Sunday, 23rd September 2018. 9:57:43pm ET
Interviews Gothic Interview- Plastique Noir

Plastique Noir is an exciting band from Brazil. Their music is a blend of gothic, rock, and post punk. Their album “Urban Requiems” is a hot dish of incredible tracks---illuminating the sensuality of vocals, the beautifully dark and intense melodies---and the overall craftsmanship of artistic talents slipping into your souls. Plastiqu Noir is a band deserving to be recognized. Check out their interview; it’s a provocative, fun, flirty, and highly engaging peek into their world---a place which I had such a GREAT time visiting! (:

Grave Concerns: Dark Greetings Marcio, Danyel, Max, and Airton, this is such a super-cool opportunity to have you here at the grave, how are you all doing?

Airton S: Fine, thanks, and better now since we're in touch with your scene.

Márcio Mäzela: Hello, what a honor! We are ok, running against time, but we are happy and continuing our struggle.
Grave Concerns: It’s our pleasure to have you here---an honor for us as well. (:

Grave Concerns: I MUST tell you all how massively talented, and incredibly striking you all are! You're a darkly haunting band with deep, sexy voices and blow-me away musical skills! Lovin' you so much! (:

Airton S: We thank you very much, especially for "sexy voices" hehehe.

MM: Merci beaucoup! We try to keep a good work with lots of blood and sweat. Uh, the voice is really sexy, but the guitar is an orgy! Hehehehehehe.
Grave Concerns: You’re VERY welcome. Ahhhhh, the possibilities! My skin quivers. (;

Grave Concerns: Your videos are awesome to have up on your profile page---love watching/listening to them. Your live performance of "Empty Streets" is sensational---so pure, so riveting---you guys sound so, so, GOOD on that one! I don't have any idea what you're saying in your interview for TV Pronto.CE Festival's promo VT, but I LOVE how you speak! Languages fascinate me---the way simple words can sound so beautiful, amazes me.

Airton S: Our live gig for Empty Streets YouTube video happened in Noise 3D Club, which unfortunately doesn't exist anymore. It was like our true home, here at our city. It was always comfortable and unworrying to play there. We miss that place, as consequence we really care about that video, despite it hasn't a really professional production. About Ponto.CE VT, we were just talking a little bit about our musical style, cause that was our first interview for TV and gothic bands are rare in our region, so we had to explain what the fuck were that strange music we're practicing. Beside that, we also talked about our inviting for opening the Cruxshadows Brazilian tour regardless Plastique Noir had only six months of existence on that time.

MM: Thanx again! This is just a demo-clip just to show a pattern of our music with images…but soon we'll do better videos. But this one has a sentimental value for us. I miss the club that saw us born, the defunct Noise 3D Club, that showed lots of cool local and Brazilian bands as well. The other videos are fragments of gigs and interviews – I hope to someday put some subtitles for foreign fans to understand what the hell we're talking about, huhuhuh. Also we think in some songs in Portuguese for a next future…
Grave Concerns: You’re welcome---looking forward to those videos then. Hey, great idea with the subtitles! I’m all for it. (;

Grave Concerns: When did you first discover that music was what you wanted to pursue? And while you were waiting for that to happen, what other jobs did you have?

Airton S: I think all of us have listened music with passionate attention since our childhoods. Marcio and Danyel are collectors and they have thousands of titles. Danyel have inherited all the old vinyl albums of his father, who introduced general rock music to him. Cause that, probably music has a special meaning to Danyel. But we still keep paralell activities so far. Brazil doesn't pay fairly for creativity and art career, it doesn't matter the specialty or language of art: music, panting, cinema, et al. Sometimes shocks happen between our both life styles - the dreaming life of obscure music and culture and, by the other hand, our regular lives of studies and jobs, which sometimes is a trouble for our artistic arrangements. It's hard for us to get the road on tour for more than three days, so we always have to return to home until the next weekend to go on again. Maybe Plastique Noir is a very volatile product, with a short lifetime. We have to get success very soon, or the band will be over.

MM: All of us are music lovers since our childhood; my dad was a collector of rock and Brazilian music in vinyl and tapes. By the age of 8, I was crazy about artists like A-HA, Information Society and The Cure, but, when I saw Billy Idol singing "Rebell Yell" on a TV show I've thought: "Oh, fuck, I wanna be like this guy"! And the time had gone by and I've discovered other bands that made me a rocker: Black Sabbath, Ramones, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy etc. But is very hard to live of music here in our country (it's hardest in our home-town, Fortaleza) and we get ourselves into a schizophrenia: the jobs, the studies…but it's still a dream to be a real professional musician, to live by the merits of our songs…Airton is a graphic designer and advertiser; Max is a funerary agent (yes, he is, ehehhe), Danyel is a free-lance musician, and I am an academic researcher/teacher and cultural productor…but we try to keep it all in rhythm as we can.
Grave Concerns: Such great responses guys---and so enlightening. You all have such fascinating jobs too---good, solid jobs…but don’t be too hard on the shelf life of your band---keep reaching for it, as long as you can. You guys are awesome! (:

Grave Concerns: As team collaborators, what have been the most difficult compromises to been made, regarding lyrics and music? How do you move forward, when something you'd really wanted to be considered, is not mutually felt?

Airton S: That's one of our biggest current problems. Some of us are really interested on keeping the style into gothic in an orthodox view. Others of us are really interested in a slowly crossing of this frontier. Our lyrics have changed a little bit, but that's one of our rare points of mutual understanding. We are tired of depress lyrics and classic symbols of horror, lately we have preferred an introspective approach of writing. Since that, we think we sound less teenager and the themes are easier to be understood by anyone. About the music, it seems we have a little absence of technical balance at this moment, but our way to move forward has been ignore the problem and sometimes even change the places - "you do this, I do that". We fight almost all the time, but we used to get overcome beyond often with minimal damage on our personal internal relationship.

MM: To be in a band is almost like to be in a romantic relationship: some good fucks, others not too good and a little bit of really bad fucks. To make a link between lyrics and music is the easiest part of all the process, but the great problem is to link four subjectivities (2 relaxed psychopaths and two nervous bastards, ehehe) to be in harmony. We're perfectionists and we are expanding the dark frontiers, tired of the "same old goth story". But I call myself a goth without problems. In the band, I'm the most traditionalist in this aspect, but I have no fear to cross the line. Let's see what destiny deserves…
Grave Concerns: Very, very, nicely said gentleman. And destiny deserves to see and hear more of Plastique Noir before making any final calls. (;

Grave Concerns: Your band name is so very cool sounding---and has quite the creepy, but very provocative meaning behind it. Tell us more about how you came to have your band named after the bags, which carry the dead bodies that are going to the morgue.

Airton S: I got the idea as an insight, after we have thought for a long time. Some names occurred in our minds: Sleepy Hollow, The Dreaming, Phantascope (the first tool that gave origin later to the Lumiere's cinematographer and, as that, also projected animated images since shadows), et al. Me and Marcio were drinking in a street near of his home and smoking joint, so I thought in Plastique Noir. It synthesizes horror and sophistication at the same time. Just like our music.

MM: This is the main concept: as the bags carry the dead bodies to rest I the cold of the morgue, our music carries the living ones to dance and trance. And the French sounds good, and it's hard or even impossible to have a homonymous band. Airton and I create various names and titles, we're good partners since the college, when I showed him some dark bands that I love for years, since I was sixteen or so. He discovered the dark side of the music and get into goth stuff. I'm proud of it! Huhuhuh.
Grave Concerns: I can clearly visualize both of your concepts---such amazing images I have in mind. Nice stories. Hey! What were you guys smoking? Hmmm.

Grave Concerns: Which songs, so far, are you most proud of, and why?

Airton S: Silent Shout. I think we got some balanced mix of beauty and minimalism (or at least we've tried to) either for the theme of nostalgia. We are four guys injured for past life circumstances. We recall the past but always pointing to the future.

MM: It's a difficult question to answer, because all of our songs are like loved sons, but I think that the first ones and the last ones are very important because they reflect different moments of the band.
Grave Concerns: Very moving guys…so eloquently stated.

Grave Concerns: How do you visualize your music in the coming years?

Airton S: Something that general alternative audience still will appreciate and our current audience won't be disappointed about.

MM: Hard to say without any clairvoyant abilities, ehehehe. But we have much faith in our artwork; we hope to see it reverberating as wide as it can be. We're constantly changing things, taking other influences and our music must be a little bit different than nowadays. Always obscure, but never tied in tired stereotypes.

Grave Concerns: The show Radiofonic CE-95 of Radio Mix in Fortaleza City, you played live, and were interviewed at a very special place there---please share with us that most impressive event. And in 2006,on a most impressive national honor, you were chosen by Valhalla Music Magazine as the revelation band. Please share some memorable moments from those honors, as well as, any others that have made you guys feel especially proud.

Airton S: Our live session by CE-95 happened on the top of one of the highest buildings of Fortaleza city by the crepuscle. The wind on our hairs and the city lights rounded us with the mountains far away did a perfect inspiring scenery. The radio Dj Fabinho Monteiro is our great friend since then, a fucking cool guy who's always supporting us - hugs to you, dude. The Valhalla Brazilian gothic collection also was a great job of the criticyzer Rodrigo Helfestein and the disc has been reviewed by several international sites and magazines with excellent comments, it's a reason for proud not only for Plastique Noir but for the Brazilian bands too. But I felt especially very proud after the Pure Dementia Tour, which we have promotioned Urban Requiems EP by. It wasn't so long as we wished, but we've done a well-succeeded job that increased our audience, gave us credibility to the fans and proved we weren't just a studio band.

MM: Well, we are a very young band that is being known by its own efforts, but some very cool things have happened in our yet brief career. Some of them were to play in great festivals in our home state, to tour in some wonderful cities of Brazil, like Salvador, Brasília and Campina Grande, the personal contact with other bands and fans, that asked us for autographs and stuff like that…after 10 years playing in alternative rock bands was the first time that I've thought, "whoa, I'm really into a band"! It was marvelous! CE-95 was magical: imagine you playing at the top of a very high building when the sun falls…
Grave Concerns: And those will be memories to cherish---you absolutely should be proud of them. (:

Grave Concerns: Luiz Soncini also interviewed you for the famous goth subculture magazine Elegy Iberica---please share how that came about--- it must have been such a fantastic, and blessed opportunity for you all.

Airton S: Our productor had contacted Soncini just few months before the WGT - and we were in the line-up of Mortizbastei stage. It was our first appearance in a stranger magazine, so it was an important conquest. Our Portuguese fans are very lovely, they are always sending us e-mails and comments through MySpace. We really hope to play there someday. Personally, I would like to know better the Portuguese part of the Brazilian cultural roots.

MM: Yes, it was - and Luiz is a great guy that believes in our music. We have a good audience in Portugal already, but the interview helped a lot. Our eternal gratitude for Luiz and all the Elegy Iberica staff… And so to the Portuguese audience, always in touch with us!

Grave Concerns: How was it to perform at Wave Gotik Treffen 2007 in Leipzig, Germany?

Airton S: Probably you don't know so far, but the gig hasn’t happened. WGT team has been very careness to us all the time, but they didn't pay the costs of our air travel, so we started to search for public and private support since the end of 2006 to go there, but we didn't get it, so we had to cancel. Despite that, WGT was great for us cause they kept our links on its official website, what gave us a great exposing front to the European media. After May 2007, we already had got hundreds of fans and professional contacts that have been curious about us. Thanks to Franziska and everybody else.

MM: We don't perform there. It was a great honor to be invited, but we've been out of money to trip right to Leipzig – we hail the Treffen staff too. Brazil don't support their artists as they deserve; we tried a lot, but no one helped us, the only Brazilian band invited for the event…but it has passed by, the battle still continues and we hope to be soon in other countries sharing our music. Maybe with our new releases we get more chances to be in Treffen – it's just like a dream for me. To be in an independent band is very hard, so, we are trying lottery to get some "easy money", uhuhuh. What a damn capitalistic world!
Grave Concerns: I’m so sorry about that. It sounds like some good things did come out of that experience. That’s very good to hear. I hope with your new release, it will generate more awareness to your band.

Grave Concerns: When it comes to writing new material, which do you feel comes first in the creative process---the lyrics or the music, or doesn't it matter?

Airton S: I would say it doesn't matter so much. The concept depends more of the mood of the band. If we are down, the new release will be very introspective... If we are optimistic, most of the sound will be like Killdergarten, what means acid comedy. If we feel able and full of willpower, so the songs are like Six Feet Under, which is longer, experimental and has more arranges than normal.

MM: It doesn't matter at all, we have many lyrics wrote by Airton, Max and me; and we try to put them in songs that have a propitious context… We try to explore the atmosphere of the track, trying to think by images; if these images match with the music's dynamics, we unite it all in a big Frankenstein sound. The compositions appear by some personal insights that we get together or in free jams as well. Everyone in Plastique is a compositor with different potentials.

Grave Concerns: Are you superstitious? Do you believe in Karma?

Airton S: I don't have superstitions, I don't believe in anything. Including this last affirmation. And this last, too. And this one as well. And ad infinitum... Thinking better, am I really here answering this interview?

MM: I try to be, above all, as most realistic and pragmatic as I can. I believe that we can change our destinies in every time we try to fight, tracing lines o flight that lead to new days...I believe in Carpe Diem/Memento Mori and not in fatalism or damn karma. I got a mystical side, but I'm agnostic and against the Christian guilt, that is bullshit. I hate every kind of religion; I prefer sharp and iconoclast philosophers, like Nietzsche, Deleuze, Onfray, Foucault, Espinosa and all these guys that destroy dogmas. I just live intensely in a hedonistic and dionysiacal mood.
Grave Concerns: I love your frankness guys---again, such GREAT answers…wow! I’m lovin’ them. Makes me wonder too…am I really conducting this interview? (;

Grave Concerns: If you could be a character in a graphic comic book for say…13 issues, which one would it be, and how would you like your character to be represented?

Airton S: I wanna be Horácio, an old character of a Brazilian children comic’s author called Maurício de Sousa. I've grown up reading his stories, as well as most of the Brazilian children. Horácio is a little green dinosaur who's always thinking about the single things of life in a philosophical level. It's quite like Charles Schultz' Peanuts...

MM: Hum, I like Brazilian horror comics, as "Calafrio", and there's a character called Silas Verdugo, that is as mystical wanderer in the dry lands of our northeast of the 1930's…he's between good and evil, but always making justice. He got an amulet, the patuá, that makes him virtually invincible.
Grave Concerns: Both sound real good. You got me wanting to know more about them. (:

Grave Concerns: Where will your next shows be held? Will you come to Boston, MA? Please say you will…one day.

Airton S: We day. But not yet. Follow to know where will be the next ones.

MM: hehehehe, we hope so. As I said, is difficult to a indie band to go out of its own country, but, never say never, we'll try! USA is in our list, the goth scene of yours is amazing! Our next gigs outside our city will happen here in Brazil, in Minas Gerais (May) and Rio Grande do Norte (June).
Grave Concerns: Thank you! It would be lovely if you could visit us one day.

Grave Concerns: You've been asked to create a new word defining your style of music. What is that word?

Airton S: It's bored, cause only one parameter would create it: our music, and it's limited - as everything that emerges from men. World is fascinating cause so many factors can rule it. Did you listen that, goth youth? World is fascinating, even when sometimes it seems sad and unfair. Don't go suicide...

MM: "Rhizome", directly stolen from a concept by Gilles Deleuze. We're a moisture of many elements that embrace it selves, looking for a genuine "Plastique Noir sound", making difference, not repetition.
Grave Concerns: Brilliantly said---very beautiful.

Grave Concerns: What do think makes your music stand out among other artists in your field?

Airton S: It's sincere and honest. We don't try to be as gothic as we can. We try to do good music as we can.

MM: We are, at the same time, similar to other artists and equal to no one. We play obscure music and we came from a very, very solar town; we're, maybe, a "tropical goth" kind of band, ehehehehe. We have a different energy, we are funny and happy people that like obscure things, but with humor.

Grave Concerns: I love pulling off the cheese on pizza…eating that up first, then the slices of pizza itself, finishing off with the crust…LOVE the crust! How about yourselves?

Airton S: I've avoided to eat pizza. Have you ever taken a good looking on what happened to Robert Smiths's physical aspect?

MM: I love pasta and pizzas as well. I'm lucky to be a thin guy, I eat a lot and I'm still thin. Maybe could be maggots playing in my stomach, uhuhuhuhuh.
Grave Concerns: Could be. Does your belly feel tickly Marcio? (:

Grave Concerns: Have you ever done a grave rubbing? I know we can't do them anymore because of the damage to the headstones---which I understand. But when I was a child, we did that for a class field trip. We had to find certain gravestones, and then do a rubbing of it to prove we found it. I LOVED it! I love graveyards, in general. I met a vampire and his lady there last Halloween; they were reading the inscriptions on the gravestones. Took a picture of him too. I was so excited! (;

Airton S: Lately we've gone to graveyards just to be interviewed by local TV channels. We live in a city full of paradisiacal beaches and sunshine for all the whole year. For the local media, it's amazing the fact that there's a gothic/darkwave/post-punk band here and the graveyards atmosphere helps to impress the audience, so they often chose this kind of place as scenery. I never used to visited graveyards in goth groups for goth activities, but last summer I've visited some of them in Europe alone and they are artistically amazing. But, ask the same to our guitarist Marcio and you'll have some funny stories, hahaha.

MM: Well, when I was sixteen, just a wannabe beginning into goth culture, I've paid an undertaker to give me a skull, but I never steal from graveyards (is better to steal from super markets) and to be in one is very rare to us; there's a lot of places much more funny, like bars and beaches, uhuhuhh. But when I was younger, I was into a goth gang that always came to the necropolis to read poetry, drink, listen to music and to love…I still remember and old girlfriend of mine: we made love inside a crypt and was very exciting! I even slept there a couple of times, being expulsed in the morning, hihihih. But we have great respect for the ones that passed away. And this cemetery bullshit is a big cliché! Goth goes far beyond…
Grave Concerns: Exciting to make love in a crypt Marcio? Beyond it! You’re amazing, way to go my friend! Yes, this is so much more than what is here on Earth. I believe that deeply.

Grave Concerns: How do get over a relationship gone badly? Have you guys had to go through that before?

Airton S: Yes, a lot of times. Fortunately guns are for sale legally in Brazil and they are cheap! So we can increase the graveyards population bit by bit with our ex-girlfriends' corpses. There's a bonus on that, because Fortaleza's public authorities don't pay attention enough to the graveyards, which are real museums on ruins...increasing the movement of those places, we're doing our part to get the attention of the public opinion, too. Long live broken hearts, all for culture and history.

MM: Gosh, everyone that is not asexual has passed through brokenhearted situations; the show must go on, depression is for fuckin' emos. People come and go. I have no time or will to cry for whom that does not love me; I just go away and find another pussycat. I'm a son of Michael Douglas, do you know?
Grave Concerns: You guys are whacked---but just in case…let’s just stay friends. (; As for Michael Douglas…I thought I saw a resemblance!

Grave Concerns: What then, do you see as the differences of American and Brazilian women? Are those traits good or just different?

Airton S: I can answer this question only when we go there to check better American women...hahaha.

MM: I'm a big, big fan of the opposite sex as my band mates, and there are lots of interesting and beautiful women all over the world. Americans seems to be more closed and Brazilians have their sensuality more wild in my opinion. But there are always exceptions. Women are good, no matter from where they come from, ehehehe. A sweet harm that is necessary, huhuhuh.

Grave Concerns: You have five balloons you got at the, green, purple, red, and black. Two of them slipped through your fingers…which ones?

Airton S: Anyone except the red. I would leave the other two that I didn't slipped and would get other 98 red balloons to produce a new brand version of Nena's greatest hit video clip!
MM: I've left the orange and green to fly away, don't like these colours.

Grave Concerns: You've just created a jigsaw puzzle…how many pieces does it have, and what will the final picture be of?

Airton S: Infinite pieces. The image: the totality of myself in a single image.
MM: 666 pieces that form a dark schizoid drawing, hard to define at the first look… It's all about chaos!

Grave Concerns: Being a member of MySpace, how has it helped, or hindered your musical endeavors? And which countries do you feel have embraced your music the most?

Airton S: MySpace is a fantastic tool. Just since we've joined it, we started to have a notion more realistic about how much our art is appreciated out of our country. There's another relationship site called orkut (a Google property, but, well, what isn't its property?) that's more popular in Brazil, similar to MySpace, but very unorganized, full of virus, spams and stupid people talking about, for example, if cats, squirrels, rabbits and white poodles can substitute tissue. MySpace has a serious and professional spirit. I guess Plastique Noir is more popular in France, USA, Portugal, Germany and, I can't forget to mention it, a small island on Pacific called Chupaland that was completely destroyed by the great last tsunami that fucked East Asia some years ago. There's only one survivor there (so percentually is the place where we are more popular: 100% of the people), a nice and smart native whose name is Amarildo. Hello, Amarildo! \o

MM: MySpace is one of the most efficient internet Medias to share works of art of any kind, people from all the countries visit the site… We've made lots of contacts with fans, new friends, other bands and labels, it's wonderful and vast – every time I think about Internet I get chilled, no one knows where that thing will go. We stay in touch with persons of Brazil, USA, Portugal, South Africa, France, Germany, Greece, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Finland, even Asia…

Grave Concerns: You were born with eyes that weren't human---what do they look like?

Airton S: Like not-human eyes.

MM: like black cat's eyes… Brrrrrrrrr. Huuhuhhuhuuh.
Grave Concerns: You really stretched hard on that one Airton…lol!

Grave Concerns: If your were to write a short story or a novel based on one of your songs, which one would it be? And if it was to be adapted to the silver screen, who would be your leading actor and actress?

Airton S: Our song "Killdergarten" tells a true story about a young millionaire Brazilian attitude chick, Suzane Von Richtoffen, who helped to kill her own parents with iron bars blows on their heads (imagine the beautiful scene in the home after this...) cause she was in love for a cocaine-addicted mutha fucka who wanted to steal the stuff of the kind aging couple. Now she's enjoying "forced vacations" in a prison, and you know, [IRONY] the Brazilian prisons are example for all the world about human rights. [/IRONY] It's our biggest dream making a movie about this funny story (soundtrack by Plastique Noir, of course). With Suzane acting as herself.

MM: We got it already; a fan named Neto has done a comic book based in Creepshow, that was a nice adaptation from this track. If it was on the big screen, Joseph Mengele would be played by Malcolm McDowell! He's perverse!
Grave Concerns: Tragic. Sickening. Airton go for that movie dream!
Marcio---I LOVE Malcolm McDowell---kudos for mentioning him---yeah!

Grave Concerns: What are some of your favorite TV show themes?

Airton S: As my last answer may suggests, I love police TV shows. They used to be presented at the meal times (I'M NOT KIDDING) with richly-detailed images of real corpses (I'M NOT KIDDING_) of those who have (or had) as their strange hobby an extreme action sport called "Living at Brazilian favelas". I used to follow "Twin Peaks" in the early 90s when I was just a kid who, on those times and so far, never have learned how to swim or to ride by bicycle. I'm a David Lynch's freak-fan since then.

MM: I almost don't watch TV. I prefer the big screen.
Grave Concerns: Big fan of Twin Peaks and David Lynch. Big fan of TV and the big screen. (;

Grave Concerns: What word or words, do you find yourselves repeatedly putting into a conversation?

Airton S: It depends. Lately I've repeated "in the worst hypothesis..." Example: "In the worst hypothesis, if it doesn't work we can do by another way". Sometimes I also used to mention the expression "top of the food chain". Example: "I love to fish! When I get a fish, I really feel full of power, as on the top of the food chain!"

MM: "merda", "caralho", "futito", "tosco", "infame".

Grave Concerns: How many gumballs can you chew at once?

Airton S: As much as I get to steal in the grocery shop.

MM:  Is it serious? Huhuhuhuhuhuh.

Grave Concerns: Do you use mouthwash?

Airton S: Always do after oral sex.

MM: Of course, I don't want my teeth getting rotten.
Grave Concerns: Well then, good to know you’re all for clean mouths.

Grave Concerns: Have you ever had to perform CPR?

Airton S: No, I even don't know how to do. It's so easy to die since you're live in Brazil than the schools consider to teach CPR is a complete waste of time. Be registered here to anyone who is eventually reading: please, don't depend on CPR if you're alone with me, you will be fucked for sure.

MM: Uh, no…by the way, what is CPR actually? Huhuhuh.
Grave Concerns: CPR---Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. I took the course a couple of weeks ago for work. You guys should learn it---practice mouth-to mouth on your girlfriends…(; Plus, if you had to do chest compressions you’d need to tear off the shirt to make sure the person hasn’t had any recent surgeries which could cause more injuries, even a woman’s bra can cause unnecessary injury…see, you could make a sex game out of it. Basically, if you’re doing something, it can help…even though the person is dead, you could revive them.

Grave Concerns: What movie character's name do you think is cool? And if you were to be cast in a movie, what cool name would you go by?

Airton S: Rocco Sifredi. And Rocco Sifredi again.

MM: Tony Montana. For me: Le Flamboyant.

Grave Concerns: Write whatever comes to your mind after reading the

1. The blazing sun felt…

MM: hot, very hot! Our city is an Inferno!

2. It made me ill to think that she…


MM: …forgot to take the anti-conception pills.

3. He shouted and begged…


MM: …and I asked him to fuck off and to left me in peace. My ears are not toilet seat.

4. Infuriated by the request…


MM: …of making me enter in a fuckin' church.

5. I went there one night…


MM: …and made sex like a beast with 4 chicks.

6. I found out something that I never should have...

MM: …and I'm going to be a millionaire!

7. I put it to my heart…


MM: I have no heart. Huhuhuh.

Grave Concerns: When are your birthdays?

Airton S: 6th December. The same day of Santa Claus's arrival, do you know that? :)

MM: September, 2, 1980. I'm entering Balzac's list preserved by alcohol!
Grave Concerns: I heard that---you’re right. (:

Grave Concerns: If you had the ability to change the color of the sky during the daylight hours to a color of your choice…once every 3 months, what four colors would you choose, and why?

Airton S: Red, yellow, black and green. Just to observe how much time all the brain-sequeled smokers reggae fans will take to realize that they are the same colors of their visual style.

MM: Brazil's sky is deep blue at the most, but I prefer grey and red just to see something different above me. Dirty hippies must like more the blue.

Grave Concerns: If you had the power to live the life of any character in a movie for one-week after the end credits rolled, who would you choose and why?

Airton S: Rocco Sifredi. Because...well...

MM: Lestat, from Interview With The Vampire; he's fascinating, perverted, twisted and sensual, a bon vivant from the darkness…he got the power to be eternal and mean, to do almost everything he wants.
Grave Concerns: Ahhhhhhh Lestat. God I love vampires! (;

Grave Concerns: If you were to plant a tree to symbolize something special in your life, where would that tree be planted, and what kind is it?

Airton S: I would plant any local specie of tree in all those stupid North-Brazilian Christmas parties that adopt the pine tree just influenced by massive culture. It doesn't exist pine trees in the north of Brazil. It's ridiculous.
MM: It would be a marijuana tree to symbolize my marriage with the sweet delirium of artificial paradises – and it's aphrodisiac too! Huhuhuhuhu. Will be planted (with some sister marijuana trees) on my backyard. It's practical!
Grave Concerns: Got some good reactions out of this one…lol!

Grave Concerns: A car wash is a fun place to go through...has it ever crossed your minds to go through one…without a car?

Airton S: No, but when we go there in Boston, it will be the first thing we will do together, ok?

MM: I'm lazy, don't like to work or to clean anything, huhuuh. I don't even drive. I'm always drunk and I really love my life, ehhehehhe.
Grave Concerns: You got it Airton! (; OK MM…but fair warning…lazy is not an option on my shift---I love my life too. (:

Grave Concerns: If you could have a movie director direct your next video, who would it be and why? And which song would it be?

Airton S: Vincent Gallo, for Silent Shout. I love what he did for that John Frusciante's videoclip whose name I forgot...

MM: Tim Burton. His name is a good answer. Uh, the song… Killdergarten, because there's a Theremin sound on the keyboard and a horror atmosphere in this death rock song of ours. His film about Ed Wood could be the model.

Grave Concerns: OK; now for a fun question! You've just been givenexclusive free range to invite family, and a few friends for a weeklong, stay in a haunted castle where each night, a horror movie "theme room" of your choosing had been authenticated. Also with you, are three musical artists (of your choice) who'll be performing two-sets each night. Get busy gentlemen---and make this a good one! (:

Airton S: I don't know so much about horror movies, it's not my favorite genre. But among the music artists, certainly I would chose Madonna, Depeche Mode, CSS, Interpol and, why not just to laugh a bit, Evanescence and HIM.

MM: Well, I never call my family for a thing like this, ehehehe. But I call some weirdos that we know here, demented persons, ehehehe. The artists…Marli, Frankito Lopes, Britney (to sniff something together), Cauby Peixoto, Montage, the early Sister of Mercy line-up, She Wants Revenge and Yngwie Malmsteen just to see the one of us that is more egoistic! Huuhhu.

Grave Concerns: What are some of your hobbies?

Airton S: Drinking and smoking.

MM: Chase girls; write poetry and essays; lots of reading; drink; smoke cigarettes and pot; going to the beach; do nothing, Internet…but some passions are common to Plastique: movies, books, eating, drinking, laughing, playing instruments…

Grave Concerns: If you were able to change one scene in a horror movie from the past or present, which one would it be and why?

Airton S: I would include a board of four referees who would give "10" to that trick performed by Linda Blair going down the steps by backside in "The Exorcist". Then a sudden cut to other point of the scene, and the great Romanian Olympic gymnast Nadia Comaneci appears with an angry face expression cause have lost the competition.

MM: The final sequence of Universal's Dracula…Bela Lugosi is still alive! Uhuhuh.
Grave Concerns: (: Very cool answers guys.

Grave Concerns: You're now all living the lives of characters in the board game "Clue". Who are you; who's the murderer; where did the killing take place; what was the weapon of choice; and finally, who solved the crime? Find a private place to write down your answers, and then post them without the other members seeing them.

Airton S: I remember I've played that for lots of times with my brother and my sister when I was the youngest little trouble kid of the home. I don't remember exactly the places and characters...but the face of that old woman was one of my first symbolic representations of fear. :O But the solver would be our agent Rafael, he always discovers everything!

MM: I am the killer; the crime was placed on a big rock festival, when I slain the hype of the moment, Evanescence; my weapon was a guitar that Danyel gave to me; people thought that the murderer was Max and Airton solved the crime, as the dull he always is; I've gone to the death roll and died with a lethal injection of morphine, uhuhuhuuhh. FUCK YOU, AIRTON! EHEHHEHEEH.
Grave Concerns: LOL!

Grave Concerns: Are you guys organ donors? How about giving blood---ever done that? Oh, and here's a goodie---I LOVE getting my blood taken at doctor appointments! I actually look forward to it. I have my sleeve rolled up before I even sit down. Love watching the needle prick my skin, then, watching as the blood sucks up inside the needle. I should have been a Phlebotomist. (;

Airton S: It can be fatally dangerous to the health of anyone if it receives our blood. You never know what may be present there in the composition...

MM: Well, if I donate my blood, the one who gets it would be very stoned, ehehehe. No, our blood and organs will die with us. We're selfish!
Grave Concerns: OK. Good to know. Thanks so much for sharing. (;

Grave Concerns: You're having your music featured, on an episode of "Cold Case". What's the episode about?

Airton S: About a changing sex operation which the main character is passing by.

MM: The case of a prostitute that turned into a zombie and eats only its victim's penis.

Grave Concerns: I know what you’ve been doing Marcio.

Grave Concerns: What comes first in your creative process of song making? Do you hear the melodies or feel the lyrics? Or do you go back and forth?

Airton S: Wow, a serious question again, hahahah. And here goes a serious answer too: we like to compose several lyrics previously. We have lots of titles, themes (and even no-themes too), et al. Sometimes we work at studio quite by "jam-style" and I start to sing something into the tunes but not something concrete, just phonetic physical exercises of mouth, breath, vibration and tongue with no linguistic exact sense. The objective is to find the tempo. So we return to our "bank of lyrics" and we chose one that's more engageable, according to the next release concept, the mood and atmosphere of the song, et al...

MM: As I said on a current question, it's a process that is sometimes spontaneous and sometimes we push into our limits, working together until something cool to us all appear.

Grave Concerns: I'm giving you 13 letters to choose from, in any order; you only have to use 6 of them (you can use more if you want, but not less than 6) and you have to come up with a poem, or a phrase about a luminous purple flower blooming by the edge of a mossy cliff at 3:33 AM. But only with these letters...NBDAGKOYPWYJS.

Airton S: Oh god, fuckin coincidence, you just did for us! "NBDAGKOYPWYJS" is a wonderfully beautiful (but forbidden!) expression on the Brazilian amazonic Indians language, and perfectly adaptable to the context that you suggested. I cannot say to you what it means, their idols can fuck our fates on the earth if we do it...sorry. I hope you're not freakly curious...

MM: Whoa, I'm really bad in mathematics, huhuuhhu. Is this purple flower an opiate? Huhuhuhuh.
Grave Concerns: LOL! Awesome---I love it. And yes, of course, I’m “freakly curious” Airton! (; An opiate? Good Lord Marcio! (;

Grave Concerns: As musicians, how does the music in movies affect you? And if you were asked to compose a song for a soundtrack, which genera would that be in? Now let me take that question even further---actually backward; if you were to go back to the past, with your current music in hand, and were asked that same question, would any of your songs stand out as a good fit? If so, which song and movie would it have been?

Airton S: I love soundtracks, they are often essential for my final opinion about a movie, cause the sound is the compass for the conjuration of emotions by the directors. My favorite ones are "The Crow", "Trainspotting", "Koyanisqaasti", "A Clockwork Orange", "Amelie Poulain", "Nós Que Aqui Estamos Por Vós Esperamos", "Eternal Sunshine For A Spotless Mind", "2001" and " The Warriors". I would include our "Those Who Walk By The Night" on this last one.

MM: We all are movie fans, equally for the soundtracks. I've always wanted to do a soundtrack for a porn movie, ehehehe. "Deep into your darkness", hihihihihh. If we could go to the past, I think that our music in films like Lost Boys, Buttman in Rio, Matrix, The Exorcist and Clockwork Orange would be orgasmic and mean.

Grave Concerns: What time is it right now? What did you do 11hrs. and 3 minutes ago?

Airton S: 3 AM. I was answering all these endless questions by 11 hrs. And the same 3 minutes ago.

MM: Uh, might be 5:55 pm and I'm still writing my post-grade text to get a M.D. in Sociology. But today I'm so lazy and this enormous interview seemed more interesting.
Grave Concerns: Thank you…I think. (:

Grave Concerns: What is your drink of choice, and what are some of your favorite meals? What can you cook really well too?

Airton S: My favorite drink is water, because is the next-morning solution for the terrible on-nervous system consequences of my second favorite drink: cachaça, also known as "aguardente de cana", what means the scary name "SUGAR KANE FIREWATER" (!). It's quite like a Brazilian version of the Russian Vodka, the Japanese sake or the Italian grappa: it's heavy, burning and make you lose the sense completely. I like to eat stuff from the sea and Italian food as well. I'm a good cooker, I can admit...but not so experient than Danyel.

MM: Good, good question! I'm a heavy drinker that likes every kind of drinks, less Campari (urgh, it's terrible, seems like a fuckin' out of date syrup). But my favourite drinks are beer (Heineken specially), caipirinha, cachaça, whiskey, wine and some vodka – even tape tea, huhuhu. And my menu for things to eat is oriental, Brazilian, Italian and Arab. I'm a disaster in cooking! Danyel is our chef.
Grave Concerns: (: Well cheers my intoxicated friends---it will be quite the party at your place then. I’ll make sure to eat a lot. (:

Grave Concerns: Have you cut nicked yourselves before when shaving, dabbed on tiny pieces of tissue, and then forgot to take some of them

Airton S: No, I don't put tissue. I like the crippled aspect on my face after shaving. I'm more punk than post, my business is shocking the society.

MM: Yes, scars are scars and they show our paths. But I don't have much beard.

Grave Concerns: I prefer my toilet paper to hang over, not under…how about you?

Airton S: We are barbarians, we don't know such stuff.

MM: In desperate times I shit anywhere, huhuhuuh. Leaves are good improvised "toilet paper", huhuhuhuhuh.
Grave Concerns: Guess I’ll be bringing toilet paper to the party too. And lots of shoes…(;

Grave Concerns: You've now created either a board game or video game…what is it about?

Airton S: A Guitar Hero version that includes the real backstage of guitar heroes. I'm talking about groupies, drinks, drugs and fights against the other members specially that one who is the main enemy of every guitarist: the singer.

MM: "The Adventures of Márcio Mäzela In The Pussy Dungeon", for Playstation 3. A dark and sexy game that goes by the slogan "catch, the pussies, Mäzela"! Soundtracked by Plastique Noir of course!

Grave Concerns: Do you believe in ESP and ghosts or "other" unexplainable occurrences?

Airton S: You're interviewing two of them right now.

MM: There are lots of strange things in this world and I believe in these weird phenomena…is very exciting, but I'm much more afraid of the living ones with guns. Do you know that I'm a telepath?
Grave Concenrs: Airton, you guys are the “other unexplainable occurrences”. (;  Oh, yes, Marcio, I don’t doubt it at all. And I said that completely under my own free will! (;

Grave Concerns" Have any of you had your fortunes read? How about other types of readings? Have you used an Ouija board?

Airton S: I don't know what's Ouija, but here there is an afro-descendent religion called "Macumba". A famous Industrial Brazilian band called Pecadores used to make jokes with this theme. I've been in a "terreiro" (place for the ceremonies), a day. The evil entity have told me: "Mininu num vai mais se chamar mais Dadinho, mininu vai se chamar Zé Pequeno, Zé Pequeno pra crescê... Ua-rárá-rá..." Unfortunately, this is another sentence that we can't translate to other language without to get the condemnation of a fate full of disgraces until our deaths. Sorry again, but you're not so curious, are you?

MM: When we toured in Brasília a so called "gipsy" read my hands and said that will be only good things in my life. Maybe because I've paid a beer and gave her five bucks, ehehehe. It's so freaky! Ouija Board we call in Brazil "brincadeira do copo", or "cup playing" and I've played sometimes just for fun. There's always an asshole in the gang pulling the fuckin' cup to fright the others, huuhuhuh.
Grave concerns: ALWAYS CURIOUS Airton…love the answers guys. You’re both so FUN! So cute and fun!

Grave Concerns: Any fetishes?

Airton S: High heels.

MM: Yes. Sexy little panties, leather and spanking are the best!
Grave Concerns: It’s getting hot where I am…feels good. (;

Grave Concerns: You've been asked to be immortalized in Madame Tussauds' Wax Museum in New York; do you accept?

Airton S: Of course. By the night we could to get out from the stage and take a walk on The Big Apple, do some boughts at 5th avenue...

MM: Of course, I always wanted to be eternal in some way…my ego doesn't lie, huhuhuh.
Grave Concerns: Since nature is very precious to me, I tend to be drawn more toward the Earth element. Although each one has its own special attributes, together they are priceless. Which element do you see
yourselves more drawn toward?

Airton S: Fire, cos it destroys everything, including the evidences.

MM: The wind is magical for me. It carries us to unknown places…

Grave Concerns: You're in the supermarket---what isles do your frequent, which do you avoid?

Airton S: I frequent the drinks isle, I avoid the drugstore. Nowadays medicine have killed more than diseases.

MM: Well, I'm always on the drink isle. Are there other isles, really?
Grave Concerns: I agree. Seems like popping pills is at the top of the list for whatever ails you---that bothers me. Yes, sometimes, medicine is needed, I understand that, but…I think there may be three or four isles other than where the drinks are located...I could be wrong though. (;

Grave Concerns: I'm thinking of a number from 0 to 2,456. What it is? I'll tell you what mine is, when I post your interview.

Airton S: 2,456, because this number isn't related with anything special or recognizable by anyone that I could remember. So there's not a reason to put in the question if it wasn't. What one did you think? Except if you are as chaotic as I couldn’t imagine...

MM: Whoa! What about 1492? Columbus "discovered" America in this year.
Grave Concerns: 1,103. I can be chaotic…at times Airton. I wear it well too. (: I thought you could read minds Marcio? You should have gotten this one! Ha! (:

Grave Concerns: Has anyone bitten their tongue, or lip recently? I have. I bit my bottom lip---it hurt, but you know what made it feel better? Sucking it---yeah, I'm glutton for pain. It's just one of those things I can't seem not to do, when it happens. Do you know what I'm
talking about?

Airton S: Yes, you're inviting me to a date. You have to wait until our American tour. What time can I take you at home?

MM: Whoa! You flirt vampire, I know! What about a ménage au trois in our possible Boston gigs? Don't be afraid, Airton and I are good biters!
Grave Concerns: Gentlemen, I’m not afraid at all---the question is, can you handle me?

Grave Concerns: You've opened your own "Creep Show" club. What's it called, and what will make this club, truly a place not to be forgotten by those who enter?

Airton S: The name is "Brazilian Federal Legislative Congress" and will be a unforgettable place cause everyone who enter there will see what our politics have done so far that we ever couldn't seen before.

MM: For me it could be a mix between Batcave and CBGB's. The name is "Putaria" and is a very cool place, playing rock and roll and good electronic stuff. But the decorative things will not be forgotten: they are post-mortem art pieces, or, cadavers molded like statues and furniture.

Grave Concerns: Did you ever play "Spin the Bottle" or "Strip Poker"? Did you cheat to win? (;

Airton S: "Yes" three times. But the best part of this question was "(;".

MM: Yes, I always cheat in games. When there's a sexual element in a game, I'm the great cheater, huhuhuhu.
Grave Concerns: Thanks Airton…(; And it’s all talk, talk, talk…you’re a good talker Marcio.

Grave Concerns: If you drink coffer and/or tea, how do you take it?

Airton S: What? Sorry, I was still thinking about the last question...

MM: I don't drink these, I always burn my mouth.
Grave Concerns: Think away my friend.

Grave Concerns: What has been the most beautiful sunrise or sunset that you've seen?

Airton S: I never realize when a sunrise is happening cause I'm usually too drunk to. But the most beautiful sunset that I have ever seen happened last year at Finland. It was very slow and the sun was bigger than I was used to see, strongly red, orange and yellow, as if was sinking down the lake. I was in a summerhouse of friends placed in a small town whose name I unfortunately forgot...damaged brain.

MM: I prefer the sunset; the sunrise gives me a sensation of "party over", that is very melancholic for me. Every sunset is beautiful; I can't remember one in special…maybe the one that preceded our first gig…
Grave concerns: Really beautiful images guys. I’m impressed.

Grave Concerns: What's the BEST kind of kissing?

Airton S: I'll discover when I go there at USA.

MM: The one that involves worn tongues! Hot and dirty!
Grave Concerns: You guys are really playing the “Brazilian card” tonight! Such flirts!

Grave Concerns: What's been the BEST hug you've received?

Airton S: Let's skip this question, cause the next one I'm sure will be the best of all the whole interview...

MM: Of one of my best friends, telling that I was accepted in my post-grade. My life changed so wildly. And we all got drunk!
Grave Concerns: Wow---how surprising!

Grave Concerns: What do you think of showgirls or burlesque dancers?

Airton S: Well...(it's not what I was waiting for)....ahn... Showgirls...what do you mean? Those girls who dance at the Cruxshadows stage? It's funny. It looks like "fitness academy for goths".

MM: They are so horny! I like to watch them on strip shows, it's very sensual; but a girl like that will never be my girlfriend. They're working and I'm just getting erections. I like the ones that deal with fetishes…
Grave Concerns: What question were you waiting for Airton…hmmm?
Guess those women are doing one hell of a GOOD number on you Marcio!
Fetishes can be very yummy.

Grave Concerns: Would you perform on SNL if asked? If so, which two songs would you perform? Would you also like to perform in a skit?

Airton S: No, I wouldn't.

MM: Mmmmm?

Grave Concerns: Favorite holiday, color, number and symbol?

Airton S: Holiday: Carnival, because everybody goes to the beaches that are far from the city, leaving it desert, just like I like. Color: yellow. Number: 1. Symbol: Plastique Noir's rose.

MM: holiday: passage between years; color: black; number: 9; symbol: our rose too. I got to make some marketing! Huhuhuh.
Grave Concerns: (:

Grave Concerns: Besides the obvious necessities of life, what are six things that you can't be without?

Airton S: I need only three things that I can't be without: food, water and oxygen. Everything else is necessity only for Paris Hilton and her best friends.

MM: sex, my guitar, cigarettes, readings, booze and parties.

Grave Concerns: What is something about the human race that really gets you down…make you wonder…how could that person do that, act that way…say that?

Airton S: Everything that Paris Hilton and her best Friends used to do.

MM: Capitalism, hunger and preconception. Persons that do that are really the devil.

Grave Concerns: What then, on the other hand, does the human race do to make you feel simply proud and amazed by?

Airton S: Massive termination of people like Paris Hilton and her best friends.

MM: To create art and science.

Grave Concerns: Do you have tattoos or piercings?

Airton S: I have ever had in the past. I had a piercing in the mouth, but not anymore. Not tattoos, our mothers don't allow them. :'(

MM: earrings on both ears, but a time ago I used a piercing in my lower lip; tattoos not yet, but I love them and hope to do some ones…

Grave Concerns: OK. After reading below, see what you can come up with. Grab a dictionary. Close your eyes---keep them closed until the end. Open the dictionary. Spin your left index finger around ten times, counter clockwise, then, reverse, and spin seven times, drop your finger on a word. Now write a phrase, question, poem, whatever you like with that word. BUT…you only have 10 minutes to do this. Seriously 10 minutes. Get cracking! (;

Airton S: The word is "cure". Comment: The Cure has been great but not since Bloodflowers so far. Robert Smith should retire out and put a final point on that comedy show that he calls band.

MM: The word I've got is Jesus. "Jesus loves me, but I just want sex". Or something like, huuhuh.
Grave Concerns: You guys are so quiet---speak up, tell the world what’s on your minds. (;

Grave Concerns: If you had the chance to travel back to the past, where would you go, and what would you want to leave as a reminder of time spent, as well as, something to take back with you?

Airton S: I'd go to the Sarajevo in 1914 and I'd kill Gravilo Princip's before he had killed Francisco Ferdinando. Since that 1st World War would be avoided forever, as consequence the 2nd World War as well and all the Cold WAR's "subwars". I'd bring Gravilo's pistol and would kill myself, so the world would be free of the most terrible things that god have ever created.

MM: I could back into the beginning of rock and roll (1950's) with a black metal band by my side…if Elvis was a scandal, I wonder a satanic gang playing extreme metal in those years…

Grave Concerns: Tell us two things about yourselves that your fans  would be surprised to know about you?

Airton S: I'm quite a happy person. Shocking, isn't it?

MM: I have no greater secrets…but, as Airton, I'm happy, a natural joker that loves life and I hate to be depressed…I love the sun, I like to smile, I like to swim at the beach…is this goth enough for them?
Grave Concerns: I love these answers SO MUCH! (:

Grave Concerns: What is sexy in your eyes? And I know you guys live in Brazil, with all the gorgeous women in naked glory, or, at least, in bathing suits made from dental floss---so what ELSE is sexy in your eyes? (;

Airton S: Questions like this make this interview surely the best I've ever answered in all my life - I'm talking seriously! What else is sexy? The scenario described by you above, but with American girls.

MM: So many things…even a tree! Huhuhuh.
Grave Concerns: Ahhh, thank you Airton. I’m so happy you’ve been enjoying the questions. See my smile? (: That’s for you. OK. Marcio, how much of the herb have you had already? (;

Grave Concerns: You've been asked to design a mask to represent your greatest inner fantasy…what does it look like?

Airton S: I can't answer it without to be arrested for judgement in some International Penal Tribunal For Human Rights.

MM: The night sky. I fantasize about jumping by parachutes at night and making love…

Grave Concerns: Name three things about your band mates they probably haven't heard you say about them before?

Airton S: "Márcio, do you remember when it seemed somebody have acessed your Windows Messenger account and put there some nickname telling you were suffering a terrible diahrrea? Man, your contacts laughed A LOT! Well, I did that. Sorry." "Danyel, do you remember when you have asked me to finish a logotype for a client of you and I spent a long time to do cause supposed problems with my design programs? Well, I was lying. My machine was on perfect conditions. I didn't cause I was feeling lazy." "Max, you're a real cool guy, but I'm pissed off about your constant recent absence of rehearsals and post-production sessions on studio for the album, you great MOTHER FUCKER! ;) "

MM: I have no secrets with my brothers, but…sometimes I missed sound checks in gigs by laziness or heavy drinking, huhuhu.
Grave Concerns: Airton, you win the award for this question---I LOVE your answers! You’re awesome! (:

Grave Concerns: Have you drunk bad milk?

Airton S: Yes, all the time. Every Brazilian product for sale in Brazil is bad. The best national products are sent to exportation. The best tomato that I've ever tried, for example, was Brazilian, but I had to buy it in a European supermarket. I couldn't believe that big, succulent, alive-red-coloured, with perfect texture, absolutely delicious tomato, WAS FROM MY COUNTRY! :O

MM: Yes, from the tits of a whore, uhuhuuhh.
Grave Concerns: It all makes sense…it really does. (:

Grave Concerns: I love the intricate looks of Labyrinths, and the mysteriousness of what lies within them. If you were to create one, how would it look?

Airton S: It would have locks only on the outside. I'd put our president inside there and would keep him locked forever while he searched a solution for the Brazlian social problems.

MM: A twisted path of walls and paths full o nails and razors, without exit – and full of demonic and hungry black creatures. There I throw Evanescence, Negative, My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, The Rasmus, Britney, Backstreet Boys and shit like that.
Grave Concerns: I see you guys went for some comic relief on this one---god job. (;

Grave Concerns: How do you differentiate a real good song, from a classic? In other words, what really makes a song stand out and last? And with your music, which song or songs do you feel have met that challenge, have come close to it, or are you currently just enjoying the creative bliss?

Airton S: I don't know how to create a classic. If I'd to, for sure I was not here now answering this question but in my giant personal ship with jacuzzis full of $100.000 whiskey, crossing the Pacific (maybe even visiting our Chupalandese fan Amarildo). Just enjoying the creative bliss.

MM: There's no magical formula. Real good songs last forever if done with the soul. But payola helps it, gives millions of dollars! If I discover this secret, you can visit me in my brand new castle in Transylvania. Be welcome.
Grave Concerns: Castle in Transylvania? YES!

Grave Concerns: Who would win a face off in a don't laugh competition?

Airton S: No one of us, the competition would crawl away forever with no winner. Kraftwerk's "We Are The Robots" was composed as a Plastique Noir's tribute.

MM: Well, the entire Plastique crew would lose this boring and useless contest…to laugh is good! We can't avoid joking of any thing or any one and a big HA-HA-HA to you!
Grave Concerns: ):  

Grave Concerns: If you were able to put on a concert for charity, which one/s would you be supporting, and which artists would you like to headline?

Airton S: All those American rappers who treat women as dogs on their videos and lyrics. I guess they sell tickets for concerts very well!
They are always talking proudly about the ghettos that they are from, don't they? So it would be time TO DO something about.

MM: People with AIDS, the hungry, the ones with cancer, the homeless, the demented…I'd like to headline Tiririca! I'm a big fan of his work.

Grave Concerns: Do you have any food allergies?

Airton S: No.

MM: No, I eat everything that I want and think that is yummy – less shit.

Grave Concerns: What would you like to say to your fans right now?

Airton S: "Hey all of you, do you remember when I said our album would be called Chinese Democracy? I was kidding, it won't spend so much more time to be ready, ok? Don't give it up about us, for god's sake..."

MM: I want to thank very much your attention and the always kind feedbacks – I'm saying it to you all, all over the world! Our album is about to be released (I pray to Elvis every fuckin' day, ehehe) and we're trying to negotiate it with some labels…if you have any clue, send to us! Have faith in Plastique, we always try to do our best, composing cool tunes and doing incendiary gigs. Without you we're nothing!

Grave Concerns: Anything else you care to share with us about yourselves and your awesomely cool music?

Airton S: I don't think so, but thank you for asking. All my life has been exposed by these millions of questions above...

MM: Thanx again! Good to know that you think that our music is good! Stay tuned on Plastique Noir, a band that you always can wait for surprises. I wish to thank also you all in Grave Concerns for this HUGE space to share some funny comments and curiosities about our music… And we hope to tour outside of Brazil when it's possible...the great damn problem is money, as always…If we were rich, we would play even on the world's end. So if you want to take us from the Third World to your country, send us a mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and make happy four pals that make music using their soul and creativity. So, this is it…see ya!

Grave Concerns: Marcio, Danyel, Max, and Airton, this has been a stunning opportunity to be able to interview you all. We here at Grave Concerns, wish you so much happiness and wonderful success in your creative endeavors. Looking forward to your new release "Dead Pop"! Please keep in touch! Cheers!

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