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Interviews Gothic Interview- Dorothy Does Drugs


Band: Dorothy Does Drugs
Interviewer: Julie Johnson
Date: February 1st, 2006

Image Hosted by Dorothy Does Drugs is a wonderful new goth/punk band from the New Jersey area in vein of Jack Off Jill, early Marilyn Manson (the good stuff), The Ramones, TheSexPistols, even Switchblade Symphony. Dorothy Does Drugs is the band you'll be proud to say you knew before they got huge.

GC: Can you tell us more about how Dorothy Does Drugs got their start?

Daisy: The band has had many incarnations since it started in 2001 with different band members. The current lineup however is the best ever comprised of dedicated and talented people.

Rockell Cakes: This band's got a long history with multiple members, singers and attitudes.

Daisy and his tunes are the brains behind this operation, I just sing and wear the dress I remember that the band was in search of a new singer, how was that process and what do you think of the end result now?

Daisy: Rockelle Cakes is the only singer Dorothy Does Drugs has had that was worthy of being recorded. She used to be in a band called The Drive that had great success and toured with Static X , really great stuff. Now she's singing for DDD.

Rockelle Cakes: Well since I'm the new singer, I'd say it's working out pretty good. Finding band member is always. hard, but finding a singer is probabally the hardest part. When my last bad The Drive broke up,I took on some new ventures, and DDD was one of the first projects I got involved in.

GC: The band recently released a new CD, can you tell us more about your experience preparing for the release?

Rockelle Cakes: Unlike playing shows and rehersing, recording a cd is a whole different beast. It's always cool to jam on songs, but when they get recorded they really take shape. The versions we have right now are cool, and i'm always interested in re-recording and getting a different take on the same song. Live dangerously!

Daisy: We started off working with one person Django with Version City , that did mobile recording, and Kurt W fixed that up, re-recorded the vocals and mastered it. The guitar, bass and drums on the recording went almost effortlessly. I was very happy to have everything down so tight when we recorded.

GC: Please give us some details about your favorite tracks from the new album?

Daisy: Each track is a favorite of mine for different reasons.These are songs that I've had for a long time that needed a professional recording done of them.Release The Spirit shows off the bands' fast paced, punkier side. I Can't Hide shows the bands' gothic rock side, and is my personal choice to be the song for our first video. Underachiever is the song that was re-arranged the most from how it used to be played live. The new arrangement just adds a whole new dimension to the song, makes it more complete.

Rockelle Cakes' vocals on this are stunning- better than I could've ever hoped for.

Rockelle Cakes: I Can't Hide and Underachiever are the tracks that come to mind. just great tunes that are fun to play.

GC: What is it like when you all come together to make

Rockelle Cakes: Rare. We're more on the play as we need tip, but its all good, adds excitement.

Daisy: Rockelle Cakes told me that coming to practice with DDD is very laid back in comparison to her old band. I do like to make sure every practice is useful and productive, and I dont waste time, but I defintely like things to be relaxed- a band is fun- not a job.

GC: Are you performing live more now that your new album is out?

Daisy: Yes we are. Kurt W who played drums on the cd will not be playing live with us due to his hectic schedule with college and whatnot, but we do have a new drummer that we will be unveiling soon on our websites. Agent R-inge is currently playing bass for us live (I played bass on the CD). Look to our websites for info on upcoming shows in the NY/NJ/PA area.

Image Hosted by

Rockelle Cakes: Yeah Daisy is the booking extraordinare, and he's setting up some dates in NYC, Jersey and Philly.

GC: How did you hook up with Killing Jar Records? How has Killing Jar Records helped your band since your signing?

Daisy:The label approached us. I like what they have going on- especially our labelmates Twenty Ripped Angel.The label is hard at work trying to get us airplay and distribution in as many locations as possible.

GC: What are the new benefits of being signed now to Killing Jar Records?

Advertising. We've been promised lots of advertising- on cable TV spots, magazines, music papers, and online. The label has a huge budget for that. Plus we should be able to get some major shows and get our cd into stores.

GC: What is your following like?

Rockelle Cakes: DDD fans are the best! Just cool people that appreciate true art.

Daisy: The 14,000+ fans we have on our Myspace page - seem to be a mix of all kinds of people from all walks of life. I see punk rockers, goths , rivetheads; and then I also see people that just seem to like us for their own reasons that may not be into any specific music "scene". This is great- and I hope this means that for whatever reason our image and our music is interesting enough to this many people- so record stores- businesses that offer sponsorships- take notice!

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GC: Who did you listen to growing up and how have these bands influenced your music now?

Daisy- One of the first songs I remember listening to on the radio and really liking was White Wedding by Billy Idol. Also Joan Jett's I Love Rock N Roll. I was into Guns N Roses for a while. Later on I got into The Ramones and The Sex Pistols. Later than that I got into Nine Inch Nails, Stabbing Westward and Marilyn Manson.

Rockelle Cakes: Big on pop rock, rap and classical- a lot of Chopin

What bands do you see now making an impact in this music scene?

Daisy: That depends on what you mean. If you mean making alot of money, being on MTV and making crap songs- just turn on the radio or MTV. If you mean goth or punk or indie or industrial bands that have a promising future ahead of them and make good songs- I'd say Twenty Ripped Angel, Methodical, Viktim, Hate In The Box, Android Lust...oh...and us.

Rockelle Cakes: I think Tool has made one of the biggest impacts in the last 10 years. they are true to their art, and don't compromise. I really admire and respect that. I also really like do you see the dark. Brand new on the music scene, but they've got tons of potential =p.

GC: Who will enjoy your music the most, punk rock listeners or gothic listeners?

Daisy- Apparently both.

Rockelle Cakes- Everyone! The people that don't dig these tunes are lameos and can suck it.

GC: Are there any bands you would like to work with in the future?

Daisy: Nine Inch Nails. Marilyn Manson. Scarling. Android Lust. Ashley Simpson...wait no...

Rockelle Cakes: Yeah i'm down to work with everyone from rza to billy joel to courtney love, oh no wait a minute, I hate her.

GC: "DDD voted best new band of '2005.Tell us about your reaction?

Daisy: My initial reaction was shock and disbelief, then honor, then confusion, and finally, acceptance of the truth.

Rockelle Cakes: I'm not surprised.

GC: What are some up-coming plans for the band?

Daisy: Shows. Making a video.

Rockelle Cakes- Live fast, die young

GC: Is the album doing well?

Daisy: Despite the fact that its not even in stores yet (retailers contact us or our label ) - we've sold hundreds. Thanks in large part to our Myspace fans. Hear that TOM? Put US on your next compilation.

GC: Who is Dorothy and what kind of drugs does she like? hehe..

Rockelle Cakes - hehe.. well music is the best drug of all

Daisy: Dorothy =Judy Garland, America's Sweetheart, OD'ed on drugs (pills) so the name came from that...even the most famous, rich, socially acceptable people have their skeletons that they try to keep in their closets until they all pop out. Plus the Oz stories and movies just have so much weirdness in them...its a great backdrop and fantasy to parallel a dark reality.

GC: Anything else you would like to add?

Daisy: Our websites are and the soon to be revamped . Add us on Myspace, buy a cd , buy a shirt, come to the shows, our fans are awesome.


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