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Interviews (EBM, Electro, Electronica) Interview: Corroded Master


Corroded Master is from Sacramento and their sound can be anything from EBM to Witchouse to Grindcore and even New Wave. Be sure to check out Corroded Master.

We recently caught up with Vince Gauthier and check out what he had to say.

Grave Concerns: Hey Vince thanks for taking the time out to sit down and give the readers a glimpse into the mind of Corroded Master!

Would you like to give a brief introduction of your project and why the name, Corroded Master?

Vince: Well, the name came out originally from a metal band generator site as silly as it sounds. I thought it sounded good and intended it to be for a metal band that never came to be. So, with a name but not music, I started doing some experimental sample manipulation. The rest is history.

Grave Concerns: Coming out swinging with your first official debut of Ich Bin Eins during the tender year of May 2013 what initial influences drove you to commence that auditory onslaught on such a young age?


Vince: Oh god! Too many things influenced me, but at that time it was standard industrial fare, plus maybe some metal. I just enjoyed doing music, so it was something that had to be done. I had released albums and singles and EPs before that were slowly moving towards the sound that I had at the time.

Grave Concerns: Where you part of any other projects at that date and time, and how about currently besides your main project Corroded Master?

Vince: I'm always doing music outside of CM. I'm currently working with a collective noise project called Satanic Noise Cult. The noise project Collude and I live nearby so we do noise jams often that are recorded straight to tape. I have got to digitize those. I also MAY become the live vocalist for a band called Drone Unit. In general there is always something going on.

Vince: I also may start a witch house project, as I did a sort of witch house drag edit of a Hocico song.

Grave Concerns: At that point in time dating back to 2013 how did you come about the perception and driving force behind the lyrical content and has that changed through the years?

Check out: Enemy Combatant from Ich Bin Eins

Corroded Master-

Vince: For Ich Bin Eins, there was relationship bullshit going on, there was depression and there was also just cliché hatred of religion. It contains much of the stereotypical, albeit fun, shit that everyone writes about. But now, I'm starting to take a more personal view and at the very least make the lyrics a little more obfuscated. My lyrics have often been essentially “Fuck You,” and while I'll still say that there will be a move (in many songs, at least) to more double meanings. I also was 13, 14, and 15 beforehand. Now I'm even closer to an adult and now my music must evolve or die along with me. Where would my music be if I still tried to be the next Dawn Of Ashes, eh?

Grave Concerns: Standing at the war front, is there a bright vision for your fans and followers in the future to anticipate your live act arrival in a town near-by? If so do you have a projected time line to fallow this?

Vince: I have played in Stockton recently, so that gives me a good chance of playing elsewhere. But, realistically I won’t be playing that far away for now until next year. I am VERY broke so touring would be an issue unless I toured using Megabus. I do plan on buying myself a briefcase and fitting it to be carried for live shows with my laptop and anything else needed for performance. It fits the aesthetic of the 80's and 90s I love.

Grave Concerns: Has your age affected your ability to currently play live?

It fucking sucks to have places that would certainly let you play...if you were two or five years older. Being 16 affects my ability to play somewhat but not totally. I plan on playing house parties as well (none lined up) but anywhere else I can get them too. I'm not picky about shows so I can easily get on one if I know someone. My music is a bit poppy in certain aspects so it allows for me to slip into dance lineups.

Grave Concerns: What are your current thoughts of the industrial scene? Do you personally feel that there is an immense state of drama in the last couple years? And how do you react if so?

Vince: Drama is here immensity. But let’s just move past it! This is for fucking music. Who gives a shit about what is what as long as it’s good. I do my thing and let others do their own thing. I won’t diss them by telling them to do something else. It’s up to them. So what if it sucks?

Vince: Either way the scene is fucking amazing right now. It's got so much good new things coming out right now. Unique things. It makes me happy to see that there are more people out there doing it not for a scene but for an amazing style!

Grave Concerns: Listening to your latest release, A Breathing Machine I’ve noticed quite a change and maturity of corroded master. Is that safe to say?

Vince: Actually, technically, The Deciever is my most recent release. But yes. I would like to say so. I plan on using tape loops live and in at least one recording. I am going to embrace a more clean sound, so to speak. I've been influenced by the dark synth scene as well as older EBM and industrial music. In fact I plan upon using cassette loops even.

corrodedmasterde thumb

Grave Concerns: Since we are on the topic of your latest release, You also have a new e.p out as well is that correct?

Vince: I wouldn't call it “new”. I uploaded it to bandcamp a year ago and forgot to release it. I remembered it and had an “Oh shit!” moment and then put it out. Its old, and I don't like it too much but it was a show of me on my way to not sucking at singing and adding more clean vox to my music.

Grave Concerns: What visions for your latest album did you have going into A Breathing Machine?

Vince: Not my latest album, again. But I just was thinking, fuck it. I had fun with it. I had a rapper on an industrial track. He'll make a comeback on my next album as well.

Vince: With The Deciever I again just...did what I did. I've been more and more influenced by witch house so that shows, as this album was mastered by Denzi of the witch house group †ENEBRÆ. It gave it a nice atmosphere.

Vince: I’ve also noticed in the past couple years you have done quite the gang-buster of remixes, What are some remixes that really should out amongst your work that you have done?

Vince: Oh fuck. This is actually a very difficult decision, considering I have probably done a whole discography of remixes. I'll compile a list of some of my favorites.

Drone Unit – Pointless Existence(Corroded Master Remix)
FoxxyNewport – Killer(Corroded Master Remix)
After The Reborn – Basics To Breathing(Corroded Master Remix)
$WAGGOT - I Deleted My Heart(Corroded Master Remix)
hr33gho5 - Sh∆døw Wørd(Erased By Corroded Master)
†ENEBRÆ - 666(Bible Bullet Belt Mix by Corroded Master)
†ENEBRÆ - sᴛᴏᴄᴋʜᴏʟᴍ sʏɴᴅʀᴏᴍᴇ (Corroded Master Remix)

Suicide Commando – Unterwelt(Corroded Master Remix)

Grave Concerns: Would you like to tell the listener a little about the music that you are stoked on lately as well?

Vince: Absolutely. This list may be...a bit longer than the remix.

Vince: Well, I'll start off with a project I am ALWAYS stoked about. He did a kick ass remix for me a while back and I remixed him under a couple aliases a couple of times. Project Inox. It is modern yet it’s sort of old school. I've loved it for years. Industrial at its best, even if he's never put anything out besides on soundcloud. It goes to show that true artists do their shit regardless of if people pay attention.

Vince: Another band is Drone Unit. This band is local to me and I may in fact do live vocals for them. They do synthetic metal. It is industrial metal but done with NO live instruments besides vocals. It is amazing the little details in it and makes great use of dubstep. I've remixed them but of course made it sound different from the amazing original. It is electronic music you can mosh to.

Vince: I cannot forget yet another local. Vandalaze. Think retro. Very retro. EBM, synthpop, whatever, I swear he came from the future of the past and it is amazing. His music videos are pretty and fit the feel of the music perfectly. Again, it’s as if the VHS era came back. I'm currently remixing his work. And yes, I know. I've remixed a lot of these artists.

Vince: On to the next artist,nullse†. Witch house, darkwave, trap. Not much to say besides that his music is amazing. It is beautiful even without words. I listen to the song Hope for the Future so much.

Vince:ENEBRÆ. Witch house. Yes. Stockholm Syndrome is a beauty of a song. Check it out.

Vince: Youth Code. If you're reading this and don't know them, die. Or listen to their music. It is another band that stepped from the past but made it the future. I love it.

Collude. He's a friend of mine. We often collaborate at his house and do noise jams which are recorded straight to tape. These will soon be digitized. And its noise music. It is amazing. He often organizes splits as well, and I'm on a couple. Check it out.

And there is way too much more to list, so I'll stop here because I'm tired and can't think of what else to list. Oh yes! FoxxyNewport. Check his music out.

Grave Concerns: And this will be the end of our little chat. Would you like to tell us where we can pick up the latest album of yours, along with any sites that will give us more updates in anticipation for the future that is Corroded Master?

Vince: You can pick up my most recent album at ≡quilateral's bandcamp. And a fair amount(definitely not all) of my catalogue at my bandcamp and sometimes soundcloud. Updates are going to be on my facebook page, which gets sort of updated. Sometimes just stupid shit. But expect new Corroded Master. And also some tapes of the newest album. Those will be soon. More to come!



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