Sunday, 22nd July 2018. 12:38:10pm ET
Interviews Industrial Interview- Inline.seX.Terror

Inline.seX.Terror is George, and he’s basically one hell of a one-man dynamo hailing from gorgeous Athens, Greece. Inline.seX.Terror is raw and hard-hitting industrial music, sure to leave its mark heavily on your senses. With a soon to be released debut album, “11:11”, Inline.seX.Terror is talented, straightforward and sexy sounding. Enjoy discovering more about Inline.seX.Terror, an incredibly exiting artist throughout his interview---it’s a great one indeed! (:

Thank YOU so much for this awesomely fun and terrific interview George. It’s been such a delightful opportunity to know about you, and your music. Grave Concerns E-zing (and me, me, me) thank you for being apart of the magazine. We wish you lots of happiness! Many thank-yous again sir. (:

Grave Concerns: Dark and enchanting greetings George, Noid, Dioxin and Harry (with shout outs to the striking ladies, Lady-Lee and Alice; dancers in your band), what a dark and bloody good twisted pleasure it is, to have you gentlemen here at the grave, how are you guys doing?

DV/H: Greetings from Athens, well Inline.seX.Terror general is one man project, me and myself in studio, and all the others that you mention above are session live members, but I will transfer your greetings to them.
GC: Well my friend, you certainly are a busy man---and a talented one too. Cool---thanks!

Grave Concerns: You reside in Athens, Greece---a beautiful country. Please share some of your favorite’s hangouts. And how’s the weather right now?

DV/H: The Weather is like hell! Too hot!!  I am looking forward for the winter! The last 1 year I am not going to much out in clubs, only in special events and in gigs, normally I prefer to go some cinema or for dinner with good friends!
GC: I’m not a fan of the too HOT, HOT weather either…movies and dinner out is a lot of fun.

Grave Concerns: Being a member of MySpace, how has it helped, or hindered your musical endeavors? And which countries do you feel have embraced your music the most?

DV/H: MySpace is a very powerful tool for me, because I can spread my music everywhere in the world, meet new interesting people, booking gigs with promoters, and communicate directly with the fans, this is amazing I think, and it helps because you are coming very close with them.

Grave Concerns: So how did you come up with your band’s explosive name?

DV/H: Because I love SEX and because the word “terror” is a feeling that every person has inside him, some can control it others not, and Inline because I think that you must be in the first line of your life, take your life in your hands in other words.
GC: I think you clarified your reasons quite well there---and I must tell you what an incredibly insightful reason for coming up with “Inline”…that’s really a sense of empowerment. Excellent! (:

Grave Concerns: Please tell us about your debut album “11:11”, and which songs are your most proud of?

DV/H: 11:11 Album is a mixing of old school industrial with EBM, Trance, Noise Elements; I think this album represents my life in the last two years. J It’s very difficult for me to choose songs, because I love all the same...

Grave Concerns: Any music videos planned? If so, which song will be the first?

DV/H: Yes we are preparing a video clip for the song My Legacy / My curse, we are in the post production process in this moment.
GC: Cool. Looking forward to seeing it. (:

Grave Concerns: Who comes up with the concepts for your photos, up on your MySpace page? They are sick, my friends…(;

DV/H: Me, my normal-day job is a graphic designer, and I design everything for inline, logo, website, photos, CD layout, posters…I am glad that you are say that is sick because that was the feeling that I have in my mind when I created it.
GC: Wow, That’s awesome! You must get such a great feeling from creatively accomplishing so much. You’re VERY welcome…sick indeed…so cool, that I was feeling that about your style! (:

Grave Concerns: Heartbreak Vampyres---that was for a gothic and industrial party, back in February? I simply fall to my knees at the word, or words associated with vampires…love them…deeply and darkly in my soul. Tell us about that night...ok, in all seriousness…I’d love to know---I need to know. (;

DV/H: It was strange night, this event was in Latvia, one country with very small “dark” scene, it was a small festival with 4 bands, the experience was great, the people very friendly, and liked our show a lot. Well I didn’t see a vampire that night…or I was so drunk, or vampires do not exist.
GC: (: Sounds like a good time was had…hmmm, I’m not giving up that easily on the vampires…I’d say you had too much to drink that night. (;

Grave Concerns: You’ve got a pretty sweet group of dates planned for your tour this summer---tell us about them. You all must be so stoked!

DV/H: Yes we will tour this September/October in Europe to Support our Debut Album 11:11, we have already confirmed gigs in UK, Spain (together with Project Pitchfork, Melotron), Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary…

Grave Concerns: So, what are the requirements for someone to be a dancer in your shows?

DV/H: A lot things, but the most important is to love this kind of music, second to know how to feel the rhythm, and third to have time to travel!

Grave Concerns: The shop “Cryoflesh”, has the fantastic opportunity of dressing you guys, along with accessories, for your shows. How did that come to be? That is pretty special---quite awesome, actually.

DV/H: Yes Cryoflesh has amazing clothes, and we are happy about it!

Grave Concerns: Hey! You’ve done a remix for De/Vision? They’re one of my favorites bands…NICE! How did that get started?

DV/H: Yes I have done one remix for De/Vision’s song “Life is Suffering”, it was for some completion that De/Vision had announced, and because I know the band personally, and also I like De/Vision music, I decide to make the remix!
GC: What a great band to remix---and for you do be able to do that, shows how much respect they have for you as an artist.

Grave Concerns: How do you differentiate a real good song, from a classic? In other words, what really makes a song stand out and last? And with your music, which song or songs do you feel have met that challenge, have come close to it, or are you currently just enjoying the creative bliss?

DV/H: I Don’t know and I can’t tell, always it’s hard for the musician to talk about his songs…I remember Johan van Roy from Suicide Commando, when release the album “Stored Images” has say that the album it was ready and he wanted one more song, so write very quickly one song just to fill the album…and that song was see you in hell, one of the most hits songs in the scene until today.

Grave Concerns: Did you ever forget to dry your hands thoroughly before going into the freezer to get ice cubes?

DV/H: No.
GC: Ok, I have…many times! (:

Grave Concerns: You’ve been asked to design masks to represent your greatest sexual fantasies…what do they look like?

DV/H: A mask from latex, a mask when people wear it, looks like it has no mouth, no eyes; nothing, its just skin...scary like hell!
GC: You are a scary fellow---and I like that you are! (;

Grave Concerns: If you could live without one of the following for one-year, without any kinds of side effects, consequences, worries---how ever you like to look at it as, which would you choose and why?
1. Air.
2. Food.
3. Bathroom/daily hygiene.

DV/H: Food I think, because food, I am not big fan of food!
GC: (: Now I’m hungry!

Grave Concerns: As a musician, how does the music in movies affect you? And if you were asked to compose a song for a soundtrack, which genera would that be in? Now let me take that question even further---actually backward; if you were to go back to the past, with your current music in hand, and were asked that same question, would any of your songs stand out as a good fit? If so, which song and movie would it have been?

DV/H: I love soundtracks from movies!!! Of course I will love to write some score for a movie! It will be for horror movie! I love these kind of movies!…“My legacy / my curse” it will be perfect for Friday the 13th, or for Nightmare on Elm Street, or “Fear No Evil” for Hellraiser movies…
GC: Yeah! The original Nightmare on Elm Street rocked…as did Hellraiser…what a scary movie that was! I hope you’ll be able to compose something one day then…you’d be so good at it!

Grave Concerns: What’s in your refrigerator right now? What shouldn’t be?

DV/H: Nothing because I am in my studio, so I have only coca cola!

Grave Concerns: Let’s say that you’re about to unveil your new line of adult toys---what’s the company called, and what’s your biggest seller?

DV/H: Terror Adult Toys, vinyl string with inline sex terror logo in front, and a special dildo, industrial dildo. J
GC: You’re such a naughty and fun guy…boy, do I like YOU! (;

Grave Concerns: If you had the ability to change the color of the sky during the daylight hours to a color of your choice…once every 3 months, what four colors would you choose, and why?

DV/H: Red – electric blue – black – yellow.
Because they are my fav. colors.
GC: Sweet…electric blue would look so intense, as would red.

Grave Concerns: What is sexy in your minds?

DV/H: Sexy is everything that makes you feel horny.
GC: You have sex on the brain…for sure!

Grave Concerns: If you could have a movie director direct your next video, who would it be and why?

DV/H: My brother, he is a famous movie director in Greece!
GC: George, that’s so fantastic…congrats to him! (: Such a talented family!

Grave Concerns: Do you believe in ESP and ghosts or “other” unexplainable occurrences?

DV/H: Yes I believe in ghosts and in dead people.
GC: (: You're such a card…I believe as well.

Grave Concerns: Are you missing anyone right now?

GC: I’m sorry that you are.

Grave Concerns: What is something about the human race that really gets you down…makes you wonder…how could that person do that, act that way…say that?

DV/H: Killing people, killing or abusing little kids...
GC: I hate that with a passion! The evil things that some people can do…

Grave Concerns: What then, on the other hand, does the human race do to make you feel simply proud and amazed by?

DV/H: Human race disgusted me; we must help everyone to build a better tomorrow for everyone, and not to look only to ourselves.
GC: We do need to work together, or else our world will be gone.

Grave Concerns: What’s in your CD player right now?

DV/H: debut album 11:11.
GC: Amen my friend! (:

Grave Concerns: You’re a curator for a museum. You’ve received a mysterious crate one night---do you open it? If so, what’s inside?

DV/H: Yes, a dead naked girl.
GC: Hmmm.

Grave Concerns: Any regrets?

DV/H: No.

Grave Concerns: You’ve just created a jigsaw puzzle…how many pieces does it have, and what will the final picture be of?

DV/H: 1111 pieces, and for image………..a better world…………..
GC: That’s so lovely George.

Grave Concerns: Other than musical inspirations, who are your favorite authors, poets, painters, or any other artistic creators whose work you respect?

DV/H: Lovecraft, Crowley, Giger.

Grave Concerns: A fictitious record company (you can even name it too, if you like) has the tough decision of choosing only one band to sign, out of three possible ones. The bands are ALL fabulous, the decision then---is to choose the band based on their name.
1. Blistered Souls.
2. Dead Wink.
3. Mind Dark.

DV/H: Mind Dark.

Grave Concerns: If you were able to put on a concert for charity, which one/s would you be supporting, and which artists would you like to headline?

DV/H: Skinny Puppy and Joy Division………….I think the music starts from them…

Grave Concerns: Favorite holiday, color, number and symbol?

DV/H: Christmas, red, 11, logo.

Grave Concerns: You’ve been asked to create a new word defining your style of music. What is that word?

DV/H: Terror Dance Music.
GC: Let’s crank it up then, and head to the dance floor!

Grave Concerns: You just opened your fortune cookie---what does it read?

DV/H: I don’t believe in fortune!  But I like cookies!
GC: Mmmm, cookies! Gosh, I so enjoy cookies!

Grave Concerns: Can you tell us something about yourself that you think we might be surprised to know about?

DV/H: I am 30 years old!! Did that surprise you? Because I am surprised!
GC: (: And you should feel damm good about it too! Guess what? I'm older than you! (;

Grave Concerns: You’ve been asked to create your own signature sandwich at your favorite hometown eatery. What’s your sandwich going to be called, and what’s in it?

DV/H: Gothic Club Sandwich only for “gothic” people!
GC: If it’s vegetarian, I’ll eat it!

Grave Concerns: Do you have any food allergies?

DV/H: No.
GC: Me neither.

Grave Concerns: You’re in the process of designing your own night club…what’s it called, where is it located, and how does it look on the inside?

DV/H: Hell on earth! Inside looks like hell. Have you seen the movie Hellraiser? Like this! (Hellraiser is my fav. movie) Clive Barker is the master of horror.
GC: Clive Barker is awesome! Remember Nightbreed?

Grave Concerns: What movie character’s name do you think is cool? And if you were to be cast in a movie, what cool name would you go by?

DV/H: Matrix! I don’t really like names, I prefer nicknames...DV/H

Grave Concerns: When is your birthday?

DV/H: 9 July 1978
GC: June 16, 1969

Grave Concerns: You’ve been asked to be immortalized in Madame Tussauds’ Wax Museum in New York; do you accept?

DV/H: No I prefer nobody knows me in the next 100 years, I prefer to be unknown!

Grave Concerns: What word or words, do you find yourselves repeatedly putting into a conversation?

DV/H: “I think” such I am thinking a lot.
GC: I think you mentioned a good one…(;

Grave Concerns: And what are some of your favorite American phrases?

DV/H: Live fast, die young and leave a good looking corpse…

Grave Concerns: I’m thinking of a number from 0 to 9,482. What it is? I’ll tell you what mine is when I post your interview.

DV/H: Of course 1111.
GC: Of course! But you’re wrong…mine was 5,985. (:

Grave Concerns: You were born with eyes that weren’t human---what do they look like?

DV/H: No Eyes!

Grave Concerns: This goes along with the above---what about your hair…what would it look like?

DV/H: Cyber locks?
GC: Yeah…I like that!

Grave Concerns: What would you like to say to your fans right now?

DV/H: Thanks for the support! The messages that I am receiving everyday, it makes me happy!
GC: That is so sweet George---I’m sure your fans will be happy to know that their support is so appreciated by you!

Grave Concerns: Anything else you care to share with us about yourselves and your killer-fast, sexy and awesomely pumped-up music? Btw…it sure is hot in here! (;

DV/H: I would like to tell everyone that we can’t save the world, but we can describe the world and let the people think. And I hope 11:11 will be a sign for them!

Grave Concerns: George, we here at Grave Concerns, wish you incredibly great success with your debut album “11:11” out on Friday, August 1st, and with all of your creative endeavors! Please keep in touch! Cheers!

DV/H: Thank you very much!!!! I wish all the best to Grave Concerns E-Zine! Greetings from Athens.
GC: You’re so VERY welcome George! We thank YOU too sir.

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