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Band: Moonspell
Interviewer: Marcos Massarri
Date: 6/28/06

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The new record Memorial broke into the Portuguese and German charts soon after its release. In Portugal it was now number one, due to the incredible support of our Portuguese fans. Only Metallica and Maiden did the same with their albums and for a country such as Portugal this is more than a Moonspell achievement, a truly Heavy Metal moment of victory.

In Germany the record went number 68 on the official TOP 100, another quite remarkable result for the album Memorial and an undeniable sign of trust given by our Teutonic fans. Now, here at Grave Concerns E-zine we bring you Moonspell.

GC: First off, how are you doing?

Ricardo: I am doing great! thank you! I just got Anathema’s first record on my CD player to make sure it creates a proper mood to go through this interview. I’m a big Doom metal fan and it’s a pity this movement isn’t so strong as it used to be.

GC: Though it hasn't officially been released yet, what have the reactions been like on "Memorial" from fans & critics?

Ricardo: Well the most of the press has been unanimous when it comes to review this record. They mostly say that it’s the strongest thing we ever did in years. It’s great to hear and read this kind of stuff cause it means that we’re still alive and still there is space to bands like us. Fans also received this album with great enthusiasm which bring us not only a very strong will to play this record live but also to improve ourselves as band and try to make even better and stronger records in the future. Very inspiring I must say so.

GC: Did you guys approach the new album differently than your previous records?

Ricardo: I think so, but we’ve always approached all our records with a different perspective from each other. We think every record breeds a life of its own, since the first to the last note to be composed, so naturally there are rules that we somehow impose ourselves to make sure the integrity of each record stays intact and as pure as possible.

For example, in “Antidote” we’ve been experimenting with tribal and depressing atmospheres because what we were going through as a band and individuals at the time demand so. We definitely believe that records are the bands biggest mirrors.

In “Memorial” the need of claiming back our very own nature reached the surface of our souls so hard, that we had to write “Memorial” focusing in our most primary instincts as a band. What started this band was the same force we used to write “Memorial”, and it has been a great experience cause this record not only gave us a new awakening, but also helped us to exorcize all the frustration that has been locked in this band for years. GC: I'm assuming what's popular in The States isn't always the case overseas but what are your thoughts on the current mainstream music scene?

Ricardo….I look at mainstream as I always did and as most of the Metalheads do also. It’s just a big supermarket that sells products that won’t last because they’re just plastic. Some products are better than others but still fake. And if you get a mainstream band which is actually great, it’s just because it had their roots in a very genuine scene which is called underground, and not because some record label executives decide to cast people in order to create a big selling product. If you look at MTV, it’s just a 24h commercial.

GC: Have you guys incorporated any current musical trends on "Memorial"?

Ricardo: Most probably, yes, but I don’t really see them as trends. Its just stuff we find in bands that had been influencing Moonspell all this years. Such things always existed but only recently became known as “trends”.

GC: Are there any specific groups from Portugal that you'd like to see get more exposure?

Ricardo: Portugal has been developing its own scene in the last few years and it is finally getting the shape and longevity. There are a lot of bands in every metal genre. From Heavy Metal to Black Metal, Death Metal, Hard Core, Gothic and speaking of trends, recently there has been a big Boom of Metal Core bands down here. I wonder why?

There’s this band called “the Temple”, and I think they are very good. They kinda sound a bit mainstream but like I said previously, they have very strong roots in the underground scene. The play a very solid mix of Thrash and Hard core with a Rock’n’roll twist. They are not the kind of bands I usually listen to but these guys know how to write a good song.

GC: Any thoughts or concerns on the current state of the world right now?

Ricardo: I guess we’re walking towards our own extinction. Nature is a very wise thing and we are just one of its tools. Since the tool is malfunctioning for too long, it will be replaced it for another one that works properly. This might sound crazy, but it’s the natural order of life. Don’t you think there is a reason for natural catastrophes, new viruses that are now emerging and can exterminate millions of lives with the blink of an eye? The hole in the ozone layer, the defrosting of North Pole, the imminent danger of a nuclear war are, among many others, signs that only will get our proper attention when it will be to late. There’s a big picture which is changing all the time and we’re nothing but temporarily and disposable characters around here. You see…I know I am being paranoid but I do have hope, but definitely, not on mankind’s arrogance. GC: How do you feel Moonspell's progressed musically & visually from your initial start?

Ricardo: I think we’ve just been learning and learning from everything we could get in touch with since the very beginning of this band. The great thing of have a band with a career is the fact that your life will always be a great experience.

You’ll always be around a lot of people and a lot of people will be around you. And if you take a deeper thought at it, you’ll notice the propose of a band is to exchange. Exchange ideas, emotions, experiences, etc, and you’ll be doing that for as long as you are musician. So thanks to that, I think we’re communicating better and at the same time, and the people that has been around us for more than 10 years are also communicating better with us.

We’re definitely a more solid band with more character than ever. Our music got stronger and so did our visual components.

GC: Does the entire band reside in Portugal?

Ricardo: Yes, we all live in Portugal. Thought, our drummer was born and raised till he was 13 in the U.S.A., Boston to be more precisely

GC: Any plans to tour North America? How would you compare American audiences to the European? Is one more enthusiastic than the other?

Ricardo: It has just been confirmed that in October we will be touring the states with Katatonia and Daylight dies. We’ll be Headlining. We just don’t know yet for how long this tour will be.

I think both European and American are very enthusiastic but with different characteristics.

Europeans are more contemplative when it comes to watch a band playing live, even if there’s the usual mosh pits and stuff. Americans are way more physical. You have the most intense way of expressing yourselves on a live show. There are no mid terms when it comes to the American crowd. If you guys are enjoying a band live, it’s a hell of a party, but if you don’t…well…you make sure that the band notices it. No excuses allowed. And believe me… we felt both of them. GC: Anything else you'd like to add?

Ricardo: Thank you for the interview and the interest on Moonspell. Hope you guys enjoy this record as much as we enjoyed doing it, and hopefully we’ll be in the States very soon promoting it and having a great time with all of you.


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