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Wolfcrusher Interview


Interviewer – Phill Bruce


Interview Date – 11th November 2011


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There is some good talent coming up through the ranks these days and one of them is none other than Wolfcrusher.  They are a young band made up of five amazing guys.  They have been attracting some attention in the metal world and some damned good press too.  I got chance to catch up with them and here is how it went.

GC – Thank you so much for giving Grave Concerns this interview, can we start by telling us a little about yourselves and what you play?

Wolfcrusher – We are a five piece groove death metal/rock band based inManchesterUK.

GC – Wolfcrusher is indeed an awesome name, how did you decide on the name and does it have any meaning?

Wolfcrusher – We just started throwing ideas in and then when this came up everyone seemed to agree on it, plus sounds “awesome” enough to get people’s attention ha ha.

GC – I have seen some pretty good reviews of you guys, how has your music been received in general?

Wolfcrusher – Really well I must say, some reviews even surprise us like the 9/10 from Metal Hammer UK and some really nice words from the Roadrunner A&R crew too.


GC – Your style is quite unique, how would you choose to describe the music you play?

Wolfcrusher – Groove death metal would describe it well, I’d say.

GC – Your management company are amazing, how did you come to be signed to them?

Wolfcrusher – They are doing only the PR side of things for us, but they are amazing indeed. I’ve approached them with the idea and they said yes straight away, was pretty straightforward.

GC – What are your musical influences?

Wolfcrusher – For this release it was mainly from Gojira and Black Label Society.

GC – How do you give songs the breathe of life in Wolfcrusher, is there anyone in particular who is the creative inspiration or is it a joint thing?

Wolfcrusher – I’ve written “Virgin Tapestry” myself musically, as it was never really intended to be played ever live. I just wanted to write something without any boundaries or anyone looking over my shoulder and then it just took on a life on its own. With the newer stuff we have more time and the guys come up with ideas as well, although I don’t like writing this kind of music in the practice space.  I like to produce full songs and then start sculpturing them.


GC – You have gained fame quite quickly, are you surprised by it and how does it make you feel that you have gained so much notification soon?

Wolfcrusher – I wouldn’t say fame, but definitely we are recognised. It feels good and is reassuring that so far what we are doing is good and people seem to like it.

GC – Out of all the press you have received is there any that stands out in your mind?

Wolfcrusher – The 8/10 Metal Hammer review and Monte Connor‘s (Roadrunner Records) 7/10.

GC – Out of all the songs that you do are there anyone in particular that holds special meaning for you?

Wolfcrusher – All songs on the record hold musically a special meaning for me as it reflects my actual mood/feeling in the time of writing.

GC – Is there anywhere in you have played that holds great memories?

Wolfcrusher – Bloodstock festival this summer, it was just amazing to play it.  Definitely dream come true for us…or dream come true again for some of the guys ha ha.

GC – Is there any venue or festival that you would like to play and why?

Wolfcrusher – We would love to play of course the big festivals in the UK, but for me Sziget festival in Hungary would be a special one.   Just because of it’s heritage.

GC – Your music has a kind of groovy edge to it, how do you get the groove in Wolfcrusher?

Wolfcrusher – When writing this album, I was trying to have as much groove as possible, minimize blast beats and all other technical stuff. There are only so many technicalities the audience can digest, but everyone can enjoy good grooves for hours. Including myself.

GC – You are a varied bunch from different backgrounds and with various heritages from this merry world.  Does being from different places help to provide your unique sound and influence your music?

Wolfcrusher –  We are all metal heads in the end, we don’t have too much of a world sound going on, but to some extent I’m pretty sure in nuances you could trace back our different heritages.


GC – What are your hopes for the future?

Wolfcrusher – Just to be able to play the music that we love and enjoy it.

GC – If you could integrate any instrument into the music of Wolfcrusher what would it be?

Wolfcrusher – A full symphonic orchestra would be interesting.

GC – Is there any band on the scene at the moment that catches your ear?

Wolfcrusher – Spires have some ear and brain melting stuff, looking forward to their newest material!


GC – OK a little bit of fun now, desert island mp3s lol.  If you were deserted on a desert island what book, film and album would you want to be stranded with?

Wolfcrusher – As I’m not a fan of reading literature, I would probably take some chemistry or programming book. Dream Theatre Scenes from New York DVD for a film.  Album…I really don’t know, have so many favourites…probably would take Metallica’s S&M.

GC – And what 4 people from present day, in history or ficticous characters would you be like to be stranded with and why?

Wolfcrusher – To start on the geeky side of me, Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci would be one of them, would love to pick their brain on stuff. Mozart to talk about music/composition. Fourth one would be my dad as we can just ramble on about stuff endlessly ha ha.


GC – What is your favourite place to go for fast food and what do you usually order?

Wolfcrusher – A Palestinian restaurant called “Falafel” in the Curry Mile here in Manchester, I’m a big fan of their chicken Shwarma and Fatayer.

GC – Certain words however stupid make you smile when you say them, what word silly or not makes you smile?

Wolfcrusher – Ha ha, Cookie is one of those.

GC – If you were to become Prime Minister what would be the first law you would pass?

Wolfcrusher – Build houses with thicker walls so musicians can practice anywhere, on full volume ha ha.

GC – Thanks so much for giving Grave Concerns this interview, is there anything you would like to add?

Wolfcrusher – Thank you so much for having me!

Thanks so much guys, good luck and keep up the bloody marvellous work J

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