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Interviews Industrial Interview- Drones


Band: Drones
Interviewer: Julie Johnson
Date: 1-23-06

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DRONES was started as an experimental project. The music is about the way people become programed by society. A lot of influence from Paul's life are also part of what the music is about. Paul has been in many bands since the early 90's such as DeadMan Circus, Speed Magot, Strychnine, and Rumble Fish. He has meet many People and seen how they fall into slots. How they become DRONES. He hopeas that as time passes and this project will come together so that you all enjoy it. He hopes you bring your own lifes into his songs. He hope one day we can all be reprogramed.- taken from

GC: What is the name of your band and who are the current members?

Paul: As of right now I am the only member of Drones. I plan to implement others after the album is finished for live performance.

GC: How did you become connected to make music?

Paul: When I was young my father would bring me to school in his Volkswagon. On the way there he would Play tape cassettes of the Beatles, the Doors, Black Sabbath, ect ect.....

GC: What are your musical influences?

Paul: Life is the biggest influence that anyone could have. As far Influences from other musicians goes I like lot of different stuff. Tren Reznor, David Bowie, Jim Morrison are some of my favs.

GC: Tell us about your own unique style of music?

Paul: My music is all me. Not that I don't want to colaborate with others. I just feel that my music reflects alot about the way I feel about things. Although I would like for the listener to make their own meanings for my songs.

GC: What serparates your band from all the other bands out there?

Paul: The biggest thing that separates my band from others is that I put artistic integrity before whats going to be the flavor of the month. Also unlike other bands I don't see it as a competition.

GC: How do you go about writing songs?

Paul: I never go about it the same way twice it is always a different experience.

GC: What is your latest news with the band?

Paul: I am currently in the process of finishing up my album. It should be finished with in the next few months.

GC: Where do you hope to be in 5 years with your band?

Paul: Where ever it takes me. I would be happy if there was one person that enjoyed my music.

GC: How are people currently reacting to your music?

Paul: I get lots of positive feed back.

GC: What would be the top 3 reasons for listening to your music?

Paul: I would rather let the listener answer that question.

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GC: What is your best experience as a band?

Paul: I guess my best experience would be interacting with all the people I come in contact with.

GC: What is your worst experience as a band?

Paul: I really do not like people in other bands that think that they are the god of music.

GC: What is most important to you in your band?

Paul: Being able to express myself and push my feelings through the music is very important to me.

GC: Do you have a personal favorite song, could be your own or other, and why?

Paul: No, I have no favorite song. I like so many different songs it would be almost imposibble to pick one.

GC: What was the hardest song to write and why?

Paul: I don't think there is anyone song that was the hardest. I try to make every song I make a challenge.

GC: What do you think of the current gothic/ EBM/ Industrial/ noise/ synthpop etc scence today?

Paul: For the most part it is good. I do see some bands that really kicked butt at one time selling out to make a buck.

GC: What music do you currently listen to, and why?

Paul: I listen to alot of Tool, OLD NIN, Craddle of Filth, Tori amos, Dimmu borgir, ect..... to many to list.

GC: How do you keep changing your music from album to album or plan to change it?

Paul: I'm always experimenting with new sounds for every song that I compose.

C: What kind of recording environment do you have?

Paul: Home studio

GC:How long did you spend on your latest effort?

Paul: I have been working on this Prodject for about a year now.

GC: What are you looking forward to most right now as a band?

Paul: I'm looking Forward to being able to share something that I created with other people.

GC: Are you with a label working on finding one if so.. how are is it to be accepting or what was it like being accepting?

Paul: I do not have a lable as of yet. I have been doing everything by myself. If I get picked up cool but if not oh well. I am in this for the music not the glory.

GC: How do you promote your music, and is it working?

I have a site up on Myspace the address is It seems to be doing ok. I have met lots of interesting people on there.

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