Thursday, 18th October 2018. 12:52:47pm ET

Band: Evil Army
Interviewer: John Mathias

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Evil Army was formed a few years ago in Memphis, TN to play old school thrash metal. This is an interview with guitarist/vocalist Rob Evil, who has a twin brother named Michael Murder in the band as well. Their debut full length was recently re-released by Hell's Headbangers.

What is the current lineup?
Rob Evil on guitar and vocals, Michael Murder on drums, and Bones on bass.

What happened with your original bass player Bones?
He started playing with us about 2 and a half years ago. He played bass on the full length but had to cut out to go to rehab after about a year of playing with us. We've went through 2 different bass players since then, but he joined us again 8 months ago.

Your twin brother Michael Murder is the drummer for Evil Army. Do you think both of you being in the band makes it easier to do this full time? Do you guys push each other to get better or play faster?
We're all dedicated to doing this full time. We're always pushing each other to get better to play harder and faster.

How did the deal with Hell's Headbangers come about? They're re-releasing your full length and the War Ripper split 7" correct? When can those be expected to be released?
I asked Hell's Headbangers if they were interested in re-releasing the full length and they said they'd do it. They're not releasing the split with War Ripper; a label from the UK is releasing that. The repress of our full length will be available before the year is over, and its probably gonna be a couple more months until the split 7" is released.

Sample ImageAny new albums or splits in the works?
We’re about to start recording our next full length when we get back from tour next week with Rigor Mortis and Arson Anthem.

Your lyrics seem to deal with horror, war and violence. Is there any one topic that you prefer to write about and what influences your lyrics?
I don’t have just one topic to write lyrics about. I just like writing lyrics that get my adrenaline going and get me pissed off. I releases a lot of my anger through our music and lyrics.

How often do you guys write new songs? Do you find yourself constantly working on new ones or mostly perfecting the ones you already have and writing when new ones are needed?
I write all of the music and lyrics in Evil Army. I’m always working on new songs. At all times of the day I have ideas for songs running through my head.

From what I've heard, it sounds like you have some definite early Metallica and Slayer influences. A lot of people seem to have a cut off point with both bands where they felt they lost their edge and didn't stay true to their original course. Is that true with you as well, or do you like all of their albums?
Metallica’s first four albums are all I like. Slayer’s early shit is my favorite, but there is only one or two Slayer albums that I’m not a big fan of. It doesn’t matter if Metallica aren’t playing the same music they were 20 years ago because those early albums will kick ass til the end of time.There’s not one band out there that can hold a candle to Kill ‘Em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, and …And Justice for All. Those bands have definitely influenced our music. Bathory is another big influence of mine.

How important is it to you to keep playing the same way you are now? Do you see change as a natural thing as the band ages or do you think that's a cop out?
I want to evolve as a band for the better.

What do you think of all of these retro thrash bands that are popping up these days? There seems to be a flood of them and quite a few of them are playing some pretty weak thrash metal.
I can’t stand the retro thrash bands. They only do it because they think it’s cool and the thing to do. We play this shit because we were born into it.

What are your interests outside of the band?
Sitting in my room working on new songs.

Where can your merchandise be purchased from and what is available?
You can get our CDs at GETREVENGERECORDS.COM and the repress of our first full length will be available at HELLSHEADBANGERS.COM.

Thanks for the interview Rob. The final words are yours.


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