early for Germany. So it took some years for us to sign to a label. Finally it was Machinery in 1988.

Phill – Do you feel you had the proper exposure when you first started?

DOD –When we started we had to work under strange circumstances. We recorded in Ango`s childrenroom' with self made keyboards.

Phill – You are the influence to the majority of the EBM bands about, so tell us where your influences lie?

DOD –We love bands like Bauhaus, Joy Division, Dance Society and finally Front 242 and DAF.

Phill – And what was the inspiration behind the name Dance Or Die?

DOD –The inspiration was the old army slogan 'Do or Die'.


Phill – Falgalas joined you in 1993 but first just for live performances.  At what point did you decide you wanted him on more a permanent basis and for what reasons?

DOD –We changed from a duo into a Band where everybody can also make songs and sounds. He is also our internet freak.

Phill – You are the true original pioneers of the cyber scene, how does it feel to have become such iconic figures in the music industry over the many years?

DOD – This makes us very proud. Sometimes people in Germany forget about this, but it is great that good old Britain likes our stuff. I went to London very often during the 80`s.

Phill – How have you seen your music evolve since the early days of Dance Or Die?

DOD – Well, we developed our style since the Dehumanizer. Then we tried to stay DOD. We felt like not getting lost in too many styles.

Phill – Your new album “Nostradamnation” is out this month in Europe, what new ideas and sounds can we expect to hear?

DOD – Nostradamnation is a typical DOD album, probably our best album. We continued the Everspring in somehow. Some Neo Folk influences are new.

Phill – There seems to have been a huge change within the alternative scene over the years in your opinion how has it changed?

DOD –The Wave scene is a big thing nowadays. It used to be real underground. Today it`s the man in the street disguising as a goth on weekends. The scene is losing its Punk and is getting mainstream, which is a shame.


Phill – Are there any new bands out there that have really caught your eye recently?

DOD – Well we all like English bands like Dead can Dance, Death in June and Blood Axis. They still have a big influence on our atmospheric songs. But also the Prodigy and Chemical Bros.. The trendy Hellectro stuff is very funny, but it really has nothing to do with us. Laibach is an important spirit for me.

Phill – Having a look on youtube I came across a creative cover of your track “Minuteman” with a fantastic video made by one of your fans. Have you come any work by other artists or fans that have used your songs or lyrics?

DOD – We are going to do some videos ourself in near future.

Phill – With the music industry being very hard to break into with the amount of talent and new bands forming on a daily basis.  Have you any advice for new bands that have just started , and dream of being as successful as you?

DOD – It`s very important to be yourself and to hold on your dream. Success is the result of patience.

Phill – What is the weirdest or craziest thing that any band member has done whilst on stage or on the tour bus?

DOD – It was on the Mera Luna 1998, a friend of mine was fucking an old telly. Lot of people were not amused by that, I love scandals.

Phill – You must get a huge amount of fan mail off your fan’s and gifts too from them, so  what Is the most memorable ,cherished, funniest ,craziest  item’s that you have received from your fans?

DOD – Pink underwear from my fan club.

Phill – Who are the typical fans that listen to your music.  Or are they from every walks of life?

DOD – Mainly it`s the typical Bodyfan but also Goths who like electronic stuff. We have normal people going to our shows and Rockfans, too.

Phill – If you could perform a concert with five bands, past and present dead or alive, who would be on the bill and what venue or in the world would be you dream location?

DOD – Old Skinny Puppy, Front 242, Laibach, Bauhaus and Sisters of Mercy. The big festivals in England, that would be great.


Phill – If you were to be a Pokemon character who would you be?

DOD – Who the fuck is Pokemon? Manga looks like Heidi cartoons I used to watch on telly when I was a child.

Phill – Who is your favourite artist and what is your painting by them?

DOD – My favourite artist is Dante Gabriel Rosetti the painting of Orphelia.

Phill – What cuisine do you favour?

DOD – I love Italian food like Jamie Oliver.

Phill – Do you have a preferred clothing designer or range?

DOD – Jean Paul Gaultier is my favourite.

Phill – Do you have any interest in sport, if so what sport interests you and do you follow any teams or athletes? 

DOD –I am a great soccer fan .I support my German team and the Berlin Club Hertha BSC.

Phill – Thank you for giving us this interview, is there anything you would like to add?

DOD – Never count the seconds wake up for the day, it`s your bizarre appearance that puts colour on this grey. Thanks and good luck with your mag.

Phill - Thanks again, good luck with your new album “Nostradamnation”. 


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