Sunday, 23rd September 2018. 9:44:48pm ET
Interviews Gothic Interview- Fractured Fairytales

Grave Concerns: Blood greetings Lutachrist, Saint Sacrifice, Brand X and Daniel Coffin… how are you all doing? How did you all come to this revelation, musically speaking, to express yourselves so darkly?
Lutachrist: I have always been what others would classify as a dark person. From the dreams that have haunted me to the art that I began to create at a very young age. It’s just the hand that was dealt to me and the way I operate. I see things that most do not see. I am ever compelled to document this in ways that will echo beyond my current existence. Musical, visual and literary arts are my chosen formats. I feel that others should see and feel what I have.
Grave Concerns: How did you guys meet, and was this an immediate connection toward your relationship in regard to music?
Lutachrist: My music has led me to meet everyone that contributes their energies to Fractured Fairytales.
Grave Concerns: When do you find you’re most creative; and do you have a special place to help bring out that creativity with more clarity?
Lutachrist: I have two different creative peaks. The first one comes early in the morning. That is when I tend to have the visions of stage performance ideas and music video concepts. Then the other comes at night when I am alone in my studio. I sit for hours and hours burning herbs (not the ones your thinking) and creating music. I have written and recorded a lot of songs that I never released. I recorded an entire album that was supposed to be Fractured Fairytales debut record and chose not to release it. It is called the Ice Album. Everyone that is close to me has heard it and wants me to one day release it. I will one day. But not before I release the next beast I have been creating.
Grave Concerns: As a band, you know how difficult it is to get ones music out and heard. If you were, to say, put together your own line-up of bands or artists you’d like to open for you, who would they be? And if you were able to open for one band, whom would you choose?
Lutachrist: At this point I'd say touring with Nine Inch Nails. That is the circuit we are trying to get on.

Grave Concerns: I see you’re a Marilyn Manson fan… me too. Have you heard his new album "Eat Me, Drink Me? If so, which songs do you think are his best? And which song do you think is his best cover song? I personally like "Sweet Dreams" by The Eurythmics.
Lutachrist: Yes, I am a Manson fan. I have heard his new album and I would not say it is his best. Manson has a knack for releasing the opposite of what everyone is expecting though. I like his darker works like Holywood and Anti-Christ. As far as his best cover, I know "Sweet Dreams" is the song that broke the mainstream barrier but I would have to say my favorite cover to date is "This is Halloween".
Grave Concerns: Have you thought about covering one of your favorite artist’s songs?
Lutachrist: Yes I have thought about that a lot. I am trying to find a song that is not from one of my favorite artist though. I'm looking for a song that most people know that I can darken up Fractured Fairytales style. We used to cover "Army of Me" by Bjork but the song was eventually replaced by new original material in the set.
Grave Concerns: Your song "Murmur" has a fantastic sound…it’s haunting, mysterious, totally creepy and harsh...but with such a catchy rhythm…it’s one of my favorite ones. And there’s this moment in the song where it’s very soft and dream like, in a good way. What inspired this one?
Lutachrist: Well the lyrics in the song Murmur pretty much sum up a certain part of my existence. I can feel a lot of different ways. I almost think that I may have a few personalities. But the personality I convey in this song is the me that believes no matter how far you get your still searching for more. Like mentioned in the lyrics" There's nothing at the top, There's nothing at the bottom, what we long for is nowhere to be found.
Grave Concerns: If you could be a character in a graphic comic book for say…nine issues, which one would it be, and how would you like your character to be represented?
Lutachrist: I would be Lutachrist the unstoppable Super Villain that seeks world destruction as opposed to world domination.
Grave Concerns: What comes first in your creative process of song making? Do you hear the melodies or feel the lyrics? Or do you go back and forth?
Lutachrist: It goes back and forth. A lot of the time Ill write a piece of music that of course reflects the way I am feeling and then fill it in with lyrics that coincide.
Grave Concerns: Your band name is great---how did you come up with it?
Lutachrist: I was trying to think of a name that is remember-able and meaningful. I wanted a name that tends to remind most people of pleasant thoughts and then bash them down with a foreboding word. Something that would in people’s minds destroy something blindly innocent or beautiful. As soon as the word Fractured Fairytales was written down it overpowered every other word on paper.
Grave Concerns: What classic fairytale, if you had the opportunity of reworking would you want to "fracture"?
Lutachrist: Well, over the past few years I have seen more and more of the making fairy tales dark thing going on. Threw video games as well as other recording artists. My first ideas were with Alice in Wonderland, but like I said a lot of Artists have had their way with this concept. Although I still have yet seen anyone do it the way I would. I would make the Alice in Wonderland film. I have heard rumors that other artists were thinking of doing this however I came up with the concept years ago. So I guess it’s a matter of who actually does it first and I don't see it being me at this point.
Grave Concerns: Whose heart is it that beats so cryptic in your album cover "Murmur? What does it symbolize?
Lutachrist: It is mine. I used to have terrible anxiety for one thing. The Murmur record represents emptiness and realization in me. The hospital thought I had a heart Murmur making my chest hurt and making my heart beat in strange rhythms. I had to find out on my own that is was something going on in my head and not my heart. It symbolizes over coming hardships and internal struggles. It represents a victory in the game of Life.
Grave Concerns: The artistry within your photos is truly amazing. Who is it that created these visions?
Lutachrist: My woman did. She listens to and understands my visions well. She has a growing company called Para-visuals that specialize in doing Graphic Design and photography for musicians and bands.
Grave Concerns: Are there creative side projects you’re interested in pursing?

Lutachrist: No there is not. I can do anything I want with Fractured Fairytales so at this point there is no need for me to scatter my energy. 

Grave Concerns: The photo depicting the menacing madman in the mask, in front of the glass shelf case of demented doll faces…where was the shot?
Lutachrist: I created that place myself. I started painting dolls when I was fifteen years old. To me they present the death of childhood. The end of a major era in my life. One that is gone but not forgotten.

Grave Concerns: When did you first discover that music was what you wanted to pursue? And while you were waiting for that to happen, what other jobs did you have?
Lutachrist: I was very young when I began learning how to play guitar. It all grew from there. I wrote the first Fractured Fairytales song when I was 15. Ha ha ha! I am a Carpenter.

Grave Concerns: Which is your favorite song on "Murmur"?
Lutachrist: That really depends on the way I'm feeling.

Grave Concerns: What do you feel are the biggest misconceptions about your style of music? Have you’ve been able to sway those who once weren’t to keen on it; or do you just let it roll, and continue to do what you love? And what is it about the Gothic/Industrial/Metal scene that is so appealing to you?
Lutachrist: Fractured Fairytales is the only band in my region that does anything like what we do. I just do my best to make people feel the way I feel when I am creating music. Performing live seems to make people that don't listen to the genres I have wielded together understand more of what’s going on in my music as opposed to listening to the Record.
Grave Concerns: Favorite symbol and number?
Lutachrist: I have yet to figure out what my symbol is. It depends on the circumstance. As for favorite about an array of numbers. The ones that I will win the lottery with. Then with the correct funding I will begin my...wait...I can’t tell you.
Grave Concerns: Favorite holiday?
Lutachrist: Of course its Halloween, and for a lot of reasons.
Grave Concerns: If you could have a movie director direct your next video, who would it be and why?
Lutachrist: I would say Chad Micheal Ward. He is known for creating dark art and has worked with many like musicians to convey their music in the correct visual manner. I'm sure he would be able to bring my visions to reality. Though he is not a movie director he has done video work.
Grave Concerns: Being a member of MySpace, how has it helped, or hindered your musical endeavors? And which countries do you feel have embraced your music the most?
Lutachrist: MySpace has helped me more than any other website to network with people in the business and to interact with the people that appreciate Fractured Fairytales. So far North America has been where most of our fans are dwelling.
Grave Concerns: If you had the power to live the life of any character in a movie for one-week after the end credits rolled, who would you choose and why?
Lutachrist: I can not answer that question yet. I'll get back with you when I write and direct a film myself in the future.
Grave Concerns: Other than musical inspirations, who are your favorite authors, poets, painters, or any other artistic creators whose work you respect?
Lutachrist: I have enjoyed artist like M. C. Escher, Salvador Dali, Hieronymus Bosch and Joel P. Witkin. Of course that only to name a few. I also enjoy literary works from Aliester Crowly and Konstaninos.

Grave Concerns: What is your drink of choice? And what are some of your favorite foods.
Lutachrist: Guinness Stout or hefeweizen, Absinth on occasion. As far as food goes, any food that I can get my hands on that is real food. Which is very rare and hard to come by here in North America.
Grave Concerns: Have you seen any cool new movies or shows you’d like to talk about?
Lutachrist: I like the meaning behind the Saw movies.
Grave Concerns: Tell us two things about yourself that your fans would be surprised to know about you?
Lutachrist: I am twins, we take turns being Lutachrist. I can tell you that because no one will believe us anyway.
Grave Concerns: What makes your band standout among other musicians in the same genre?
Lutachrist: Well that's just it. We really don't know what genre we are in. We are in the middle of a lot of genres. We are heavier than most goth industrial bands but we aren't heavy metal or death metal either. Fractured Fairytales is a select blend of all the darker representations in music.
Grave Concerns: What makes you smile?
Lutachrist: Being intoxicated.
Grave Concerns: Funniest moment so far, that the band has encountered?
Lutachrist: Saint Sacrifice’s pants falling down on stage and revealing hilarious cartoony boxer shorts.
Grave Concerns: Are you interested in any of the fall TV lineups?
Lutachrist: I don't ever watch cable. I have no clue what those people are doing.
Grave Concerns: If you could have your own reality based show, would you, and what would it be about? Or would you rather appear on an existing one?
Lutachrist: I would have a reality show where a group of people that do not at all understand my art or underground culture and would be forced to live with me in a mansion. They would have to go to shows, listen to Fractured Fairytales, read my lyrics and be extras in music videos. A hip hop guy, a ditsy little pop chick, a nun, a muscle bound jock, your standard default book nerd and an R and B chick. Then I would proceed to put them threw what they would call hell I'm sure. When can we start?
Grave Concerns: How do you differentiate a real good song, from a classic? In other words, what really makes a song stand out and last? And with your music, which song or songs do you feel have met that challenge, have come close to it, or are you currently just enjoying the creative bliss?

Lutachrist: A classic song captures a certain unnamed magic that everyone can hear but cannot place. A real good song is one that captures the feeling that the writer was trying to convey and makes the willing listener feel the same way. I feel that people can say both about some of my songs.

Grave Concerns: Are you superstitious?
Lutachrist: I believe in energy.
Grave Concerns: If you were asked to become a vampire, would you?

Lutachrist: To live forever and prey on attractive females for eternity. Where do I sign up? That would ensure my free ticket to apocalypse. That's one event would like to see. I'm curious as to how that will unfold.
Grave Concerns: Write whatever comes to your mind after reading the following:
1. The blood smelled…like lead
2. It was on a night like this one…I seen it hovering over my head while I lay in bed.
3. There was a rustle in the woods, and then…the cops arrived
4. Out of the murky swamp…came it, what ever it was.
5. His hair was slicked back, and his eyes…were chewed away by rats.
Grave Concerns: I love to go antiquing, to amusement parks, museums, explore woods…all kinds of stuff…how about you?
Lutachrist: There was this place that I used to go to in the woods. It is now destroyed by humans and turned into another lower class human breeding ground. What a waste. I like to shop for weapons.
Grave Concerns: How do you measure happiness and love?
Lutachrist: By the sadness you feel when it is gone.
Grave Concerns: If you were able to put on a concert for charity, which one/s would you be supporting, and which artists would you like to headline?
Lutachrist: Is there a "We need a new government Charity"? Only people that don't know what is going on like our government. We would Headline. If we had a better government we wouldn't need a million Charities’ for everything.
Grave Concerns: Do you think evil is born or raised? How about the goodness in people? Can people change…for the better, and for the worse?
Lutachrist: People are ignorant, not evil. I have met very few people that understand the way things work. We are all fucked, if that's what you’re getting at.
Grave Concerns: Do you believe in ESP and ghosts or "other" unexplainable occurrences?
Lutachrist: I have seen all of the above. Hell, isn't life an unexplained occurrence?
Grave Concerns: OK. Here are a fun couple of questions. You’ve just created a jigsaw puzzle…how many pieces does it have, and what will the final picture be of?
Lutachrist: My puzzle would be titled Reality. It will be missing just enough pieces in which the big picture would make any sense.
Grave Concerns: You’ve now created either a board game or video game…what is it about?
Lutachrist: A fully interactive neighborhood in which you are a serial game. It's also X-rated, for when the killer gets a little lonely on one of those all night killing sprees. When you murder someone you have to hide the body. After a few months someone will occupy the house of that victim again. How long can you kill without being caught?
Grave Concerns: As a musician, how does the music in movies affect you? And if you were asked to compose a song for a soundtrack, which genera would that be in? Now let me take that question even further---actually backward; if you were to go back to the past, with your current music in hand, and were asked that same question, would any of your songs stand out as a good fit? If so, which song and movie would it have been?
Lutachrist: Well music is one of the key mood setters in movies. I have been asked by a few directors to compose some material for some independent horror films. One day I will do such but lately I have devoted all of my time to the new Fractured Fairytales record I have been working on. I think a lot of songs from the Murmur record would have been good for Demon Night, Spawn, From Dusk till Dawn and maybe some random porn.
Grave Concerns: What can we expect to hear from Fractured Fairytales in the future?
Lutachrist: I will say, expect everything. I will for as long as I'm alive continue to tap into what’s going on in this world, the unseen, and in me and express it. I will bring forth the ideas that reach out to me as until I no longer exist.
Grave Concerns: What would you like to say to your fans right now?
Lutachrist: To the people we reach and the people that relate to and understand what we do and what we stand for, you know the meaning of it all. You know what we are going to do. We will do it together.
Grave Concerns: Thanks Lutachrist for allowing us to venture into your dark cerebrum. We here at Grave Concerns wish your nightmares to continue to haunt you creatively, and wish your album "Murmur" to be a success. Keep in touch. Dark cheers!


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