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Interviews (EBM, Electro, Electronica) Interview - Antythesys - Overdosed on EBM

Antythesys Interview

Interviewer – Phill Bruce

Interview Date – 28th November


Antythesys main man Alex Nemesis

Born out of Alien Vampires, Antythesys is the brainchild of Nemesis.  Born in 2008, they have risen to gain some decent notoriety.  They have just released their second album Overdose.  I got chance to catch up with Nemesis and here is how it went.

GC – Thanks very much for giving Grave Concerns Ezine this interview Nemesis.  Can we start by you giving us a little bit of background about yourself?

Nemesis – Some things are better left unsaid.

GC – How has Antythesys evolved since you first formed in 2008?

Nemesis – The line-up has seen B.R.K. joining the band. Virlul3nt unfortunately has been inactive due to his commitment to Shiv-r.  Musically I think Overdose is even more beat oriented than Point Blank and probably heavier, but I'm not the greatest judge as I've made nearly all the music and I think people from outside might have a different perception on our 'evolution'.  Many people love our 'different' sound and our raw attitude, but I suppose a lot of old school people might find us appalling.  All I can say is that it won't get any better.

GC – What was the inspiration and meaning behind the name Antythesys?

Nemesis – Antythesys is simply a normal word, just misspelt. Antithesis means the opposite of something, signifies a contrast.  In my view symbolizes something that's not in line with the rest, and I feel it fits perfectly with the music.  Love us or hate us, we're definitely not standard sounding.

And if some people think we sound like other bands in the scene. Well, unfortunately I have never heard of ear transplants yet.

GC – You recently released Overdose, how does this album vary from your first album Point Blank?

Nemesis – As I previously said I think it's less electro and more percussive even, harder I suppose.

Let's say Overdose is the evolution of Point Blank in the eyes of Nemesis, if that makes any sense to you.

Production wise, anyone with a bit of a grasp in the matter would tell you is a kick in the guts, that's not to say Point Blank is not well produced, but Overdose is definitely a step forward.

GC – How has Overdose been received by the media so far?

Nemesis – The reception's been good so far, the album has been praised and a reviewer in particular mentioned the quality of the production, calling it one of the best ever, which I agree with and I am proud of.  Just one review made me wonder saying that it's a good album but just uninventive…

I mean, music it's subjective and you can think Overdose is a pile of shit, but uninventive?  Like them or not tracks like 'I feel bass', 'All about you' and 'Motherfucker' are different, and if other bands have done something similar, please send me links!  Maybe in the future I should use the same saw wave synth sounds, loud movie samples with someone screaming and sing about how shit and evil the world is, but before doing that I will sell all my equipment, move to south America and put all the money up my nose.

GC – What are your musical inspirations?

Nemesis – If I just knew…

GC – Do you have any motto within Antythesys?

Nemesis – Drug Fueled Synthetik Noize.  This is what it is and what it was always meant to be.  I am perfectly aware we are not a deep band as far as the contents go, but as I say we are deeply shallow.  We express our concepts crudely and directly, we are surely not too refined in that respect but every coin has two sides...

Most people talk a lot and say nothing, a few people don't talk much but say a lot.

GC – What are your hopes for the future of Antythesys?

Nemesis – Be better known of course but it's going to be a long road for us as we don't do a lot of brown tonguing…


GC – Do you plan to tour to promote your latest album, if so where can we expect to be able to see you?

Nemesis – At the moment we have a few dates to confirm in different parts of the world, but as a really wise man said once.  Time will tell!  We could have played live a lot more and had to refuse a few offers cause we have been jinxed lately with so many personal issues, but hopefully it's all coming to an end.

We just have to stop drink driving, being done for assault and getting arrested in general, then things might get easier!

Connect with us at to keep up to date with our latest news.

GC – What is the key to Antythesys?  Is there any instrument or program you couldn’t be without?

Nemesis – Admittedly I'm quite used to my set up, a musician should always try to find a way to work in any condition, but at the end we all pick up habits and get comfortable with them.  About the gear I use, it's nothing out of the ordinary: Virus, Z3ta, Nexus and the usual stuff…

I have quite a bit of instruments, most of them redundant like the A6 Andromeda or the JP8000, great synth but "widely" used, and it sounds a bit dated somehow.

GC – What are rehearsals like for Antythesys, how do you give songs life?

Nemesis – I start with an idea and never finish with the same one. I finish the track, then I keep maybe 5 seconds of it and scrap the rest then start again, maybe scrap again until I find something I like.  Then I listen back to it a few days after and might decide it's bollocks.  I don't even know how my tracks get finished, all I know is that when I feel like they are taking the final shape I always wonder how I got there.

GC – At what point in your life did you know that you were going to become a musician?

Nemesis – I always knew.


GC – How would you describe the music of Antythesys?

Nemesis – Antythesys is a mixture of Industrial, Electro, Techno and Dance Music all shot in your face with a generous dose of the old aggression.  But that's for everyone's ears, for the people that really get Antythesys is like having your flesh and heart cut with a razor blade and getting your soul fucked up the arse and nonetheless being thankful for it afterwards.

GC – What is your greatest achievement being in Antythesys?

Nemesis – I would say that when I listen to my own music I simply think it's the best stuff around.  Many people might think I'm a pigheaded arse for saying that, but I 'm not into false modesty.  It just stands to reason, if I liked something or someone else better I wouldn't sound like I do.

GC – And what has been the funniest moment about your time in the band?

Nemesis – Hopefully it's yet to come

GC – Your image is unique Nemesis, what gave you inspiration on how you look and how long has it taken to perfect your image?

Nemesis – First of all my image is not perfect yet, it’s a working progress and probably it will never be perfect.  I work on my body too.  I really never understood people that spend millions on hair and makeup and when all that is off they take no care of their body and look like shit anyway, it's quite contradictory.

GC – A lot of people will no doubt ask about your spikes, will you please describe to people how these were done?

Nemesis – They made two incisions on my head, then they separated the skin from the tissue, inserted some kind of tool under my skin to place the plates, and then pop the implants through my skin.  The blood loss made me shiver after the 4th implant was in, and I have 15.  Then you have the healing time to contend with.  And I'll spare you a few details so you won't throw up.

GC – Is there any music at the moment that catches your ears?

Nemesis – Did you hear about this new band Antythesys, they grab me.  The guy behind it is a bit of an arse, but the sound is good.

Jokes apart, things have caught my ears of course, but they just haven't left a strong enough mark inside.

With this I don't mean that everything is bad, it would be biased and stupid, but I find it quite rare to find something that rapes my soul nowadays.  I find the bands that become successful quickly are mostly Hocico or Suicide Commando spin offs; obviously the labels see a commercial opportunity in them as they offer nothing new to the listener, they are digestible in a way but this hasn't allowed the scene to grow really.  Industrial, gothic, ebm or alternative people in general are no different to 'normal' people, they don't usually like that something new they would want you to think they are looking for.  They are just ordinary people with a different dress code, who like the same ol'.

GC – OK let’s have a bit of fun, if you could have any animal or mythical creature as a pet what would you have?

Nemesis – Shark., blind Killer, merciless, cold. A really fascinating animal.

GC – Desert island mp3’s lol, if you were stranded on a desert island what would be your wanted book, album and film?

Nemesis – I mostly read books about real crime, I have a feel for real things no made up worlds like zombies and other stuff that seems to be so fashionable nowadays.

Album – Dark Throne 'Transylvanian Hunger'.  Best album ever for me, and always will be.

Nothing expresses deep feelings like anger, passion, and sadness but at the same time coldness and desolation like it does .It's raw and primitive.

GC – What is the one thing that is assured to get you laughing?

Nemesis – Revenge at its coldest.  Most unexpected, but nonetheless fair and deserved.

GC – Describe Antythesys as a cocktail, what are the ingredients and what is the cocktail called?

Nemesis – Ice, Razor Blades and Cocaine.  Because Antythesys is cold, sharp and merciless in its words, but always finishes off with a 'smile', walking off careless but with class still.  And about the name, I'd call it Razor Bite or something similar.

GC – Thanks so much for giving Grave Concerns this interview, is there anything that you would like to add?

Nemesis – In the musical world, like in life, everyone does what they want some people will like it and others won't.  But when people get out of their way to tell you that you are shit, most probably they think the opposite and the only thing they really don't like is actually liking you.

This goes out to a lot of overgrown fuckheads out there.  And something else, in the last period a lot of our fans have really shown us how much they like Antythesys, so I believe a special thanks should go to them, and they know who they are.

Thanks so much for this interview, good luck with Overdose.

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