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Interviews (EBM, Electro, Electronica) Interview - Xiescive - EBM Americana

Xiescive Interview


Interviewer – Phill Bruce


Interview Date – 16th November 2011



I love to bring new bands to the masses as there is a lot of great talent out there.  Xiescive is one if those talented bands that people should people should have the chance to hear as they are pretty good.  I got chance to catch up with Trevor from Xiescive and here’s how it went.


GC – Firstly thank you for giving Grave Concerns this interview.  Can you tell us a little bit of a background about yourself and where in this beautiful world you are from?


Trevor – Born in San Diego, CA in mid-1979. I come from a pretty average American background, raised in a fairly religious upbringing which didn’t exactly carry over. I played piano from a young age and was classically trained into my teens when I started playing keyboards in goth & metal bands before discovering sequencing software that I used to begin to program synths with at the age of 15.


GC – Coming from such a religious background, what sort of music were you exposed to at an early age?


Trevor – Well, religious music had almost zero effect on me in my youth as I was basically being told what I was going to do and never chose to soak it in so to speak. Only in retrospect and years later have hymns and other religious musical works [from various faiths] been given a second look. I approach all music more analytically than I’d like to and often deconstruct the songs structure and elements to more fully understand the intent and I’ve discovered certain music has a hidden beauty and mystery when listened to this way. I am very interested in mathematics in music like a lot of Bach’s work for example.


GC – What sort of edge has your classical training brought to your music?


Trevor – I feel it’s given me a solid understanding of orchestral composition and the delicate balance that both simplicity and complex intricacies have on the listener.  I listen to a very broad range of music and am always analysing the differences between classic composition and modern sound design which keeps me in check at all times.


GC – Did living in the eighties influence your use of synths?


Trevor – Although I can’t think of too many specific examples, I’d say unequivocally yes. I have enjoyed the occasional Erasure or Hall & Oats classic as much as the next guy for as long as I can remember, but I think classical or metal has had a more impacting effect on my actual composition style. The sounds used in the 80’s are considered being either “classics” or very cheesy, depending on your side of the coin, I tend to subscribe to the latter personally, most of the time. What is significant about this question to me is the fact that at one time, these synth sounds were at one time “cutting edge” and THAT’s the biggest draw to me when writing. I am always on the prowl for new innovative sounds never heard before, so that is the biggest draw and the reason I use synths so heavily as my main tool in writing.


GC – So what is the inspiration behind the name Xiescive?


Trevor – It’s basically a synthesized name that represents an idea, an idea that is dangerous at certain levels and scoffed at others, but is effectively “safe” until it becomes a belief. From the Xiescive credo: “The name Xiescive is a powerful term because of what it stands for. It is a term which refers to the powers that be and their unwaveringly evils plans for domination over our minds, bodies and souls through any means necessary. Coincidences are much rarer than people like to believe and it's that shadowed veil that keeps things obvious to some, hidden away behind the working wheels of the world’s most powerful governments and corporations. Make NO mistake, your life is nothing of consequence to these "leaders" of industry & politics.”


GC – At what point in your life did you decide to form your band and why?


Trevor – As early as I can remember, I had an infatuation and understanding of the significance of music in my life. I loved the idea of the possibility of creating new sounds no one had ever heard before. I started feeling like I wanted to create my own music after years of playing other peoples as young pianist. I guess it was around the age of 14 where I started t to get the itch of wanting to start or join a band and got that opportunity shortly after and continued playing with other kinds of bands over the next decade or so while moving always closer to working on my own projects and solo work in that time. I now have Xiescive as my main solo output while doing a couple of other side projects like Symbiont [with lexincrypt aka J. Cameron] as well as just getting into film scoring.


GC – What bands have you been in the run up to Xiescive?


Trevor – I’ve been in more bands than I’d like to admit because you wouldn’t have to ask if any were worth a shit, ha ha. They ranged from goth, metal, rock, alternative, experimental, noise, coldwave, classical, orchestral, jazz, funk, etc. Some noteworthy ones were Uber Faction, Boundless and Symbiont. I always have too many small production/rmx/studio projects also, but those are for various people I just can’t say no to : )


GC – So what films have you written the music for?


Trevor – I have done one short called “Slasher” by Tagert Young last year and am currently doing a feature-length called “Death Canyon” by Fade-In Pictures which will be submitted to tons of festivals later this year. I am admittedly new to this scoring scene, but it’s very exciting because it is as limitless as our industrial scene in the fact that most anything goes with production and experimentation, within the scope of the film of course. I have had a few other placements on commercials, TV shows and websites and that’s what pushed me more in this direction, I just loved seeing the two mediums mixed and creating something better than they were alone, they breathe life into each other in my opinion.


GC – Who besides yourself is in the band and what background are they from?


Trevor – I am the sole member of Xiescive and while I am not necessarily opposed to bringing others into the studio, I have yet to add another member to the writing duties. I have talked with certain people about live performances and have interest there, but Xiescive has not performed live, yet…


GC – Do you plan to perform live and if you do is there a chance we may see another member of Xiescive appearing?


Trevor – I definitely plan on performing live. I’m no stranger to live shows as I have done hundreds over the past 15 or so years, but still looking to pop the cherry properly with Xiescive. I have turned down a few opportunities so far because they were not the right situation, but look for live dates to turn up in the next few months in the US and hopefully some opportunities to play in EU or abroad elsewhere will present themselves. Live shows will probably just bring 1 or 2 live members, [drummer & synths] but writing will likely remain up to me, unless I stumble upon the perfect puzzle piece!


GC – If and when you do play live where would you like to play?


Trevor – I would love to play some good festivals. There are tons of great ones in EU, but a few other great ones in North America like Kinetik, Triton Festival, Vendetta, etc. that I’d love to get Xiescive some exposure at. It’s frustrating to all musicians playing shows to 10-20 people at a time so I can only imagine how satisfying it would be to play to so many people at once!


GC – What are your musical influences?


Trevor – I love what all music has to offer in different ways and feel it’s especially important to have a wide influence when writing, especially in today’s scenes because you need to be more creative than ever with your “twist” on the music you write to keep the listeners attention and rightly so. I pull from influences such as Bach, Megadeth, IAMX, early ebm in general, Danny Elfman, Angelo Badalamenti, Ennio Morricone, Covenant, lots of movie scores, gypsy music, very old styles of music & tunings, mathematics in music, harmonic frequencies, new sounds.


GC – There’s a few influences there, which in particular has most impact on the Xiescive sound?


Trevor – I would probably say classical, movie music & a few current/innovative bands in our scene that I will leave up to the listener to insert a name to compare to ; )


GC – You mention film scores but are there any film itself that has been an inspiration to you?


Trevor – A few movies that I never get sick of watching are Tetsuo: Iron Man, Titus, Dune, pretty much anything David Cronenberg, Pi, all have cool music in them and have definitely inspired me at one point or another.


GC – Where do you see your band in five years and what are your hopes for the future?


Trevor – I hope I can gain a strong audience based on the information and message that I am putting out for people to educate them on multiple important issues. Ideally, to be able to tweet or blog something and have it carry weight and have it resonate with people interested in actually causing change in todays over complicated systems.


GC – So what issues do you mainly deal with through your songs?


Trevor – well, as new age as it sounds, I’m really into promoting the idea of harmony between people. There is something very wrong with the world and it’s not a mystery figure that needs to be exposed and be made responsible for their actions, the problems is that there are so many and it’s on such a large scale that it seem insurmountable, but it is not with enough of the right people who will fight for change in our world. These people that are the problem are also the same people that make the laws and control the world’s commerce, so dethroning them is only possible with mass effort which begins with awareness, awareness and knowledge are the wares I peddle.


GC – Is there any particular way in which you are trying to promote your music to get it out to the masses?


Trevor – I have been using all the “regular” channels of social media like everyone else, but I’m trying to give more info about the ideas I’m promoting, rather than just sing about it, to help spread the idea of gathering this information and filtering the disinformation, which can be very tricky at times. You just need to scrutinize your source and where they get their info or better yet, their funding! Xiescive is the anti-propaganda machine.


GC – How has your music been received so far from the media and your fans?


Trevor – It has been almost all positive and I have received a lot of praise for trying to spread this message, they even like to dance to the music too, heh ; ) I do not consider myself a political or religious activist, but I have been inevitably pegged this way by some due to the nature of the message, but it goes much deeper than that in many ways I won’t get into now. Music is my medium of choice to convey this in the most meaningful way I know.


GC – Have you had any major stumbling blocks so far in getting your music to people?


Trevor – Not yet, but I can see this possibly becoming an issue the more traction I gain. The powers that be may not like to have certain topics and questions pushed onto the table… I’ll do my best to not care, besides, there’s more than one way to skin a cat!


GC – Is there any place or venue you would like to play at and why?


Trevor – I would love to play any of the world’s famous music halls, forget stadiums and shitty sounding clubs, I really want to feel the resonance of places where Mozart’s music was performed or other of the world’s great music venues. If I never make it into those places it would be really cool to be able to play on a tropical beach or on the moon, while I’m wishing!


GC – So if there is any artist or band you would like to try follow in the footsteps of?


Trevor – If it will help speed up the process of getting appreciated, I could die, seems that helps credibility and helps art and ideas carry more weight right, ha ha. I really don’t care much about too many bands enough to want to follow in the footsteps of, but follow their success? Sure, It would be nice to sell like U2 : )


GC – You mention Mozart, is there any classical composer that you like the work of?


Trevor – Bach has always had a soft spot in my heart. Something about his arrangement and structure has always intrigued me and I never knew why until a few years ago. The mathematical structures within Bach’s music are undeniable, however what they mean are debatable.


GC - Without giving too much away is there any instrument or program you wouldn’t be without and why?


Trevor - I would say my favourite [virtual] instrument right now has probably got to be Symphobia… so realistic and rich, so beautiful. Others of honourable mention would be Nexus 2, Altiverb and Tonehammers Liberis Choir, the instrument I can’t live without and also don’t have, so I guess by that logic I’m dead, heh.


GC – Do you use any effects on your vocals?


Trevor – Yes, effects are a very grey line though as anything the signal is passed through can have an effect on the signal source. With very good headphones, the colour of the sound that any equipment may [or may not] have inherent to it becomes apparent, even with equipment that is not typically used as an effect like a compressor can make or break a sound. Musicians use effects unknowingly sometimes as a result of this. I try to be aware as possible of what processors are doing to the sound through the signal path and treat the sound very carefully [on “clean” vocals] unless I’m going for something monstrous, then there are no rules and let the fx layering begin!


GC – What’s your most watched DVD?


Trevor – I have my favourites I mentioned before, but for most watched… I rarely watch movies more than once, I have to REALLY like it! So, I would have to choose one of the aforementioned ones like Dune, but 99% of the time, I watch a lot of comedy movies & HBO/Showtime shows like Game of Thrones, Dexter, The Tudors, True Blood, Spartacus, some new and some old.


GC – What music are you listening to at the moment?


Trevor – This is always a struggle, especially lately [last few years] it seems. There is soooo much out there to filter through. I would like to read some solid statistics of how many bands there were online 15 years ago compared to today. I’m sure the number would be gross. With that said, some of the gems I’ve been rockin’ lately have been something like; Necro Facility, IAMX, Siva Six, Imogen Heap, Samuel Barber, Hans Zimmer and whatever else I can get recommended to me by reliable sources.


GC – What’s your favourite period in history?


Trevor – I have been a WWII buff all my life, something about it has always drawn me in. More recently I have been following my own ancestry back through time. I am fortunate enough to have had some serious research already done on the matter which has been extremely interesting knowing where I have come from at different periods in history. My roots trace back through England to Sweden to the Mediterranean to ancient Persia, pretty extensive records since my history ties into royal lines.


GC – Is there any comic book that has been a favourite in your life?


Trevor – As those who know me personally can confirm, I AM a dork and have always been into techy things, fantasy and immature past times, but comics has never been one of them I guess.


GC – You are planning a party, anyone you invite will turn up.  So who’s on the guest list?


Trevor – God, I’m afraid anyone else that got invited would be ignored. I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge, especially about all the “unknowns” and mysteries of the universe. That would be a very long conversation to say the least...


GC – Well thank you so much Trevor for giving Grave Concerns this interview, is there anything you would like to add?


Trevor – I would like to urge people to exercise their rights more, while they have them and to be more aware of the events unfolding around them every day. Turn your filter on and learn to see things as they are and not how they’re presented and pre-packaged for us to blindly consume by those who wish us harm. Follow the beat inside you! Thanks for taking the time on this interview!


Thanks again, good luck for the future!

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