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Interviews Horror-Punk, Gothbilly Interview- Sin Machine
Grave Concerns Ezine Artist Interview

Band: Sin Machine
Interviewer: Jeremy Eckhart
Date: 11/30/04


I spoke with Dannibal Sin, guitarist and songwriter for the insanity that is known as Sin Machine.

Blood splattered stage shows, a naked bass player, and an odd crossbreed of styles of music that blend into one very cohesive sound.

We spoke via telephone as he was getting off of work. We talked about the possibility of a new member, the release of a new album, and what Sin machine has in store in the future.

So without further ado, I bring you Sin Machine.

Grave Concerns: Hey man, how's it going?

Dannibal Sin: Pretty good. How are you doing?

GC: Not too bad. Not too bad at all. How about you start off by telling us about Sin Machine. Give us a brief overview of the band.

DS: Well the singer is my brother. So I probably know him the best.

GC: Right.

DS: Do you want to know like when we started playing together?

GC: Sure.

DS: Me and my brother have been playing together for I don't know how long… like six or seven years. Just kind of like stuff on the side, kind of just like learning music together.

GC: Ok.

DS: And the bass player, Diablo, we've been playing with him for probably like five years. We were kind of a high school band that didn't die.

GC: I see.

DS: Then the drummer we have now, probably about two or three years ago, started playing with us. And it really started getting serious. Not like it wasn't serious before, but we were kind of young then.

GC: So the band has been substantially around for about three years now?

DS: Yeah, about three.

GC: Ok. Were there any previous incarnations or bands before Sin Machine? Did you guys have anything going before that?

DS: Maybe like a couple songs I wrote in high school. No bands or anything. Just young kid stuff.

GC: Ok. Did you ever work with your brother Maitreya before you formed this band?

DS: Yeah, just kind of stuff on the side like little things. Nothing big.

GC: Just kind of to learn huh?

DS: Yeah.

GC: So there was never an actual band though?

DS: Not really. It was just kind of like stuff that maybe we put together.

GC: Ok.

DS: But not really like a band yet.

GC: What's it like being in a band with your brother? Is it any easier, or does it cause any sibling rivalry?

DS: Well, sometimes. I think it's actually kind of think it's better just because we can be more honest with each other. Like we're a lot more in tune with what each other is thinking.

GC: Kind of like you guys are on the same wavelength?

DS: Yeah. And if we do fight, it's usually like just stupid run of the mill stuff.

GC: Sure.

DS: Nothing major.

GC: What artists influenced you guys to start writing music?

DS: The two main ones are probably like Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson. They were big influences at first.

GC: Cool.


DS: Now it's like, well not a lot, but I like classic rock. I don't know if it's an influence on the music or not, but it has inspired me to write some different stuff.

GC: Ok. Are there any new bands out there lately that have impressed you?

DS: Not really, I am kind of going backwards.

GC: I have been doing that too. Sometimes we have to go back to our roots. And a lot of it is just better music for the most part.

DS: Yeah. I mean I look for new stuff, but I haven't found too much.

GC: Well, can you tell us a little about how you came to blend so many different styles into your music? It seems like it's just a huge fusion of different styles.

DS: Yeah. Diablo, the drummer, he started out playing like jazz.

GC: Really?

DS: I mean he was into rock, but he never really played a lot of rock before. Like our stuff.

GC: Right. So bringing him in just kind of solidified your sound?

DS: Yeah, you kind of get a different edge.

GC: Yeah.

DS: I mean I don't think he brought a jazz influence to the band, he just kind of had a different background then what we were had.

GC: I read that you do all of the core songwriting and then the band comes in and fleshes it out.

DS: Yeah.

GC: How do you approach the process of writing new material by yourself?

DS: I usually just start with just me and a drum machine. Like sometimes I'll make a beat that I made and like, then add guitar to it. It’s usually just like that and I will keep adding stuff on to it. Then once I have like a good idea like that, I bring in the band. It usually ends up being like pretty different then what I started with. It's like a whole new song.

GC: Right.

DS: It just seems a lot faster.

GC: Have you ever tried it from the other side of the spectrum, writing all together?

DS: Well, we're pretty good with it. I usually just write the verse and chorus and as a group, we take it off from there. And write the breakdowns and all that stuff together. So we work good like that. I don't know if we have really written anything from scratch all together, but it's usually just the way things go and it works out.

GC: Ok. Who writes the lyrics? Do you, or does Maitreya handle that?

DS: My brother does that.

GC: Ok. Can you tell us a little about "The Demon Baby Demo"? Did you guys have problems getting it finished? I saw it referred to on your website as finally goddamned finished.

DS: Yeah. Well, the actual recording process I think was a couple of days. We spent a lot of time mixing it though. So it took us a little while to do it. Just for financial reasons. I mean we just kept going back, and then bringing it home and fine tuning it. Kind of picking it apart and almost starting over.

GC: So it kind of boiled down to you guys being meticulous about the mixing so that you could put out the best album you could?

DS: Yeah. We could of probably done it a little better at that stage, but we really wanted to get it out.

GC: Is the demo doing well? I know that is only available at shows.

DS: Pretty much. Just people who come out to the shows and people who know us really.

GC: And what is the response you have been getting from it.

DS: Everyone is into it. They like it a lot.

GC: The songs I heard, I really like.

DS: Thanks.

GC: Have you been working on any new material lately?

DS: Yeah, we are working on a new record.

GC: So there are plans on a full length album?

DS: Yeah, I think we have about eleven songs now. I am not sure if we are going to do a full length or not. I think in January we are goint to go back into the studio though.

GC: Cool. I have heard from people who have been to your shows and seen from pictures that your live show is insane.

DS: Yeah we try to add something a little different to each show. We don't usually play to often, only like once a month or so.

CG: How often do you guys practice?

DS: A few days a week.

GC: Beast is quite the performer. Such crazy stage antics and such a heavy, thick sound. Does he write the bass for the songs, or do you?

DS: No, he does all that.


GC: I think he is a great bass player. He has an edge that I really dig.

DS: Really, cool. He adds to the band. That's why I think he works so well.

GC: Because of the fact that he often performs nude or almost nude, I was wondering if he has ever managed to keep his pants on at a live performance?

DS: I dont think so. I know he always has his shirt off.

GC: (Laughter)

DS: I think the second time I met him, I saw him pretty much fully naked. Which doesn't faze any of us.

GC: Any crazy stories related to this habit? Any shows that really stick out because of it?

DS: No, I don't think so.

GC: Have you ever had any problems with clubs or promoters because of the content or imagery of your live shows?

:DS: No,they have been really cool.

GC: Has the Tuscon scene been supportive to Sin Machine?

DS: Yeah.

GC: Do you have a local following?

DS: Well, we have a large turn out at like each show. It's usually pretty good.

GC: Have you been playing a lot lately?

DS: I think the last show was a couple of weeks ago.

GC: And how did that show go?

DS: It was cool. A band from Phoenix came down and played a show with us.

GC: Who was that?

DS: Eroticide.

GC: And how were they?

DS: They're really cool. Music-wise they were great and they are really nice guys.

GC: I read that you are currently looking for a synthesizer/sampler player. How goes the search on that?

DS: We haven't found one yet.

GC: Has anyone shown any interest?

DS: Not really, but then again, we haven't really put a ton of effort into it like we should if we really wanted one. But that's down the road.

GC: Well hopefully we can help spread the word.

DS: Cool.

GC: Do you think that the addition of synths will drastically change your music from a punk sound to more of an industrial sound? Is that your goal?

DS: I don't know. I think it's going to add to it. I don't think it will make a difference in the direction of the band. It will just add an element that we never had. But i don't want to get too much into it. I want to keep the punk sound that we have.

GC: Just sort of to add some extra atmosphere or ambience to it?

DS: Yeah.

GC: Alright. Has the band done any touring, or do you have plans to do one soon?

DS: No. Right now it all depends on a van. We don't have one, so touring would be kind of hard. It's more of a financial reason than anything else.

GC: I think we all know about that these days.

DS: Yeah it's pretty bad.

GC: Definitely. Where would you ultimately like to see yourself and Sin Machine in five years?

DS: Hopefully on a national label making music and doing this full time.

GC: Have any labels shown any interest?

DS: No.

GC: Really?

DS: Well we are trying to move to L.A., so...

GC: When do you plan on doing that?

DS: Hopefully as soon as we can. Sometime in the next year.

GC: Do you have any advice for aspiring bands and musicians out there?

DS: I guess just to believe in what you're doing.

GC: Any bands or projects that people should pay attention to?

DS: As far as local I would say Eroticide. Check them out.

GC: Closing comments, last words, shameless plugs?

DS: Just to check out the website at

GC: Thanks Dannibal. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this.

DS: Oh yeah, no problem. Thanks for having us.

GC: Good luck with the band, and let me know when Sin Machine roles into my neck of the woods.

DS: Yeah I will. We'll keep in touch on MySpace.

GC: Cool. Well thanks again and take care.

DS: You too.


For more info check out:

Sin Machine @ MySpace

Fall into Sin...

- Jeremy Eckhart


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