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Band: Belphegor
Interviewer: John Mathias


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The blackened death metal horde Belphegor formed back in 1992 and with the release of their now legendary demo "Bloodbath In Paradise" they've been crushing the underground ever since. After several stellar releases, I had the chance to talk with vocalist/guitarist Helmuth about the release of their newest album "Bondage Goat Zombie" on Nuclear Blast Records.  

You guys have been in the studio working on "Bondage Goat Zombie" which is due out April 15th here in the states. How is everything coming along? Run into any problems while recording?

Helmuth: No problems man, it was our goal to ban our tightest album on CD and i think we made that. Hell yeah, for me its always exiting, my blood boils over u know,....a huge challenge to be creative, record/ write
a new album. BONDAGE GOAT ZOMBIE is the freakiest, wildest BELPHEGOR Werk concerning guitars. More shredding, more demonic melodies, more dynamics, more majestic harmonies, leads and more highspeed - inferno. We're pretty goddamn pleased, no bullshit when I say we will give the demons the strongest album we’ve ever made.

What can we expect from the new album? Did you guys try anything different than in the past?

BONDAGE GOAT ZOMBIE is our most mature effort up to day, I think this time we have managed to melt ultra blastbeats and heaviness to one union, u know, its typical BELPHEGOR and everyone knows what to expect from this band.

The 9 sound collages reached a higher level of complexity, dynamics and structured brutality.

I´m totally blown away by the diabolical atmospere, on BONDAGE GOAT ZOMBIE. You don´t find fillers, only highest supreme elitist songs, like a crushing extra punch in your fucking face har har.

As awesome an album as Pestapokalypse VI was, do you think you'll be able to top it with the new release?

Thanks for appreciation. I dig Metal, i mean -  guitar music in general, it is number one in my life. Lemme tell you i love what i´m doing here and i m hundred percent into it. We are fucking motivated and we always want to offer the best to the demons who buy our albums and who support us with that.

No bullshit when i say we gave the demons the strongest album we´ve ever made. 

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I read that some of the lyrics on "Bondage Goat Zombie" deal with Marquis de Sade's works. He was definitely a sick individual! Why did you choose to use his works as inspiration for the new album? Are there any other subjects dealt with on the new album?

The title is a kinda word game.

BONDAGE = the album deals with BDSM, Sado/ Maso stuff, all the fetish shit u know.

GOAT = our trademark since the end of the ninties.

ZOMBIE = for me many ppl ( not only brainless chtristians ) on this planet are fucked up Zombies har har, they walk the earth., like a plague.

The concept on BONDAGE GOAT ZOMBIE is about Marquis De Sade and Sathan. I ´m very inspired by Marquis De Sade and used many of his original verses in our lyrics for the new album. Btw, the whipping/ flagellation at the end of DER RUTENMARSCH is no fake sample.

The Girl that enjoyed the flagellation said, that she is still in pain after a week and still has bruises on her whole back. Its authentic and fits to the whole atmosphere of the album and the concept of the infamous Marquis de Sade (1740 - 1814)

SHRED FOR SATHAN is about the fallen angel, the antagonist, who is not willing to kneel down in front of anyone. Rebellious and always revolting the things he fought for. The message is clear: do not let them break your will - fight for the throne. Also the Marquis was a rebel and was in jail about 25 years for his art/ scripts/ ideals and even that long he took refuge.

Fuck i was so impressed as i get that Justine Book in my hands in 1996. The text is a literal template from Marquis De Sade. Justine is a believing young and pure girl, who converts to a monastery. Quickly she realizes that it's not that pious place she has awaited. Bad torment, indignity, violation comes up to her, her will, body and mind get broken totally, until she is merely an instrument of the voluptuous sadistic porky priests...

"Bondage - das Seil ist Kraft" (the rope is power). The Marquis didn't seem to be a pious man, but a exceptionally gifted sodomist ( in that century u awaited the death sentence for sodomy har har ) and whipper.

With a German text, the title infact tells us everything, it is about BDSM. I  like to use the German language and Latin for many years, I like the effect of both languages. It's very hard and the particular passages get an own morbid charm. Besides the sense of many original incantations/ archaic verses would get lost, because it's difficult to translate, or the words wouldn't exist anymore.

You're once again using Stage One Studio and Andy Classen to produce this album. Everything Andy touches seems to have a perfect sound. What's it like working with Andy? Are you completely happy with the production work he's done on your past albums? How about on the new album?

Andy made us again a brillant soundwall in the Stage One Studios and its always a great pleasure to work with him, the equipment and studio’s killer. For BONDAGE GOAT ZOMBIE we went into the studio with much more experience. We never before spending so many times in the rehearsing room, we are real fanatics and take everything very seriously, a song only gets on the album if we are content for hundred percent. This time we recorded almost five weeks, devided in three sessions ( Nov. 2007 - Jan. 2008 ), to get the best result out of it. Fuck what a smashing - powerful production, yeah its extreme as fukk.

The drums are being handled by Torturer, a session drummer. How is that working out? Any plans on him becoming a full time member? I just can't believe that a band like Belphegor would have the trouble you've had in trying to find a drummer.

I don´t talk about session musicians anymore, many bands work with session musicians and change their line up.

Listen, its boring to repeat that shit over and over again u know, for PESTAPOKALYPSE VI we shred about 150 shows worldwide, no big deal, we always gurantee the ppl perfect musicians and musicwise an aggressive show. The core is so fucking solid and ready to kick some serious ass...

On Pestapokalypse VI, you changed from Napalm Records to Nuclear Blast. Was there a reason for this? Are you content with the way Nuclear Blast has treated and promoted the band?

Honestly, former so called labels all sucked balls, Nuclear Blast rec is the first label in our career that treat us well.

For BELPHEGOR it`s a big step forward in aspects of distribution, promotion, and touring. We´re happy to
have found a strong partner in all things metal and have now got all the possibilities we were refused in the past.

BELPHEGOR has never cared/ followed any trends or changed their style drastically like many crap bands.

That`s what we`re best at and what BELPHEGOR always has done, shredding the brutal Metal of Death.

Who is responsible for the artwork on the new album? I must say it looks incredible! Who came up with the idea for the cover? Was it totally up to the artist, or did you tell them what you thought it should look like?

I dig that abstract BDSM & Sathan stuff, u know, it fits perfect to the songs/ verses and melt the whole into a cold unit.

Its not kinda image/ bad boys or whatsoever shit, we all adore that kind of art, and that became our trademark since over an decade now.

Ralph Manfreda followed my instructions/ suggestions and did an amazing job, it look sick, i dig it.

Will "Bondage Goat Zombie" be available on vinyl?

BONDAGE GOAT ZOMBIE comes in four formats.

I On Ltd. Edition Digipak CD+DVD
(incl. Video clip, Behind the scenes, Studio making of, Live footage & freak section).
II Ltd. European Edition: BELPHEGOR orig. NVA steel helmet incl. dogtag + ltd. edition Digipak CD+DVD (only 500 copies)!!!
III Ltd. Red Vinyl Edition (1000 copies)
IV Standard CD

There were two videos put out for Pestapokalypse VI, "Bluhtsturm Erotika" and "Hell's Ambassador". Will there be any videos released for the new album?

BELPHEGOR has recently finished filming a new video for the title track "BONDAGE GOAT ZOMBIE".
Worldwide premiere in the end of March 2008, be prepared har har!

You're on tour now with Rotting Christ, Averse Sefira and Immolation. How has the tour been so far?

Hell yeah, the five weeks Usa run were beyond amazing, many concerts on that run have been one of our best which we ever had.

BELPHEGOR would like to thank the other bands/ crew and of course all die-hard metal demons for showing up to the events, the great response and sharing a great time with us. We can't wait to blast you all once again, see ya soon...

Belphegor has been to the US before on tour. Were there any problems at the border this time around? What do you think of the American fans? What have the crowds been like?

No problems this time har har. Well, the first Usa tour im November 2006 were with DANZIG, fukk that was more than impressive for the band and for me another dream came true. Almost every day we checked out their show. For me, Mr. Glenn is one of the best innovative singer in the world when it comes to clear vocals. He had chosen BELPHEGOR for the tour, no trendy whatsoever new metal - hippie bullshit band har har. I' ve never thought to come with BELPHEGOR to Las Vegas u know,....if i think about it, it still seems unreal for me...fukk that was a crazy helltrip.

It seems like Belphegor is always on tour and you already have another one planned for late 2008 in support of the new album. What has been your favorite country to play shows in?

It´s still very exciting when we go on board of a plane and fly out of Europe. U know, it principially doesnt matter where we play, metal fans, supporter are cool ppl. Everywhere the maniacs are in a good mood, celebrate and go crazy, scream, begin to bang, to have a fukking good time is always great for the band and keeps you investing more and more on stage.

BELPHEGOR played worldwide amazing shows the last years, collected incredible impressions. Lots of thanks again to all ppl we met on the road and making the last years a fuckin killer for BELPHEGOR to remember and take to our graves, or what so ever har har. U rule, u rule metal brothers and sisters

Unfortunately, I've never been able to get to see a Belphegor concert. What can you expect when seeing you guys play live? I'd imagine it's an excellent performance.

For the PESTAPOKALYPSE VI album we did about 150 shows. I really think that we are a band that live definitely destroy and leave dust and ashes. Blasting, massive drum attackes meet infernal guitar sounds and rough fukked up vocals. We want to offer the demons who come to our shows a good performance and killer music, this is what they await from us and we give them the absolute blast and shoot our blast-hits into their heads.

So what should i say, we´ll do what we always do, to keep the evil and raw spirit in metal music, try to unleash more energy, to give the die-hard brothers and sisters ultimate hell. BELPHEGOR in a live situation = TNT!!!

This tour is winding down and the new album will be out soon. What's next from the Belphegor camp?

Yeah nonstop touring is the masterplan,....worldwide.

To promote the new album BONDAGE GOAT ZOMBIE on stage, to kill musically in the name of the devil and to recruite new followers for the crusade of Death/ Black Metal.

That's all for now. I appreciate getting to interview Belphegor! The final words are yours..

Well, thanks a lot for the space, we appreciate the support.

All demons should run out and check BONDAGE GOAT ZOMBIE ( April 15th Usa via Nuclear Blast Rec. )
await an extreme musick explosion in April 2008, worldwide.



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