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For fans of KMFDM, Ministry, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson and Rammstein there's a new band on the horizon ! Since 2006 dutch Industrial/Metal extravaganza DEADCELL is touring Europe with their remarkable live performances. From London to Barcelona, from Amsterdam to Geneva. DEADCELL release their 3rd studio album 'Black Rooster' on Urgence Disk Records [Geneva,CH], Saturday November 27th. Insiders of the scene already claim it to be one of the best Industrial/Metal releases of 2009. So, Grave Concerns E-zine wanted toknow more about this new band on the horizon and to see why insiders feel they are the best Industrial Metal in 2009. After reading our interview please check out the band on-line at



GC: Hello, How is everyone doing?

Marcus Bodine (MB) : Hello Julie, nice to talk to you. I'm fine, thanks.

Julie/GC: Hey everyone, thanks so much for taking time to talk with me today. I am very excited.

GC: Can you introduce yourselves to our readers and fans?

MB : We're DEADCELL, a theatrical Industrial/Metal band from Eindhoven, the Netherlands. We've been touring Europe since 2006 with bands such as Gothminister, Hanzel und Gretyl, Punish Yourself, MortIIs, Deathstars to name a few.

GC: How has 2010 been treating you guys so far?

MB : We're still going strong after 4 years. We'll be touring with Punish Yourself a lot in 2010 which we are looking forward to.

GC: Some people have said that Deadcell is one of the best industrial-metal Dutch bands in the genre? What is your reaction to that?

MB : We're close to becoming on the best bands in the international Industrial/Metal scene. We work hard and we set some major goals to achieve. It's not easy, but we'll get there.

GC: I see that you have several shows coming up this year, what can we expect at a Deadcell show?

MB : A really powerful liveshow with dancers, videoprojections and bombastic Industrial/Metal alike to Ministry, White Zombie, Laibach.

GC: After listening to Black Rooster, your latest release I was hooked-in to your sound, how you do like to describe your sound?

MB : I consider it to be a mixture between Ministry, White Zombie and Laibach.

GC: With comparisons to KMFDM, Ministry, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson and Rammstein, how do you rise above these bands and just be yourselves?

MB : I think the DEADCELL sound is really distinctive in its own way. When you listen closely to the songs, you can hear a lot of influences from many great bands from the past. We managed to make it our own sound which still has the power and originality of the godfathers of this genre. Lots of new bands follow hypes. We're not one of those bands. I try to respect the musical legacy of the past as much as possible, and still be progressive and modern in our sound.

During live shows we have all kinds of live acts, traditional dance ( flamenco, tribal acid bellydance ) and militaristic movements. There' s no band out there that's done the same in the way we do it.

GC: Have your other releases had just as much success as Black Rooster, or has Black Rooster been the one to push your band to new heights?

MB : 'Black Rooster' is different than our previous releases 'The Massacre' (2006) and 'State Of Fear' (2008). The new record is a bit more guitar-driven. With every release we grow musicwise, so this record will definately push DEADCELL to new heights. And the liveshow is even more spectacular than before.

GC: Do you meet on a regular basis to work together?

MB : I write and record all songs at home. We don't rehearse on a regular basis. Everyone practices at their homes. Only when new songs are added to the setlist, I rehearse with our guitarist Snowflame and bassplayer Gaia.

GC: Tell me more about the songs:

I Cry:

MB : 'I Cry' is a song from our new record 'Black Rooster'. It's a mid tempo song with an undeniable atmosphere and recognisable vocal lines.

New Plague:

MB : Also a song from our new record. More uptempo, bashing guitar and drum riffs. Reminds a bit of Rammstein to give you some reference. Lot's of sampling going on in this song. One of the more complex songs of the new album. Check out this song and video at our myspace ( ).

Lies: MB : This is our top track from our second album 'State Of Fear'. Always a pleasure to perform this song live, since the audience loves it so much. It's one of my favorite DEADCELL songs too.





GC: How does the scene look like where you are from?

MB : Next to making music for DEADCELL, I'm also one of the biggest bookers in the Netherlands. I organise lots of festivals and clubnights for the Underground scene. We've had bands like KMFDM, Hanzel und Gretyl, Punish Yourself, Gothminister to mention a few. In the Netherlands the scene is relatively small. An average crowd of 100 people is what we normally perform for at a concert. It's still one of my favorite scenes though, since there's a lot of diversity.

One of the biggest problems I do recognise in the scene is the fact that many people are abandoning the scene, because the quality & originality of more and more bands is deteriorating. There are many bands who try to be creative and original, but totally lack taste. I've seen it happen a couple of times that I went to see a 'big' band in the scene, and that I was thinking " what the hell is this ?". Dancers who don't know how to dance/dance out of synch, styling that is just plain ugly, and music that has been done a million times before. There are too many projects that sound and act alike unfortunately.

There are just a few bands out there that I consider to be really good. Those are mostly the bands that have been around for 10 years or more. And I do like new bands such as Punish Yourself. In the metal scene for example, there are a lot more good bands, that's why that scene is still going strong after so many years. Things do need to change in order to make the scene stay interesting for the upcoming years.

GC: If you could be on stage right now, where would it be and what song would you be playing?

MB : We would like to perform at the Whitby Gothic Weekend. We got really close a couple of years ago, but we haven't been booked yet unfortunately. You know anyone there :-) ?

GC: Any other news you would like to report at this time?

MB : We'll be performing with Punish Yourself at ELEKTROWERKZ [London] on july 31th. Come check us out ! I'm also working on a new compilation album with a DVD. Should be released somewhere this year. Check us out at

MB:Thanks for the interview!

GC: No problem, our pleasure!


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