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This is an interview with Florida's Tony Anderson, frontman and co-founder of the band GENERICHRIST. Tony writes for Rivot Rag magazine and is part owner of Rivot Rag Records and they have just released the Abscess/EatMyFuk split 7”.

Hey Tony! How's it going bro?
Hey man, its going good except for the Florida heat. It’s kinda a sneak preview to what hell will be like.

Why don't you start out by telling everyone a little bit about GENERICHRIST and its members.
Well the GENERICHRIST history goes back to 2001 . The band was formed from the ashes of the band UNKNOWN CURE. Me and guitarist Guy Loucks formed that band years ago. Dave Conte was actually the last drummer we had under the UNKNOWN CURE name. Guitarist Wayne Clark was the front man of another Tampa Metal band named TRIAL BY STONE and after their break up he contacted us and soon after and became a member of what then was called BLOODHOUSE. But soon after he joined we changed the bands name to GENERICHRIST. We where joined for a short time by bassist Dave Bizzigotti (RIPPING CORPSE) but he seemed to vanish. On the "Fuck Ritual" demo we actually have Tony Dolan (ex-Venom, Atomkraft) doing the bass on the recording. Which is a honor for all of us in the band. And bassist Will Beck will be back in the line-up as a full time member as he just moved back from Australia this month.

Guitarist Don Queen left GENERICHRIST not too long ago and has been replaced by ex-TRIAL BY STONE front man Wayne Clark. How has this worked out and does Wayne bring anything new to the band?
Don was actually never a member under the GENERICHRIST name. He took off about 7 months ago and that's when we decided to change the name of the band. This is really a new band now in my opinion. If you listen to the new music its just different in so many ways. As for Wayne he has been a great fit in from day one. He is an old school guy and that's exactly what I wanted and what this band needed. So many guys around here want to just play trendy bullshit. We wanted to find someone who grew up on Metal music and wasn't influenced by today's plastic MTV Hardcore mall Metal movement. Another thing about Wayne is he shares our hatred towards many of the people on this earth. He follows his own path.

You guys are currently working on the "Fuck Ritual" and "Funeral March of the Maggots" demos due out in September. What can we expect to hear on these albums?
Well the "Fuck Ritual" demo should be out in a few weeks.  It will be a three song demo laced with raw Thrash/Death metal and of course some hidden messages telling the kids to kill their families and their pets. Actually it will be tracks we recorded ourselves in our practice space nothing fancy at all. "Funeral March of the Maggots" will follow shortly after hopefully in early February. We wanted to have both done this month but you know how shit goes always delays...

Will they be released on your label Rivot Rag Records? What formats will they be available on?
I’d like to have "Funeral March of the Maggots" released on Rivot Rag Records. As for "Fuck Ritual" it will be such a small release it will probably just be put out by the band. Both demo's will be in tape and CD format Also we have been throwing around some ideas about doing a split 7" and that would be released on Rivot Rag Records of course.

You write all the lyrics for GENERICHRIST. What subjects do your lyrics deal with? Do you touch on any serious topics such as religion, society or politics?
Lyrics are very important to me. We deal with the bullshit that this world gives us daily. Many of our lyrics focus on the evil of humanity. If you look at the people that are looked at as icons and role models its really a fuckin joke. I mean I find it hard to watch TV all these reality shows its just pure garbage. I have no interest in watching rich celebrities pull pranks on each other and all that other shit. We have a new song that will be on the "Fuck Ritual" demo titled Neonaticide a track about mother who kill their young. Our lyrics deal with sins of all man.

What is the writing process for a GENERICHRIST album like? In what order is it written and recorded?
Wayne or Guy will bring a few riffs to the practice space and show them to me and Dave and we build from there. I have lyrics written usually that we work into their ideas. I also change em up as the process goes on until we feel comfortable. You just kinda know when it works that's one thing about GENERICHRIST no one holds back on saying what he thinks.

When recording, do you guys all hit the studio together? There seems to be a lot of bands that record everything separately and just send it to each other.
We like to have everybody there to make sure we are all satisfied.

Do you have any plans of touring once the albums are finished?
We would love to tour of course!! We actually got offered a short tour last month but we really wanted to have these recordings done before we did so. I really hope we get to do some out of town gigs in early 2008 it’s been far too long.

Your label Rivot Rag just released the ABSCESS/EATMYFUK 7". How are things going with the label? Any more releases planned anytime soon?It’s going good man. Me and my friend Jack Rudzinski started Rivot Rag Records this year. We released our first 7" featuring ABSCESS and EATMYFUK limited to 555 last month. It was cool to get to work with Chris Reifert I grew up an AUTOPSY fan and he was great to deal with. He even did the cover art for that release. There is another 7" in the works now but I don't think I can say the bands until we make it official but you can check for updates and to pick up a copy of the EATMYFUK/ABSCESS split. 

I'm a big fan of horror movies and understand that you are too. What are some of your personal favorite horror flicks?
Yea I’m a horror junkie. I just saw Rob Zombie's version of "Halloween" the other night it was done real well I thought. I really got into the House Of 1000 Corpses and The Devils Rejects films he did. I grew up a fan of Evil Dead, Halloween,  Hellraiser, Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original) and just shit loads of those films. I've always been into the zombie films especially the black and white ones. I saw a independent horror film called "Joshua" by Travis Betz recently that I think was killer and everyone should check it out.

You've been working on making your own movie right? How's that going and will it be released?
I have been working on a short black and white horror film titled "Dead Boy" but I will not start filming until after "The Funeral March" demo is done. I hope to have it done by April of 2008. I have no budget so it shall be an interesting experience but I’m looking forward to it.

How can people get a hold of your releases on Rivot Rag Records and the zine you write for, Rivot Rag?
You can go to to get any releases on our label. Also we are a print zine so email that site and we will send you some zines in the mail.

Well Tony, I guess that's all for now. Thanks for the interview bro nd good luck with all of your projects! Anything you'd like to add? The final words are yours!
Yea Thanks John to you and everyone at Grave Concerns for the interest in GENERICHRIST. You can find everything GENERICHRIST related at and  .

And remember slaughter the trend!!!



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