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Interviews (EBM, Electro, Electronica) Interview: Leighton James Thompson ( A look at Resistanz International Industrial Music Festival)

Interview: Leighton James Thompson

Interviewed by: Reg Davey

Date: September 5th, 2011


 (Leighton James Thompson)

Leighton James Thompson, otherwise known as DJ L8N, is resident DJ at RevolutioN in Sheffield, and also one of the brains behind Resistanz Festival, which started in 2011, adding to the UK cyber/industrial festival circuit. We caught up with him to find out a little bit more about him as a DJ and promoter, and to discuss Resistanz festival a little bit with him.

Reg: For those of our readers out there, who don't know who you are, please introduce yourself to them?

Leighton: My name is Leighton. I have been a resident DJ at Corporation Sheffield now for some 6 years or so. I also run RevolutioN events at Corp along with Carbonel of Uberbyte fame and I am one of the co-organizers/promoters behind Resistanz Festival.

Reg: How did you get into the club scene?

Leighton: Purely by chance. I was a diehard regular at Corporation from when I first moved to Sheffield 11 years ago and through a strong passion for music became good friends with Stocky, one of the Dj's there. He asked me if I would like to have a go at djing with him one Monday night and this lead to me becoming a resident almost straight away. Over the years I've dj'd most nights that run at Corporation playing everything from punk, classic rock, metal, drum and bass and industrial. Just over 2 years ago I started up the industrial night RevolutioN in Sheffield which saw myself getting more involved with putting on live acts as well and bringing over guest dj's. This has all eventually lead to me working closely with Phyll the manager at Corporation and from this partnership Resistanz Festival was born.

Reg: What was the prime reason you decided to do Resistanz?

Leighton: It has been for many years an ambition to put on a big music event in Sheffield. The UK has a great industrial scene but at the time there was only one major festival happening in the UK and this was just once a year. Phyll and I discussed the possibilities of holding a UK festival in Sheffield for a couple of years before we actually sat down and started planning. The main reason I guess for doing Resistanz is simple, we love the music, we love the bands and we love the crowd that makes these types of events so much damn fun.

Reg: Did it take long to come up with the name? And where did it come from?


Leighton: I think it took about a week to come up with the name. I had made a list of about 50 possible names and most to be honest where just very generic industrial sounding names. I took the list to Phyll one day and we quickly narrowed it down to about 3 names, one of which was Resistance. Phyll told me to go away and just choose one. I was sitting at home listening to music and trying to decide which one to go with when Nachtmahr's "Tanzdiktator" came on the stereo and I guess Thomas Rainer shouting out "Tanz Tanz Tanz" inspired me to simply change the lettering of Resistance to Resistanz. I took it to Phyll the next day, he loved it, we typed it into Google with very results coming up and that was that, we had or festival name.

Reg: What was the first band you approached that agreed to appear at Resistanz 2011?

Leighton: The first band to actually commit to the festival was C/A/T. I had sent out a number of emails to various bands but Ben Arp was the first one to come back to me and say yes, he'd love to play. A good start getting a band that had never played in Europe before to say yes to an unheard of event! The first band we actually approached turned us down; they are however now on the 2012 line up.

Reg: Did you expect the response you had to the festival?

Leighton: Not at all! We knew we had a cracking line up but we didn't dream the response for our very first event would be so amazing. The crowd we had was nothing short of brilliant and along with the bands and special guests created an atmosphere that I had personally never experienced anywhere else. I still get people coming up to me when I'm at shows telling me it was the best weekend they had ever had and band members saying it was the best festival they had ever attended. The response blew all mine and Phyll’s expectations clean out the water.


Fore more info:

Reg: You have Icon of Coil headlining at Resistanz 2012. I must say, is a bit of a coup. How did it feel to secure them?

Leighton: We know this is a massive draw for us. We wanted to get them for 2011but with Andy's commitment to Combichrist this wasn't possible. However when we approached them for 2012 Andy himself said yes, he really wanted to play. When that news came in I may have done a little dance!

Reg: Are there any bands you really wanted to book for last year that you didn't manage to?

Leighton: There where two or three bands that we did ask to play but couldn’t get them as they already had tour commitments. I don’t really want to say who as one of them is on the bill for 2012 and the other I’m sure we will try and get for 2013.

Reg: If you could choose one band that would have been your choice "as a fan" for the band of 2011 at Resistanz, which one would it have been?

Leighton: That would be SAM. Their last album was stunning and the energy they put into the live show really needs to be witnessed. I enjoyed all the acts I got to see at this year’s event (unfortunately I didn’t get to see them all but that comes with the task of being an organizer). Every band bought their "A" game to the festival and the special onstage collaborations made some of the performances that extra bit awesome.

Reg: What UK bands at the moment do you feel really "have it"?

Leighton: The UK scene at the moment really has an outstanding mix of really good bands. For me there's the big 3: Modulate, Uberbyte and Deviant UK. But then there are also others such as Cease2Xist, Dirty K, System FX, newcomers Surgyn, Methodcell, Kommand+Kontrol, Skinjob, Be My Enemy, Tenek and of course the mighty MESH. There are of course more and I’m sorry if I’ve missed anyone off, these are just the ones that spring to mind.

Reg: Finally, what's your top played song on your mp3 player/itunes/etc?

Leighton: At the moment the track I can’t stop listening to has to be You Killing Me-"You are killing me - Belzebass remix", a real heavy and dirty electro house stomper. The new Straftanz album gets a lot of listening to at the moment as I was lucky enough to be sent a pre-release copy and also when I want to listen to some non bleepy music the new Japanese Voyeurs album too.

Listen to "You Killing Me" here:

Reg: Thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Are there any final words for our readers?

Leighton: Cheers! Hopefully catch many of you at next years Resistanz. We still have a lot of BIG announcements to make over the next 4 weeks so hunt us down on Facebook for all the latest news.

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Check out a past performace: Deviant UK

 Deviant UK


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