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Interviews Industrial Interview: Terrolokaust


Terrolokaust Interview

Interviewer – Phill Bruce

Date : 18th July 2011

I recently went to The Corporation at Sheffield to see Straftanz not knowing anything about the support acts at all.  The gig started with a Scottish band called Surgyn and must admit I liked them.  We were then met by Indio from Terrolokaust coming on stage and starting the dark industrial melodies which hit me, within a minute Javi strolled on stage and started to sing.  I cannot say anything more than I was blown away by the sheer power and energy both Javi and Indio delivered.  I was hooked and just couldn’t move I had to hear more of this amazing band.  And as their set moved on I was met by more amazing music.  It was brutal and intense.  Javi commanded an awesome stage presence and his demeanour was amazing, he is the perfect front man to an amazing band.

When they finished playing I was in awe at how good this band was.  Going to the bar out of the corner of my eye I noticed Javi at the merchandise stand and I had to go talk to him, I needed to get an interview for Grave Concerns with this band.  I started talking to Javi to find that he was such a nice kind man.  So I asked the question and to my amazement he said yes.  So here is an interview I have wanted to do.

Phill – Can you tell us a little bit of a background about yourself and where in this beautiful world you are from?

Terrolokaust – ***I have little to say about me, just consider myself a hard working person and fully believes in what he does ... It's almost 20 years hooked on this shit .. jejejeje, life is really going to kill us, but always has its rewards, almost all this time I could write a book about all the anecdotes about the lives of several musicians delivered to body and soul to the underground music!!

Phill – What is your drive to keep making the amazing music you produce?

Terrolokaust –  ***Be yourself and be very taken your principles, "God Loves the Violence" is made with the heart and really there has been blood and sweat to finish this story, we're very proud of him, and slowly have their reward, but always have to keep working, never has to stop ...

Phill – What is the idea behind the name Terrolokaust, what are its origins?

Terrolokaust – ***The name is based on all these frightening events for millions of people.

In the past we liked to show the reality of events which changed mankind, changed its name the word "Terror" being called "National Socialism".

Mix a little of this, a complaint for acts committed by these historical murderers, but the most frightening is that there is no science fiction is as real as the family books of certain ethnic groups who were exterminated.

There have been reactions of all kinds, some even going to censor Web sites and commercial sites, the issue of Nazism think it's dangerous, yet it is necessary to face the people who need answers, hate fascism and repudiate all those who try to manipulate the truth because the dogma of the dictatorial regime is the biggest aberration sentenced by cowardly minds.

We like to dress with our black military and our symbols but that has nothing to do with being a fascist, the truth is we're a little tired of it. Terrolokaust is 100% Anti-Nazi and always will be in conflict with any oppression.

Currently the world threw up positive words, adrenalinic words and rewarding. TK currently means to be yourself and be strong with the problems caused by a sad and completely manipulated society.


Phill – When and where did Terrolokaust form?

Terrolokaust –***It was when we were in the recording sessions of our previous band, we started to edit some interesting ideas and what at first seemed something closer to a project, ended up being our current band, decided to take it seriously, from there everything has been very rewarding and positive ...

 Phill – Where in this wonderful world do you both live?

Terrolokaust –*** Anywhere in the world, and of course!! With a good company.

 Phill – At what point in your life did you decide to form your band and why?

Terrolokaust –*** I still remember my time in high school, if I mistake in the year 90 was when I decided to start my first band, in fact I did not want to sing, I wanted to play drums, I loved that instrument and I'm done playing this, finally convinced me to sing and so when he began "Mystical" We were very young and wanted to do something extreme but also very melodic.

We practiced a Melodic Death bands influenced by Scandinavian, I get tired faster, I've always liked bands like Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, Morbid Angel, Depeche Mode, Slayer, NIN, Sisters of Mercy, Metallica, etc ... that is why we became interested in dark and industrial music.

From that day it became a lifestyle.

Phill – Your music is an infusion of industrial melodies accompanied by very dark vocals what gave you the idea to combine the two different elements?

Terrolokaust – ***We are really tired of the typical bands of "Electro-Industrial 'using vocal distortion and synth sounds typical, we try to create something different and create feelings with our music, I love to say our album is a kind of Industrial music with the essence of Rock, I think our album is that you can appreciate this comment, however it is very hard work and for us falls the responsibility to make the next album even more special ... that's Terrolokaust.

Phill – At what point did you decide to move away from the death metal style and incorporate industrial sounds into your music?

Terrolokaust – ***As I mentioned above, come from extremely dark scene, but at some point in my life that needed to experience other emotions with sound, that's when my interest started to music made ​​with synthesizers and industrial, loved the way Skinny Puppy they made this a sweet to my ears, also NIN were doing it something special, but they took a more commercial point of view, all this hybrid feelings just by being part of my influence in music among many other things that little have to do with extreme music.

Phill – And why did you decide to make that move where there any outside interventions or was it something you all decided on?

Terrolokaust – ***Unfortunately Spain is a country where music is yet to resurface industrial, the public is still reluctant and hard to get to concerts. These are the foundations of a scene even to consecrate, but day by day comeback bands and projects are very interesting, this is the main reason for seeking to expand their music Terrolokaust outside of Spain, I long for me to leave, now live in Northwest Germany and I feel very fortunate to see you picking Terrolokaust name on the German scene. Very recently, we first visited the UK and has been very special.

 Phill – Were there any problems you faced during the transitionary period whilst you formed your own unique style?

Terrolokaust – ***No, it was all very natural evolution and has happened with complete normality, we decided to start TK never have imagined what is happening to us and work with people who have worked for, we have collaborated with artists such Nachtmahr, Reaper, Grendel , Soman, Die Sektor, and many more and we have been in support of bands like Combichrist, Hocico, Nachtmahr, Das Ich, Noisuf-X, Fabrikc, Straftanz, Xotox, Hanzel und Gretyl among others. The fact that we cannot complain ...


Phill – So how would you describe the lifestyle you now lead that has come from your music?

Terrolokaust – ***We are very honest and simple people, but also very serious about what we do, is the main thing for us and all, we have spent many years of experience and we know how all this works.

I think the lifestyle you owe it to create you, although this is not a thing that is activated wilfully, life itself will determine your destiny and how you act with the world and people.

Phill – Who besides yourself is in the band and what background are they from?

Terrolokaust – ***On this trip end always comes with me Indio. Indio and me we have been friends for 12 years, we've played together since our old band called Symawrath in which we practiced an Industrial Rock, we fully understand, I think we're a good team, we always know how to act one against the other I dare to compare our relationship equal to marriage, over the years we have created a good fellowship...

Both one and the other came from different musical genres but I think we found the perfect balance for us, which was the root of Terrolokaust.

Phill – In marriage you sometimes have the odd fall out, have you and Indio had any fall outs over the music?

Terrolokaust – ***Like any marriage, we will not be the exception, he and I have been together over 11 years. It is long enough to know that person have in front (hehehehe). Of course all this time has been all good and bad moments, but in these situations when things are true or false, we are like brothers and we know well, with a gesture we know that the other person feels.

Phill – How would you describe Terrolokaust’s musical style?

Terrolokaust – ***Pure  Alternative Electro-Industrial and Pure Rock n Roll Destructive!!

Phill – What are your musical influences?

Terrolokaust – ***Our influences are varied and diverse, we do not hear only bands of our genre, I personally very interested in the industrial rock, pop and ambient music, I like to inject my sense of penetrating atmospheres and then translate all that into Terrolokaust, I like things like the Industrial, Industrial Rock, Alternative Rock, Pop, Ebm, Hard Rock, Punk and Metal, Indio and I are very different musically but I think that is the basis for seeking an interesting product. We consider ourselves very open minded ...

Phill – Is there any style out of the alternative scene that you would like to try play with and maybe incorporate into a song?

Terrolokaust – ***One of the things that differentiate Terrolokaust the rest of the bands is not to be typecast into one particular style, we like to experiment with sounds and ethnic trends and going beyond the classics of the industry, it is very important for us as musicians and artists . In the future we may include some guitar songs ... keep in mind that come from genres classified as Rock and all its branches. We are a band of Electro but our passion for music opens coverage influences. Each album has to be better than the last but of course has to overcome the predecessor, though this is an opinion that should comment on our fans.

 Phill – Javi you and Indio have uniformity on stage, where did the idea for the clothes you wear on stage come from?

Terrolokaust – ***We have always been attracted by the elegance and presence of the uniform is something that we did our first album "Gas". The aesthetics of German soldiers in World War II is something that has always attracted and is something that gives much play to create your image purely unique, I think we've found the perfect image for Terrolokaust.

But we are open to many more trends ... maybe there will be surprises in the future ...

Phill – What are your views on the current alternative scene, are there any bands that catch your eye at the moment?

Terrolokaust – ***Of course the alternative scene is at the best moment, more and more young bands with a high level and stage presence, it is extremely positive for the underground ... besides the classics that I named earlier about our musical tastes, the band has marked a before and after the industrial rock and alternative is Blue Stahli and Celldweller, I am excited to make music his way, today as both a the other is one of my favourite bands.

Phill – Is there any country you feel at the moment where the alternative scene is at its best?

Terrolokaust – ***For me there are only three countries where the alternative scene are more powerful in the world, the United States, England and Germany, each have their gender and personality, it is hard to decide ... I love all three equally …


Phill – Where do you see your band in five years and what are your hopes for the future?

Terrolokaust – ***Good question my friend, is something we cannot predict, this world is complicated and we must be persistent media coverage is very important for a band like Terrolokaust. We'd love to turn around the planet and meet people and cultures, I think is the most beautiful music, even more than money and fame.

Of course our real plan is to keep working hard, we must never stop my friend, is the fundamental part of any artist, regardless of how it worked the previous album. We certainly have total confidence in God Loves The Violence, but as we tell you, to follow in the gap every day.

Phill – Your new album God Love Violence is amazing.  What’s the idea behind Just One Fix and who gave you inspiration for the great video you did for the song?

Terrolokaust – ***Thank you for your words ...

So basically we focus on the theme of the original song, we try to capture from our point of view the sense of a crazy night with drugs, women and all night decay under the influence of alcohol, Broken Camera Films really did an excellent job with the editing and video production. They were very fun every moment of shooting, there were critical moments physically as we had to shoot scenes being behind us many hours of fatigue and work. In my skin have been some consequences of the shooting, but the synthesis that we have is really good. Now we enjoy a few beers watching the outcome. 9300 views on YouTube is just great ...

Phill – Where do your ideas for your songs come from?

Terrolokaust – ***Violence and God's words .... wonderful combination!

Since the beginning of time humanity has been violent. The images of cave men carrying clubs, dragging their women by the hair and having rock fights with other tribes for land and power. We believe in violence and don't even realize we do even the most peaceful of us. The bible for instance teaches us we are in a constant battle with evil and dark forces, that's violence. Then you had the Crusades; Millions of non-believers of Christianity were killed for not believing in the word of god. Then we have the image of the human way of life; The world was born of violence and is defended vigorously with the threat of violence to those that oppose the human way of life. The entertainment mostly consists of Violence and God. Movies, TV, print media, toys, and sports, but we can't put the blame on that aspect of it, they only give the public what it craves. It seems that violence is everywhere we turn. No wonder people are so violent it seems that we are breeds this way. Think about this If everybody in the world were one colour and one religion and all looked them same, we would still find reasons to kill each other. Are we any more civilized than in the beginning of humanity?

This is the very essence of inspiration for us to see the day to day and try to think of all evil and feeling of anxiety we live with today. This is Terrolokaust.

Phill – Is there any place or venue you would like to play at and why?

Terrolokaust – ***We would love to play in California, I was living a month and I fell in love there, but as I say above we would like to act anywhere in the world, each site has something to offer, we have recently been in the UK and has been incredible, we've never been before and the English public is really cool, we are open to receive any proposal from anywhere, so agencies interested in TK .. Do not hesitate to contact us ...

Phill – Is there any place you have played that holds good memories?

Terrolokaust –***Actually all the places have our place in the heart, every place we've been, the kindness with which we have tried is to remember all the places are important to us. I love talking to people once the show, see you their concerns and state their opinion about the show is fantastic.

Phill – How did you end up supporting Straftanz in Sheffield?

Terrolokaust – ***We are good friends since 2008, were acting together in Vitoria (Spain) and there was good chemistry between us. I have worked with them several times live and are amazing people and very friendly.

The Sheffield was a coincidence, was a thing of the promoters of the Corporation, no doubt was a very nice surprise to know that we would be together again in the same stage, are a great band Straftanz but more importantly they are a lovely people.


Phill – Is there any specific way that you are going to promote your music in other countries?

Terrolokaust – ***Of course this is the machine that will never end, we are trying to reach all media and  specialized press, we will try to touch on all possible sites in the world to present our new album. "God Loves the Violence” has at present in comparison to "Gas" is quite remarkable, and knew the work of Deathwatch Asia and Infacted Recordings, I really support and believe in their bands, something that Over the years we have seen is conspicuous by its scarcity, the contact with them was fast and accurate, I think there was a "Feedback" especially since the first contact, by the time we have brought professionalism in all aspects.

Phill – Without giving too much away is there any instrument or program you wouldn’t be without and why?

Terrolokaust – ***I suppose you mean to our daily work tools, we are faithful to Steinberg Cubase for us is comfortable and easy, many sleepless nights, jajajajaja, we are all addicted to any instrument we like to play a little of everything, the truth than any musician is always a fetish of the instrumentation.

I love the percussion. It is an instrument of power and adrenaline, but I feel much weakness for grand pianos.

Phill – You can go anywhere for a holiday, where would you go and what would you do?

Terrolokaust – ***I would love to return to California, I remember it as something amazing, but I have to admit that I missed many things to do.

Also I have really wanted to visit Scandinavia, since childhood I was attracted to his power of nature.

Phill – Who’s your favourite film director and what’s your favourite film they have done?

Terrolokaust –***I like many different styles, perhaps Tim Burton, Quentin Tarantino, Francis Ford Coppola, Peter Jackson, Ridley Scott, Guillermo del Toro, David Fincher, I am a big fan of the cinema of suspense and horror films like Seven, Alien, Damien, Saw, etc ... are my absolute perdition.

Phill – You are commissioned to design a car, what would it look like and what would it do?

Terrolokaust – ***I am the sort of people who don't like cars, I have a Citroen C4 car is black and quite vulgar, is basically a tool of travel.

Phill – What’s the best and worst Christmas gift you have ever received?

Terrolokaust – ***Was last year just gave me the best gift, my current studio microphones, really loved it, wanted to change he had and made ​​me very happy.

The worst ... mmm, a horrible deadly clock... finally chooses to destroy it, hehehe

Phill – What’s your favourite piece of clothing?

Terrolokaust – **Really all in all, I like to dress well and my style. For me it has always been and will be very important to the way I dress, I think 100% determined people. I like black clothes, nearly all I have is dark, but ironically I love attention and see the reaction of people, but what I love is freedom in the locker room, I love seeing people at concerts or festivals where you see who really have been hours before going to the event because they have been in front of a mirror trying to make that night at the centre of attention. I love going to places where a dress code is required.

Phill – Thank you so much for giving Grave Concerns this interview, is there anything you would like to add?

Terrolokaust – ***Thank you so much for this interview and for your unconditional support, we hope to be soon again in the UK. 

Thanks again Javi, hope to see you guys in the UK again soon as I really enjoyed the gig.  Good luck



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