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Interviews Industrial Interview- Lords of Acid

Artist: Lords of Acid:

Interviewer: Morgan LeFay

Date: March 2011

Genre: Industrial, Electronic, Techno



Mar. 23 - Lords of Acid, the legendary Belgian dance-industrial hybrid fronted by house wizard Praga Khan, have signed with Metropolis Records with their first album in a decade coming this fall. Khan, who is currently touring the U.S., has been working on new music for the last year and is thrilled to partner with Metropolis for the upcoming full-length as well as a forthcoming EP titled Mighty Little Rabbit (August release). "I am extremely happy Lords of Acid are joining Metropolis. They are the premier label in North America for our genre. It was very important to partner with an artist friendly label that connects well with our audience. I look forward to a long and successful relationship. "We were able to catch up with Lords of Acid just before their current tour.

Morgan: Hello Everyone, You are getting ready to head to the States for a tour. How are you looking forward to that?

LOA: I'm looking forward to this tour for several reasons. First of all, because I love performing in the States and will meet up with a lot of fans and friends, but also because I'm in the middle of recording a new Lords of Acid album and touring brings inspiration through the contact with our fans, feedback to our songs, inspiration for our lyrics, etc.

I'm also looking forward to perform with our new singer, DJ Mea. I've never met her in real life but my fellow musicians in LA think she's awesome.

Morgan: Is there a European tour planned? Are you planning a gig in Belgium, perhaps?

LOA:Gigs in Europe aren't our priority, since Lords of Acid has become a US band, where I'm the only European member. Management, band and crew are all Americans by now.

Morgan: I still think it's strange how Lords of Acid is more known in the States than in Belgium. Even though Belgium is a small and meaningless if you really want to be successful with your music, don't you think it's a pity?

LOA:Lords of Acid played about 400 gigs and sold over 2 million albums in the States. In Belgium, we performed about 5 times since the existence of Lords Of Chaos. But I don't lose my sleep over it, Lords is an Amercican story, with American roots and fans.

Morgan: Lords of Acid was formed in 1988, that's about 23 years ago. With other words, the big 25 is coming closer. Are you going to celebrate that? Any idea how?

LOA: At the moment we're working hard on a new album. We hope it'll be recorded somewhere at the beginning of the summer, so we can release it in September or October.

What we'll do with our 25th anniversary, I haven't really thought about that yet, but you made me think about it just now.

Morgan: Let's look back a bit already: What where the best moments with Lords of Acid? How about the worst?

LOA: The best moments with Lords were somewhere in the mid-nineties, when we were signed on American with Rick Ruben as producer. That was also the time we were on a lot of Hollywood soundtracks (Basic Instinct, Sliver, Spy Who Shagged me, etc). The big success with Pragha Khan in Europe placed Lords a bit to the background at the end of the nineties, but I enjoyed both projects to the fullest.

The worst period with Lords of Acid was perhaps the end of the nineties, when we had to deal with a lot of alcohol- and drug abuse. We can't complain about that anymore, we've got a band who's 100% ready for it, mentally and physically.

Morgan: You're around in the rock scene for such a long time, do you see a difference? According to some, the scene is loaded with 'pussies' and it's all less 'sex 'n drugs & rock 'n roll'. Is that so?

LOA: In the early nineties, rave and XTC made their entry. In that time there was an obvious difference between the dance scene and rock scene. Back than it was impossible for a techno act to perform on a festival or in a rock venue, especially not in Europe. Techno bands played in discotheques or at raves, rock bands in rock venues or at festivals. Fortunately, there's been a change in that in the mid nineties and bands like Lords of acid, The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Underworld, etc could turn the tide for techno bands, so they could play festivals as well. America was much more ahead, Europe was more thinking in 'scenes'.

Morgan: How do you feel about the evolution in the music industry? Back in the days it was tapes, CD’s, and LP's when now everything is digital, with mp3's and downloading an album/ songs.

LOA: The digital era has brought a lot of changes, positive as well as negative. It became a lot cheaper to actually make an album or buy material, but then of course there's the illegal downloads. Sure thing is, people listen more to music and more music being created. With internet, it became easier for the fans to discover new music.

I think that, more than ever, it's important for a musician to be creative and find other ways to cover up the loss suffered through illegal downloads such as funny gadgets, special releases and whatever.

Let's be creative :-)

Morgan: It took a few years before Lords... released a new album. What was the silence about?

LOA: Well, I wasn't completely ready to compose a new Lords of Acid album. It's a project I can't do on command. I feel it, or I don't. Last year, I felt something coming, so I decided to do a tour in the States to stir the feeling a little. After a successful tour last summer, I knew for sure that it was time to make a new album. It's going to be a beauty, I'm certain of it.

How do you see the future of Lords of Acid?  Do you have any ultimate dreams in mind?

LOA: My ultimate dream is to make the ultimate album and I'm working on that right now. I want the fans to say: 'We had to wait ten years for it, but it was worth it!' This has to become a trend.

Morgan: Last but not least, I wanted to give you the chance to say a few things to our readers yourself, so: Go ahead!

LOA:  I'd like to take a moment to get your attention for the tour names 'SonicAngel'. SonicAngel is an internet launch platform for musical talent we're about to launch during the USA tour. In Europe SonicAngel became a huge success and we gave a lot of young talent the chance to get launched. Fans can buy a $10 share into their favorite young band, get a download album when it's finished (so you get your money back) en get a chance to get a part of the profit. During the coming tour bands who want to join this platform get a chance to register themselves at:

Thanks for the interview and have a great time in the States!

Fact: Lords of Acid formed in 1988 and have released a series of singles and compilations but only four studio albums to date. The band's Voodoo-U is their biggest selling release to date, recently certified gold (sales in excess of 500,000 copies) in the U.S.

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