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Interviews Heavy Metal, Gothic Metal, Black Metal Interview - The Defiled - It's Middle Finger Metal BABY!

Article & Transcribing - Emma Wilson


Interviewer – Phill Bruce


Interview Date – 3rd November 2011


If you have not heard of this band, seriously dude’s where the f**k have you been?   This is a true twisted Cinderella story of local lads forming a band and hitting the music industry HARDER than MIKE TYSON, and taking the world on by storm.  From your very own capital London, U.K.  They class themselves as "Middle Finger Metal" they hate to be pigeon hold in any typical musical genre.  As long as the music is black, metal, dark, manic with a huge chunk of hot and heavy they are happy campers.  Their music - It makes you want to wind mill and throw yourself in to a wall of death, even in your own living room.  This talented epic band have had articles published and been mentioned plus been interviewed by almost every top end metal and alternative magazines on the shelves today!   The fact they have just been put on the issue of Metal hammer shows how epic this band is!

So here is the main event – WE at Grave Concerns are ecstatic to introduce our own interview for this mesmerising and uber talented band.  So Let the debortuary begin ……………


GC – For all your fans out there can you tells a little bit of a background about your self’s the band and where in this beautiful world you are from?

The Defiled – We are THE DEFILED, we are from London town, here in the U.K .AND WE ARE BUMS LOL, we have been defiled a lot in life, and it’s what our music reflects.

The line-up of this epic band consists of :


Stitch D - Vocals & Guitar

 The AvD - Programming/Keys & B. Vocals

 Aaron Curse - Guitar

 J.C - Drums

 Vincent Hyde - Bass


GC – And how have you been defiled in life?

The Defiled – We are struggling musicians trying to make a dime in the music world really!


GC – When and at what point in your life did you decide to form your band, and what where the reasons behind that decision?

The Defiled – When I was around 10 really, when you are a kid some want to be an astronaut , a professional sport man or women, kids want to aim high and ours unfortunately  was music .  For all of us music has been a fact and way of life for us all throughout our lives.  Not to sound cheesy or anything but music choose us.


GC – What was the turning point for when Defiled was formed?

The Defiled – It was about 5 years ago the band formed, well I would say more like 3 years as a serious band The Defiled that we are now .  That’s when we became more serious.  When we first started it wasn’t even the same line up, as we have now, it was not even remotely close to it is today.  When we first started this journey we were just p**s heads in a recording studio once in a while trying to bash out some music.


GC – And how did every one meet?  


The Defiled - Stitch D – I and the original base player meet in a shop in Camden, London in the U.K. and our guitar player Curse (Aaron Curse) in the same shop and at the time we were all proper GOTHS.  And it was a case of, ‘that guy looks cool’. I wonder then if he plays an instrument.  It didn’t even matter if he could play anymore; we use to audition that many people for the forming of the band, but people they seen to never use to turn up!  Or if they did they would be good but never really worked, it was really weird.  Then we just sort of met you (the AvD), who started as our initial drummer originally for the bands line up but then we (Stitch D and The AvD ) started recording a few tracks . We were not even The Defiled to begin with, but we just started doing music.   That’s the thing, I mean the band’s name THE DEIFIELD has only been around for only four years really.


GC – How did you come up with the creative name for your band?

The Defiled – Well after wrestling with over 3000 names.  And considering half of us where in all different bands before we came together, we had all the same sound that we were looking for.


GC – What sort of bands where you in before the huge success of the Defiled?


The Defiled - The AvD – I was in a punk rock band, playing Californian punk with like no effects and bad religion.

Stitch D – Grunge bands for me, I am an INDIE Nirvana kid. Then Slipknot and Korn came along.

GC – What are your personal musical tastes and what bands do you listen to, for inspiration to create new music for yourselves?


The Defiled - Stitch D and The AvD - It’s very varied actually it stem’s all the back from NIN, Nirvana, Slayer. Off course I have to mention Classics like Machine Head.  We do listen to a lot of modern music now.  We don’t take stuff, i.e. mimic lyrics or beats.  I mean it’s a difficult question because we listen to such a huge spectrum of genres and a massive eclectic mix of bands.  It’s not something that is forced, if you understand me.  It’s an amalgamation of everything, we don’t set out to sound like anything else out there, from past or present.  And off course everyone has their own views and we in the past the band have been compared to some of the biggest legends in our industry, I mean who wouldn’t!  Sometimes we have even been compared to bands or artist’s we have not heard and we say “f**k let’s check them out”.  It’s a huge compliment that people think we sound like other famous and successful bands.  We do all the song writing between us two, (Stich D and The AvD)so it’s what just sounds good to our  ears, we don’t go out and say “hey lets write a song like Slayer“. We don’t do that.  We just play 100’s of rifts until we hear one that we like and suits what we want for the particular track.  And then we turn in to a Defiled song.  The sky’s the limit with music whatever genre you are in, you just tend to sit down and think WOW I can literally do anything right now.


GC – How would you choice to describe your style of music?


The Defiled – The AvD - A rusty trombone on a sunny day.  An amalgamation of Slayer being molested by Freddy Kruger.


GC – Where do you see your band in five years and what are your hopes for the future?


The Defiled – The AvD - My hopes are am I going to get the job in the band lol.

Stitch D – Well we will see the way we are going at the moment the sky’s the limit really, or you are going to see us in a gutter back in Camden, London.  Properly begging and w**king in to homeless people’s faces for money, I don’t know ha-ha.  On a serious note, we work dam hard for what we have done and achieved so far, we are going to keep working extra hard.  It has really paid off, as this is our full time job now, as we are lucky enough to do that, other bands on the scene hold part time of full time jobs as well as perusing there music career .  I also manage a tattoo shop in London that makes us money. We do bits and pieces here and there, but no this is our main job.  The thing is we tour so much.  Our drummer recently lost his day job- we can’t get a normal job! I mean it wouldn’t go down well in the interview. Can you imagine in the interview “yes I would love to work for you but I need the whole of December to February off to tour” lol. They would tell you not to let the door hit your arse on the way out ha-ha.


GC – Is there any place or venue you would like to play at and why?

The Defiled - Wemberley Arena, London (huge laughs from both Stitch D and THE AvD).  Well, because it’s big and you know that when you do a sell-out tour there you have made it ha-ha (WEMBERLY Arena 105,000 combined seating and standing) is the second largest stadium in Europe.  It is the home venue of the England national football team).

GC – Where is the biggest venue you have played so far?

The Defiled – It has to be Sonisphere baby …………..  We were on the Jagermeister stage.

Oh and we can’t forget Manchester Academy that was pretty awesome last time we played with Murderdolls.   We have played so many places, including some right s**t holes to be honest!

Defiled3 copy

GC – Without giving too much away is there any instrument or program you wouldn’t be without and why?

The Defiled – Well the Mac computer for one! It’s awesomeWe would love to be able to record everything on the G5. One day maybe ;)  But in regards to the band I suppose I couldn’t go without my Subookie guitar, without it we would pretty f**ked really.  There are loads of things we can’t go without really! I mean something simple like, microphones, also make up lol.

Ok just for shits and giggles here are a few comical questions we thought we would throw in for you to answer!


GC – If you were stranded on a desert island what album book and film you be there with?


The Defiled – Stitch D – Album – Nirvana- in utero.  Book – f**k reading lol and film it has to be something like cast way ha-ha, just to share another man’s pain.


THE AvD – I would normal go for the downward spiral, because it’s my favourite album of all time but I am loving the live one on all that it could have been, case when NIN  do remixes of their stuff and its epic, I'm going to be really 90’s and say natural born killers for my film .


GC – Is there anything you would like to add?


The Defiled - THE AvD – yeah lol, life’s a bitch mahahahahahah.


Stitch D – I would like thank everyone involved in helping this possible to us, the fans - you’re the best. And our management team. And now I have to go fix my hair ha-ha.


Myself and Phill would like to thank The Defiled for this momentous occasion to meet such an epic band. Keep the music coming lad’s.  Phill, the tour manager you epic dude.  Without you this would not have happened, also everyone at the Roadhouse for having us.  The crowd at the gig for making it so memorable.

Watch The Defiled - "Call To Arms"

The Defiled- Call to Arms


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